Wheels: Farsports Ventoux Series C3 Review

Noze from Cycling Holiday Spain reviews the Ventoux Series C3 wheels from Farsports

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Wheels: Farsports Ventoux Series C3 Review

The Ventoux C3 “The Ultimate climbing wheel”

The latest offering from the leading wheel manufacturer in China is the Ventoux C3 series wheelset. Using a unique rim moulding technology together with super smooth Ceramic Speed bearings and Sapim CX sprint spokes, Farsports have created a superb all round wheel set that performs brilliantly in the mountains.

In both clincher and tubular configurations, and coming in at a combined front and rear weight of 1360 for the clinchers and a super light 1170 for the tubs, weight weenies will not be disappointed. The front wheel has a rim profile of 35mm and rear wheel is 5mm more at 40 mm. They are 26.5mm wide.

Super light and incredibly stiff is what Farsports were trying to achieve and they certainly have produced a wheel that performs fantastically when climbing both in the saddle and out. This is achieved by several factors all combining to produce a wheel that is laterally stiff light and smooth

In Field testing, I put the C3 Ventoux wheels through a series of tests in the Marina Alta mountains where we base our training camp. I chose a route with around 3000 metres of climbing averaging around 6 percent over 80 km. So from the profile of the route it is clear to see there was plenty of elevation. In fact, the route is commonly used in “La Vuelta de Espana”, for me the most exciting grand tour race there is.

Initial impressions of the wheels were how incredibly smooth they are. They roll up to speed super quick and fitted with 25 mm wide Continental GP 400 sII, cornering and roll was sublime.

Extremely stiff for a low profile wheel and zero wheel flex. I tested sprinting out of hairpin bends up climbs and was very surprised at the lateral stiffness and how solid and well balanced the wheels. I can only relate this to how all the factors of the wheel build merge into one producing a super light stiff and efficient wheel that is super smooth.

A fantastic climbing wheel that performs superbly in all condition and is super aero and suited not only to climbing but equally at home on the flat. Like the C5 Ventoux, a real all rounder leaning towards the weight weenie climbers. I love this wheel set!

By using a wider hub flange and longer hub shell they have increased rigidity. The rear wheel has 24 spokes with Asymmetric 2:1 spoke ratio lacing with cross 2 on the drive side and radial on the non drive side creating a super solid and stiff rear wheel. Absolutely no rear wheel flex during climbing out of the saddle under high wattage. The front spoke as an 18 spoke radial configuration straight pull.

What Farsports have done is pushed their wheels to the next level rivalling and bettering other wheel companies as more accessible prices. These wheels are not just good but extremely good and are now my go to choice of wheel in the mountains. For more information you can contact me directly nozad@cyclingholidayspain.net or find further details on www.farsports.cn




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