Result: LVRC VeloPark Circuit Races

Former pro road champion Geoff Wiles and Simon Collins winners at the LVRC Velopark (London) Circuit Races on June 4

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Result: LVRC VeloPark Circuit Races

E,F,G Result
1st, Geoff Wiles, Abellio S.F.A.CC, G
2nd, Geoff Bores, Ford CC, E
3rd, Patrick Schils, Velo Schils, E
4th, Dave Pollard, In Gear / Quick, E
5th, Keith Gross, Glendene CC, E
6th, Mick Lee, Colour Tech RT, E
7th, Steve Smith, Redbridge CC, E
8th, Phil Bull, Colour Tech RT, E
9th, Andrew Roberts, GS Vecchi, E
10th, Pete Constable, Basildon CC, F
11th, Steve Barnsley, GS Vecchi, E
12th, Chris Edwards, Kingsnorth International, E
13th, Kevin Hickman, API / Metrow Foods, E
14th, Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC, G
15th, Tony Wilkins, Worsey RC, E
16th, Charlie Bruce, Ciclos Uno, F
17th, Dick Naylor, Abellio S.F.A.CC, G
18th, Phil Cooper, LVRC PVT, F
19th, Roger Jackaman, SW.RC / Evans Cycles, G
20th, John Duckworth, Kingsnorth International, G
21st, Tony Richardson, Abellio S.F.A.CC, F
22nd, CLARE SIMON Bonito Squadra, E
23rd, Barry Jones, Epsom CC, G
24th, Dan Tape, Southend Wheelers, E
25th, David Keen, Bishop’s Stortford CC, G
26th, Ollie MacPherson, Planet Velo, F

“E” Race Result
1st, Geoff Bores, Ford CC
2nd, Patrick Schils, Velo Schils
3rd, Dave Pollard, In Gear / Quick
4th, Keith Gross, Glendene CC
5th, Mick Lee, Colour Tech RT
6th, Steve Smith, Redbridge CC
7th, Phil Bull, Colour Tech RT
8th, Andrew Roberts, GS Vecchi
9th, Steve Barnsley, GS Vecchi
10th, Chris Edwards, Kingsnorth International
11th, Kevin Hickman, API / Metrow Foods
12th, Tony Wilkins, Worsey RC
13th, CLARE SIMON Bonito Squadra
14th, Dan Tape, Southend Wheelers

“F” Race Result
1st, Pete Constable, Basildon CC
2nd, Charlie Bruce, Ciclos Uno
3rd, Phil Cooper, LVRC PVT
4th, Tony Richardson, Abellio S.F.A.CC
5th, Ollie MacPherson, Planet Velo

“G” Race Result
1st, Geoff Wiles, Abellio S.F.A.CC
2nd, Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC
3rd, Dick Naylor, Abellio S.F.A.CC
4th, Roger Jackaman, SW.RC / Evans Cycles
5th, John Duckworth, Kingsnorth International
6th, Barry Jones, Epsom CC
7th, David Keen, Bishop’s Stortford CC

A,B,C,D Result
1st Simon Collins, Dulwich Paragon CC,
2nd Lee Massenger, Abellio / S.F.A. CC,
3rd Steve Nevim, Finchley RT,
4th Jeff Lamb, VC Meudon,
5th Charles Kennedy-Scott, CC Hackney,
6th Justin McKie, Regents Park Rouleurs,
7th Tomasz Chmielewsk, Finchley RT,
8th Arjan Planting, Dulwich Paragon CC,
9th Ken Prince, GS Vecchi,
10th Gianluca Cappello, GS Vecchi,
11th David Williams, Islington CC,
12th Spencer Nash, Bike Active,
13th Paul Caton, TMG Horizon,
14th Vince Divine, Finchley RT,
15th Sean Kilroy, Cambridge RT,
16th, Martin Elms, JLT / Condor,
17th, Tony Meader, LVRC PVT,
18th, Trevor Bradbury. Python RT,
19th, Colin Smith, Colour Tech RT,
20th, Costa Pierides, Finchley RT,
21st, Craig Stevens, Ciclos Uno,
22nd, David Farrow, Eagle RC,
23rd, Jake Siney, CC London,
24th, David Tate, In Gear,
25th, Billy McNamara, Clarencourt CC,
26th, Martin Plumb, Verulam CC,
27th, Paul Stewart, Herts Wheelers,
28th, Dave McCann, PMR Toachim House,
29th, Martin Jones, Colour Tech RT,
30th, Warren Vye, F.C.CC,
31st, Mark jenvey, LVRC PVT,
32nd, Nick Rossman, Finchley RT,
33rd, Stuart Jordan, Woolwich CC,
34th, Richard Brooks, Dulwich Paragon CC,
35th, Carlito Rendora, Eagle RC,
36th, Roland Sapsford, ER.CC,
37th, Dave Buck, CC London,
38th, Andrew Wills, PMR Toachim House,
39th, Mark Taviner, Lee Velo,
40th, Peter Arden, Momentum Cycles,
41st, Glenn Grant, Eagle RC,
42nd, Tony Clack, F.C.CC,
43rd, Toks Adesanya, Addiscombe CC,
44th, Bruce Samuel, ???????? Bikes / Casco,
45th, Anthony Langdell, CC London,
46th, James Wallace, Lee Velo,
47th, Ian Dawson, Gemini BC,
48th, Steve Whalton, Finchley RT,
49th, Jonathan McColl, Central London CTC,

“A” Race Result

1st, Lee Massenger, Abellio / S.F.A. CC
2nd, Justin McKie, Regents Park Rouleurs
3rd, Tomasz Chmielewsk, Finchley RT
4th, Arjan Planting, Dulwich Paragon CC
5th, Ken Prince, GS Vecchi
6th, Jake Siney, CC London
7th, David Tate, In Gear
8th, Dave Buck, CC London

“B” Race Result

Place Riders Name Club or Team
1st, Simon Collins, Dulwich Paragon CC
2nd, Steve Nevim, Finchley RT
3rd, Jeff Lamb, VC Meudon
4th, Charles Kennedy-Scott, CC Hackney
5th, Gianluca Cappello, GS Vecchi
6th, David Williams, Islington CC
7th, Vince Divine, Finchley RT
8th, David Farrow, Eagle RC
9th, Paul Stewart, Herts Wheelers
10th, Martin Jones, Colour Tech RT
11th, Warren Vye, F.C.CC
12th, Stuart Jordan, Woolwich CC
13th, Mark Taviner, Lee Velo
14th, Anthony Langdell, CC London
15th, James Wallace, Lee Velo
16th, Ian Dawson, Gemini BC

“C” Race Result
1st, Spencer Nash, Bike Active
2nd, Sean Kilroy, Cambridge RT
3rd, Colin Smith, Colour Tech RT
4th, Craig Stevens, Ciclos Uno
5th, Dave McCann, PMR Toachim House
6th, Mark jenvey, LVRC PVT
7th, Nick Rossman, Finchley RT
8th, Richard Brooks, Dulwich Paragon CC
9th, Roland Sapsford, ER.CC
10th, Andrew Wills, PMR Toachim House
11th, Peter Arden, Momentum Cycles
12th, Tony Clack, F.C.CC
13th, Toks Adesanya, Addiscombe CC
14th, Bruce Samuel, ???????? Bikes / Casco

“D” Race Result
1st, Paul Caton, TMG Horizon
2nd, Martin Elms, JLT / Condor
3rd, Tony Meader, LVRC PVT
4th, Trevor Bradbury. Python RT
5th, Costa Pierides, Finchley RT
6th, Billy McNamara, Clarencourt CC
7th, Martin Plumb, Verulam CC
8th, Carlito Rendora, Eagle RC
9th, Glenn Grant, Eagle RC
10th, Steve Whalton, Finchley RT
11th, Jonathan McColl, Central London CTC




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