This Sunday – Stockton Road Race

This Sunday sees the Stockton national series road race which last year was the course for the British RR Championships … 

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This Sunday – Stockton Road Race

Velo29 are promoting for the seventh year running the Stockton Cycling Festival with two road races for Elite men; a round of the Elite Circuit Series on Friday night and then on Sunday, a national series road race (prem).

Last year at the British road race championships, the course used saw one of the most aggressive and exciting races of the season and the event this year should also see a battle between those wanting a break to stay away and the sprinters who have had the majority of the wins on this course.


Sunday 16th July – Festival /Racing
Youth Racing 09:30 – 11:00
Elite Grand Prix 12:00 – 16:00
Ride Stockton 13:05 – 15:00
Riverside Cycle Festival 10:00 – 17:00

Road Race Course
The route features a 3 mile run out to the main circuit for 10 laps of 8 miles followed by a reversal of the run out route (Fig. 4) to enter the totally closed finishing circuit for 6 laps of 4 miles, passing through the Start/Finish line on each lap. A lapboard will be displayed at the exit point from the main circuit on the A177 at Thorpe Thewles and a lapboard and bell will be displayed/sounded at the Start/Finish line of the finishing circuit.

Above: The finishing circuit for the road race on Sunday


Sunday Road Race
1 Angus Claxton 100% ME u23
2 Adam Hartley 100% ME u23
3 Jacob Hennessy 100% ME u23
4 Reece Wood 100% ME u23
5 Ryan Ashcroft 365 4 Bikes Academy u23
6 Morgan Hughes 365 4 Bikes Academy u23
7 Tim James 365 4 Bikes Academy u23
8 Alex Littlewood 365 4 Bikes Academy u23
9 Oliver Peckover 365 4 Bikes Academy u23
10 George Atkins BIKE Channel Canyon
11 Sam Lowe BIKE Channel Canyon
12 Matthew Nowell BIKE Channel Canyon u23
13 Chris Opie BIKE Channel Canyon
14 Robert Partridge BIKE Channel Canyon
15 Jack Pullar BIKE Channel Canyon
16 Harry Tanfield BIKE Channel Canyon Local
17 Rory Townsend BIKE Channel Canyon u23
18 Daniel Bigham Brother NRG
19 William Brown Brother NRG Local
20 Robert Orr Brother NRG
21 Jack Rees Brother NRG Local
22 Charlie Tanfield Brother NRG u23 Local
23 Jacob Tipper Brother NRG
24 Simon Wilson Brother NRG
25 Lawrence Carpenter Catford CC Equipe/Banks
26 Lloyd Chapman Catford CC Equipe/Banks
27 Callum Ferguson Catford CC Equipe/Banks u23
28 Will Fox Catford CC Equipe/Banks
29 Laurence Kirby Catford CC Equipe/Banks u23
30 Ethan Lee Clay Cross Road Team u23
31 Liam Bromiley Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
32 Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
33 Timothy Home Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield u23 Local
34 Charlie Renshaw Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield u23
35 Jake Tanner Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
36 Nicholas Cooper DFL In-Gear Development u23
37 Ian Bibby JLT Condor
38 Russell Downing JLT Condor
39 Alex Frame JLT Condor
40 James Gullen JLT Condor
41 Brenton Jones JLT Condor
42 Steve Lampier JLT Condor
43 Thomas Moses JLT Condor
44 Alistair Slater JLT Condor
45 Kinsey McIlquham KTM Impsport RT u23
46 Benedict Spencer Loughborough Students CC u23 Local
47 Joe Evans Madison Genesis u23
48 Richard Handley Madison Genesis
49 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis
50 Gruffudd Lewis Madison Genesis
51 Jonathan McEvoy Madison Genesis
52 Alex Paton Madison Genesis
53 Erick Rowsell Madison Genesis
54 Connor Swift Madison Genesis u23
55 Andy Brown Metaltek Kuota Racing Team u23
56 Dan Fleeman Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
57 Liam Holohan Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
58 Steven Lawley Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
59 Zachery May Metaltek Kuota Racing Team u23
60 Tom Mazzone Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
61 Bertie Newey Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
62 George Pym Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
63 Matthew Kipling MTS-Rapid Engineering NE Local
64 Chris Sleath MTS-Rapid Engineering NE Local
65 William Bjergfelt Neon-Velo Cycling Team
66 David Bolland Neon-Velo Cycling Team u23
67 Michael Cuming Neon-Velo Cycling Team
68 Jeremy Durrin Neon-Velo Cycling Team
69 Elliott Porter Neon-Velo Cycling Team
70 Kieran Simcox Neon-Velo Cycling Team u23
71 Tom Yiangou Neon-Velo Cycling Team u23
72 Ashley Cox Nopinz
73 Thomas Baylis One Pro Cycling u23
74 George Harper One Pro Cycling
75 William Harper One Pro Cycling
76 Kristian House One Pro Cycling
77 Joshua Hunt One Pro Cycling
78 Steele Von Hoff One Pro Cycling
79 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling
80 Samuel Williams One Pro Cycling
81 Edward Roberts Private
82 John Archibald Pro Vision Scotland
83 Jason Roberts Pro Vision Scotland
84 Jack Escritt Raleigh GAC u23
85 Adam Kenway Raleigh GAC
86 Grant Martin Raleigh GAC u23
87 Fraser Martin Raleigh GAC u23
88 Sebastian Mora Vedri Raleigh GAC
89 Adrià Moreno Sala Raleigh GAC
90 Ryan Perry Raleigh GAC
91 Tristan Robbins Raleigh GAC u23
92 Kieran Brady Richardsons-Trek RT
93 Samuel Henning Richardsons-Trek RT u23
94 Frank Longstaff Richardsons-Trek RT u23

95 Oliver Maxwell Richardsons-Trek RT u23
96 Jez McCann Richardsons-Trek RT u23
97 Joshua Outram Richardsons-Trek RT u23
98 Luke Ryan Richardsons-Trek RT
99 George Wood Richardsons-Trek RT u23
100 Jake Alderman Saint Piran u23
101 Alex Fanshawe Saint Piran u23
102 Duncan Heywood Saint Piran u23
103 Matt Langworthy Saint Piran u23
104 Marcus Burnett Spirit Tifosi Racing Team u23
105 Edward Clemens Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
106 Douglas Coleman Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
107 Christopher Dredge Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
108 Stanley Kennett Spirit Tifosi Racing Team u23
109 Anthony Moye Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
110 Charlie Passfield Spirit Tifosi Racing Team u23
111 David Hewett TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
112 Alex Auty Team KTM
113 Peter Barusevicus Team KTM
114 Andrew Disley Team KTM
115 Adam Robinson Team KTM
116 Fraser Rounds Team KTM
117 Julian Varley Team KTM u23
118 Nathan Draper Team Wiggins u23
119 Samuel Harrison Team Wiggins
120 Rhys Howells Team Wiggins
121 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Team Wiggins u23
122 Christopher Latham Team Wiggins
123 Robert Scott Team Wiggins u23
124 Andrew Tennant Team Wiggins
125 Joey Walker Team Wiggins u23
126 Charlie Beake Tri UK u23
127 Daniel Mcquillan Tri UK
129 Andrew Hawdon Wheelbase Altura MGD
130 David Lines Wheelbase Altura MGD
131 Levi Moody Wheelbase Altura MGD u23
132 Evan Oliphant Wheelbase Altura MGD
133 Alex Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Altura MGD u23
134 Stuart Reid Wheelbase Altura MGD
135 Ben Rowe Wheelbase Altura MGD Local



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