This Weekend: Beaumont Trophy UCI 1.2

The men’s road season continues in Britain this weekend with the UCI 1.2 Beaumont Trophy at Stamfordham in Northumberland

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This Weekend: Beaumont Trophy UCI 1.2

Sunday 18th June | Stamfordham | Start 1.15pm | Distance: 117 miles

After a lull post Tour Series in the local racing calendar for the British based pros, the men’s road season continues in Britain this weekend with the UCI 1.2 Beaumont Trophy at Stamfordham in Northumberland

The party piece  for the Beaumont Trophy is the ‘Ryals’, a stepped climb, short steps which is 1 in 6 on one section. Tough but not a mountain …

The Beaumont Trophy, organised by Peter Harrison, was first run in 1952, the year after the Gosforth Road Club was formed and over the last few decades has gone from a Premier Calendar event to a UCI one and was also the host for the British Championships when Bradley Wiggins (twice a Beaumont winner) showed just what a great roadman he is.

The race is centred around the village of Stamfordham and takes in the fearsome climb of the Ryals but yet the race has been won by sprinters such as Dean Downing, Chris Latham, Russell Downing and Malcolm Elliott showing that whilst a tough circuit, it can end in a sprint from an elite selection.

The race starts at 1.15pm and the riders will race a combination of two circuits. The larger circuit is 22.3miles and includes the climb of the Ryals which will be tackled four times by the riders. The smaller circuit is 13.9 miles and this will be tackled twice.

The race will start with one lap of the smaller circuit before going on to complete four laps of the larger circuit and then finish with a final lap of the small circuit. Total distance is 117 miles (187km).

Bunch kicks are not out of the question as Dean Downing showed for Madison Genesis when he added the race to his CV

The race is also the final one in the UK before the British road championships on the Isle of Man the week after and with the calendar in Britain being devoid of National A road races since the start of the month, some of the teams have been racing and training in Belgium and elsewhere which should make for an interesting Beaumont Trophy as the British teams take on a couple of foreign teams. One of those teams interesting contains a rider called Wiggins …. ;-)

Former winners on the entry list include Evan Oliphant, Chris Latham, Kristian House and Russell Downing but the latter is in Korea. Possible winners are many depending on who starts from the entries listed.

The foreign teams are an unknown but from the British teams entered, the selection expected comes from the usual suspects capable of winning the race. Connor Swift, Jonny McEvoy and Matt Holmes are three from the Madison Genesis team but its a team of winners so any of them could be the chosen one on the day. Former winner Chris Latham who won the first prem of the year in the North East has just ridden a stage race in France where he was third on stage 2 and will be one of the favs.

Metaltek Kuota have a stacked line up and have riders for the breakaway on the climb and also if the race comes down to a sprint with the likes of Fleeman, Holohan and Pym. One Pro on their Boardman Bikes (a valued supporter of VeloUK) have a former winner in their entry in Kristian House down as a substitute and plenty of other options like Hayden Mccormick, second to Dan Fleeman in the last UCI 1.2 race in Britain, the CiCLE Classic. But for a favourite, Tom Stewart, a winner in Poland recently in a UCI stage race, is one to look out for.
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The Great Britain team have a team of young riders who have been busy in stage races and they have named Chris Lawless as a subsitute… another favourite if he rides. Raleigh GAC have their sprinter Enrique Sanz who has finished in the top 10 in the majority of all his races since arriving in the country from Spain.

The former World Tour Pro for Movistar has shown he has the sprint to win and would love nothing more than to get his hands in the air in a UCI event again. The team also have Sebastian Mora in great form so their colours should be in the final mix.

Enrique Sanz of Raleigh GAC beating Jonny McEvoy of Madison Genesis – both are among the favourites for Beaumont.

JLT Condor is another team stacked with possible winners including Graham Briggs, climber Steve Lampier and RAS winner James Gullen and if there is one team you won’t be able to miss its Bike Channel-Canyon who will no doubt be the mix from the start and if the race comes to a sprint, have the firepower to do the job with Chris Opie.

As ever in a road race at this level, there will be the usual suspects (see the names above) in the selection as well as the surprises that add that extra buzz to the finales of such races but who ever wins, its sure to be a worthy one.

VeloUK will be there.

Chris Latham beating Sanz in the first Prem of the year – will these two be fighting out the Beaumont Trophy – its a possibility

Provisional Startsheet (will change – includes team reserves)
1 Justo Vilanueva Oscar Guerciotti Redondela
2 Dos Santos Quirino Rodrigo Guerciotti Redondela
3 Fernando Arriagada Matias Guerciotti Redondela
4 Lopez Chedas Alvaro Guerciotti Redondela
5 Valencia Popo Anxo Guerciotti Redondela
6 May Jeffery – Substitute Guerciotti Redondela

7 Doron Wiggins Eseg Douai
8 Matthias Van Beethoven Eseg Douai
9 Canesmel Baillet Eseg Douai
10 Maxime Huygens Eseg Douai
11 Kevin Avoine Eseg Douai
12 Nicolas Pruvot Eseg Douai
13 Clement Gabisson – Substitute Eseg Douai
14 Matthias Bigo – Substitute Eseg Douai
15 Florian Van Eslander – Substitute Eseg Douai

16 Sam Smith Godfrey Bikewear Vision Express Rt
17 Pierre Vernie Godfrey Bikewear Vision Express Rt
18 Josh Housley Godfrey Bikewear Vision Express Rt
19 George Sewell Godfrey Bikewear Vision Express Rt
20 David Ogg Godfrey Bikewear Vision Express Rt

22 Alex Auty Team Ktm
23 Peter Barusevicus Team Ktm
24 Eugene Cross Team Ktm Senior
25 Adam Robinson Team Ktm
26 Fraser Rounds Team Ktm
27 Julian Varley Team Ktm Senior
28 Jason Bouttell – Substitute Team Ktm

29 Alex Littlewood 365 4 Bikes Academy
30 Ryan Ashcroft 365 4 Bikes Academy
31 Tim James 365 4 Bikes Academy
32 Morgan Hughes 365 4 Bikes Academy
33 Oliver Peckover 365 4 Bikes Academy

34 Hamish Graham Green Jersey Rt Senior
35 Cameron Jeffers Green Jersey Rt Senior
36 Tom Bustard Green Jersey Rt Senior
37 Thomas Wood Green Jersey Rt Senior

38 Will Bjergfekt Neon Velo
39 Mike Cuming Neon Velo
40 Elliott Porter Neon Velo
41 David Bolland Neon Velo Senior
42 Marc Potts Neon Velo
43 Jeremy Durrin Neon Velo

44 Kieran Savage Team B38 Underpin Racing
45 Jude Taylor Team B38 Underpin Racing
46 Patrick Clark Team B38 Underpin Racing
47 Archie Cross Team B38 Underpin Racing
48 Joe Clark Cycling Sheffield Giant
49 Jake Tanner Cycling Sheffield Giant
50 Liam Bromiley Cycling Sheffield Giant
51 Tim Home Cycling Sheffield Giant
52 Charlie Renshaw Cycling Sheffield Giant
53 Billy Robinson Cycling Sheffield Giant

54 Daniel Bigham Brother Nrg Driverplan
55 William Brown Brother Nrg Driverplan
56 Richard Jones Brother Nrg Driverplan
57 Alex Luhrs Brother Nrg Driverplan
58 Jack Rees Brother Nrg Driverplan
59 Charlie Tanfield Brother Nrg Driverplan
60 Robert Orr – Substitute Brother Nrg Driverplan
61 Richard Haughton – Substitute Brother Nrg Driverplan
62 Steven Roach – Substitute Brother Nrg Driverplan

63 Hamish Carrick Tbw Bottecchia Wigmore Rt
64 Daniel Nieto Tbw Bottecchia Wigmore Rt
65 James Mckay Tbw Bottecchia Wigmore Rt
66 Corey Ashley Tbw Bottecchia Wigmore Rt
67 David Hewitt Tbw Bottecchia Wigmore Rt
68 Andrew Williams Tbw Bottecchia Wigmore Rt

69 Oliver Cliff – Substitute Tbw Bottecchia Wigmore Rt
70 Jacob Day – Substitute Tbw Bottecchia Wigmore Rt
71 Lyster Romero – Substitute Tbw Bottecchia Wigmore Rt
72 Lawrence Carpenter Catford Cc Equipebanks
73 Laurence Kirby Catford Cc Equipe Banks
74 Lloyd Chapman Catford Cc Equipe Banks
75 George Fowler Catford Cc Equipe Banks
76 James Jobber Catford Cc Equipe Banks
77 Matthew Clements Catford Cc Equipe Banks Senior

78 Richard Handley Madison Genesis
79 Connor Swift Madison Genesis
80 Matthew Holmes Madison Genesis
81 Jonathan Mcevoy Madison Genesis
82 Erick Rowsell Madison Genesis
83 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis
84 Alex Paton – Substitute Madison Genesis
85 Matt Cronshaw – Substitute Madison Genesis
86 Gruffudd Lewis – Substitute Madison Genesis

87 Andrew Tennant Team Wiggins
88 Samuel Harrison Team Wiggins
89 Christopher Latham Team Wiggins
90 Rob Scott Team Wiggins
91 Etienne Georgi Team Wiggins
92 Joey Walker Team Wiggins
93 Nathan Draper – Substitute Team Wiggins
94 Ashley Dennis – Substitute Team Wiggins
95 Michael Thompson – Substitute Team Wiggins

96 Ralf Hodson Mts Rapid Engineering Ne Senior
97 Ben Hetherington Mts Rapid Engineering Ne
98 James Moss Mts Rapid Engineering Ne
99 Henry Johnson Mts Rapid Engineering Ne Senior
100 Matthew Kipling Mts Rapid Engineering Ne
101 Christopher Sleath Mts Rapid Engineering Ne

102 Duncan Heywood Saint Piran Senior
103 Jake Alderman Saint Piran Senior
104 Alex Fanshawe Saint Piran Senior
105 Ben Lockett Saint Piran Senior
106 David Reece Saint Piran Senior

107 Dan Fleeman Metaltek-Kuota Rt
108 Steven Lawley Metaltek-Kuota Rt
109 Liam Holohan Metaltek-Kuota Rt
110 George Pym Metaltek-Kuota Rt
111 Zach May Metaltek-Kuota Rt
112 Rhys Lloyd Metaltek-Kuota Rt

113 Wilson Renwick Ne Regional Team
114 Tim Wilcock Ne Regional Team Senior
115 Mark Robertson Ne Regional Team
116 Bradley Stokes Ne Regional Team
117 Zeb Kyffin Ne Regional Team Senior
118 Andrew Scorey Ne Regional Team Senior

119 Jake Cowen Vcuk Velochampion Rt
120 Dillon Byrne Vcuk Velochampion Rt
121 Lee Baldwin Vcuk Velochampion Rt
122 Jimmy Smith Vcuk Velochampion Rt
123 Adam Darbyshire Vcuk Velochampion Rt
124 Cameron Woolsey Spirit Tifosi Rt
125 Charlie Passfield Spirit Tifosi Rt
126 Chris Dredge Spirit Tifosi Rt Senior
127 Douglas Coleman Spirit Tifosi Rt
128 Ed Clemens Spirit Tifosi Rt
129 Marcus Burnett Spirit Tifosi Rt Senior

130 Karol Domagalski One Pro Cycling
131 Kamil Gradek One Pro Cycling
132 Hayden Mccormick One Pro Cycling
133 James Oram One Pro Cycling
134 Thomas Stewart One Pro Cycling
135 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling
136 Thomas Baylis – Substitute One Pro Cycling
137 Kristian House – Substitute One Pro Cycling
138 Samuel Williams – Substitute One Pro Cycling

139 Jacob Hennessy Gb National Team
140 Reece Wood Gb National Team
141 Angus Claxton Gb National Team
142 Ethan Hayter Gb National Team
143 Matthew Walls Gb National Team
144 Matthew Bostock Gb National Team
145 Joe Holt – Substitute Gb National Team
146 Adam Hartley – Substitute Gb National Team
147 Christopher Lawless – Substitute Gb National Team

148 Enrique Sanz Raleigh-Gac
149 Sebastian Mora Raleigh-Gac
150 Adria Moreno Raleigh-Gac
151 Adam Kenway Raleigh-Gac
152 Yoeri Havik Raleigh-Gac
153 Tristan Robbins Raleigh-Gac
154 Grant Martin – Substitute Raleigh-Gac
155 Frazer Martin – Substitute Raleigh-Gac
156 Ryan Perry – Substitute Raleigh-Gac

157 Graham Briggs Jlt-Condor
158 Russell Downing Jlt-Condor
159 James Gullen Jlt-Condor
160 Robert Mccarthy Jlt-Condor
161 Alistair Slater Jlt-Condor
162 Steven Lampier Jlt-Condor
163 Jonathan Mould – Substitute Jlt-Condor
164 Matthew Gibson – Substitute Jlt-Condor
165 Edward Clancy – Substitute Jlt-Condor

166 Dexter Gardias Bike Channel-Canyon
167 James Lowsley-Williams Bike Channel-Canyon
168 Jack Pullar Bike Channel-Canyon
169 Chris Opie Bike Channel-Canyon
170 Max Stedman Bike Channel-Canyon
171 Rob Partridge Bike Channel-Canyon
172 Rory Townsend – Substitute Bike Channel-Canyon
173 George Atkins – Substitute Bike Channel-Canyon
174 Sam Lowe – Substitute Bike Channel-Canyon

175 Andrew Hawdon Wheelbase Altura Mgd
176 Evan Oliphant Wheelbase Altura Mgd
177 Ryan Coulton Wheelbase Altura Mgd
178 Alfie Moses Wheelbase Altura Mgd
179 Levi Moody Wheelbase Altura Mgd Senior
180 Davie Lines Wheelbase Altura Mgd
181 Ben Rowe – Substitute Wheelbase Altura Mgd
182 Alex Orrell-Turner – Substitute Wheelbase Altura Mgd

183 Charlie Quarterman Z-Q Composite Rt
184 Ben Hardy Z-Q Composite Rt
185 Scott Auld Z-Q Composite Rt Senior
186 Calum Johnston Z-Q Composite Rt Senior
187 Louis Modell Z-Q Composite Rt Senior
188 James Davey Z-Q Composite Rt Senior

189 Ben Joughin Pro Vision Rt Senior
190 Alexander Simmons Pro Vision Rt Senior
191 Matthew Cartlidge Pro Vision Rt Senior
192 Alexander Touche Pro Vision Rt Senior

Former Winners
2000 Billy Mitchinson (GBR)
2001 Glen Turnbull (GBR)
2002 Richard Sutcliffe (GBR)
2003 Graham McGarrity (GBR)
2004 Mark Wordsworth (GBR)
2005 Malcolm Elliott (GBR)
2006 Evan Oliphant (GBR)
2007 Russell Downing (GBR)
2008 Rob Hayles (GBR)
2009 Bradley Wiggins (GBR)
2010 Chris Newton (GBR)
2011 Bradley Wiggins (GBR)
2012 Russell Downing (GBR)
2013 Dean Downing (GBR)
2014 Kristian House (GBR)
2015 Christopher Latham (GBR)
2016 Dion Smith (NZL)



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