Result: Women’s Team Series

Nicola Juniper returns from injury with victory in the Women’s Team Series race organised by Banbury Star

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Result: Women’s Team Series

Nicola Juniper, Team Ford EcoBoost, won the the 4th event in the Women’s Team Series
superbly organised by Banbury Star. Nicola was by the far the strongest on the finish hill and crossed the line with a look of sheer delight on her face. This was her first race back after a really serious accident that saw her in traction for 4 weeks.

1st Nicola Juniper Team Ford Ecoboost
2nd Georgina Panchaud Bianchi Dama
3rd Tamara Devanne Team Vision Innovative
4th Lauren Dolan Liv CC-Epic Coaching
5th Elspeth Grace Kinetic Cycles-Welwyn Racing
6th Gabriella Nordin Sun Sport Velo
7th Fiona Redding Ellmore Digital Composite
8th Joscelin Lowden Aprire Bicycles-HSS Hire
9th Jennifer Powell Team Ford Ecoboost
10th Kimberley Ashton CASP Racing
11th Alicia Speake Cycle Team on Form
12th Anna Henderson Cycle Team on Form
13th Emma Lewis Aprire Bicycles-HSS Hire
14th Sian Botteley Cycle Team on Form
15th Mathilde Pauls Sigma Sport
16th Natasha Reddy Team Vision Innovative
17th Kelly Murphy Team Ford Ecoboost
18th Maryka Sennema Fusion RT-Fierlan
19th Melissa Brand Team Ford Ecoboost
20th Jennifer Holden Fusion RT-Fierlan
21st Josephine Gilbert Vertex Biemme RC
22nd Gemma Sergeant Cycle Team on Form
23rd Fiona Hunter-Johnston Fusion RT-Fierlan
24th Louise Haywood-Mahe Les Filles RT
25th Clare Treharne Equipe Flamme Rouge
26th Florence Cox Equipe Flamme Rouge
27th Dani Gloyen Vertex Biemme BC
28th Rachel Jary VC Londres
29th Tina Hartwright Fusion RT-Fierlan
30th Amy Jones Aprire Bicycles-HSS Hire
31st Victoria Lovett BC South
32nd Jessica Finney Portsmouth North End CC
33rd Hannah Nicklin Twikenham CC
34th Neve Upton Cycle Team on Form
35th Kerry Middleton Twikenham CC
36th Rachel McKenzie Army Cycle Race Team
37th Maxine Filby Ellmore Digital Composite
38th Elizabeth Hughes CC London
39th Olivia Campbell Sigma Sport
40th Catherine Gaskell Sigma Sport
41st Sue McFarlane Army Cycle Race Team
42nd Louise Hart Team Vision Innovative
43rd Kirsty McSeventy Team Iris
44th Louise Moriarty Les Filles RT
45th Lara Perryman Ellmore Digital Composite
46th Sophie Fennell Team Ford Ecoboost
47th Hannah Graveney LIV AWOL
48th Victoria Strila Sun Sport Velo
49th Rachel Heptonstall Kinetic Cycles-Welwyn Racing
50th Louise Burnie GB Cycles
51st Emily Pantoja Army Cycle Race Team
52nd Madeline Howden Team Vision Innovative
53rd Gabriella Butler Team Vision Innovative
54th Vivienne Tomlin CC London
55th Isabel Darvill Team Vision Innovative
56th Lucy Harper Cycle Team on Form
57th Jessica O’Riley GB Cycles
58th Tracy Corbett Les Filles RT
59th Emma Jane Hornsby VC Londres


1. Team Ford EcoBoost 284 points
2. Cycle Team on Form 177 points
3. Team Vision Innovative 168 points
4. Aprire Bicycles-HSS Hire 135 points
5. Bianchi Dama 130 points
6. Liv CC – Epic Coaching 100 points
7. NCC Group – Torelli 90 points
8. Sigma Sport 89 points
9. Sun Sport 85 points
10. Equipe Flamme Rouge 55 points
11. CASP Racing 55 points
12. Fusion RT – Fierlan 54 points
13. Les Filles RT 39 points
14. Twickenham CC 38 points
15. Army Cycle Race Team 31 Points
16. Vertex Biamme 26 points
17. VC Londres 26 points
18. CC London 16 points
19. Team Iris 10 points
20. Kinetic Cycles – Welwyn Racing 10 points
21. Liv CC – AWOL 7 points
22. GB Cycles 5 points



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