Result: Women’s Ryedale Grand Prix

After a race long break by Stephanie Mottram on Kuota bike, the race was decided in a sprint won by Laura Massey from Alice Sharp and series winner Lizzy Banks

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Result: Women’s Ryedale Grand Prix

The Final round of the Women’s National Road Series was won by Laura Massey who timed her sprint to perfection to win the race ahead of Alice Sharpe (NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli). Lizzy Banks was third and won the Women’s National Series overall.

The race was dominated by a long solo break for Steph Mottram (NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli) before she finally had to give best to the chasers with six kilometres to to go but by the time they caught her, there were only 18 of the 61 starters left at the front of the race.

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Photo report


1 Laura Massey Drops 2:50:40
2 Alice Sharpe NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli st
3 Elizabeth Banks Storey Racing st
4 Elizabeth-Jane Harris Storey Racing +4
5 Natalie Grinczer Team WNT st
6 Genevieve Whitson Isorex Cycling Team +5
7 Julie Erskine Cycle Team OnForm st
8 Anna Henderson Cycle Team OnForm st
9 Emma Cockcroft Bianchi Dama UK st
10 Georgina Panchaud Bianchi Dama UK st
11 Gabriella Shaw Team WNT st
12 Sian Bottlerly Cycle Team OnForm +10
13 Chanel Mason Storey Racing st
14 Jennifer Powell Team Ford Ecoboost st
15 Rebecca Johnson Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire st
16 Jennifer Hudson Fusion RT Fierlan +13
17 Stephanie Mottram NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli +16
18 Bethany Crumpton Storey Racing +17
19 Emma Lewis Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire +1:00
20 Jo Tindley Team Ford Ecoboost +1:04
21 Alana Prior EDCO Continental +1:40
22 Gemma Sargent Cycle Team OnForm +1:42
23 Amy Gornall +1:49
24 Helen Jackson Kendal Cycle Club +4:10
25 Rebecca Goodson Velo Schils – Interbike RT +7:02
26 Savannah Morgan Team 22 +7:04
27 Melissa Brand Team Ford Ecoboost +8:12
28 Florence Cox Equipe Flamme Rouge +8:17
29 Lauren Humphreys Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire +9:50
30 Charmaine Porter Team Ford Ecoboost +9:53
31 Amy Hill Cycle Team OnForm +9:56
32 Gabriella Nordin SunSport Velo +9:58
33 Elizabeth Burrows SunSport Velo +10:00
34 Hetty Niblett EDCO Continental +10:06
35 Jessica Woodworth Cycle Team OnForm +10:09
36 Charlotte Redden Cycle Team OnForm +10:11
37 Anna Badegruber Team WNT +10:16
38 Monica Dew Storey Racing +10:18
39 Rhiannon Gornall NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli +10:22
40 Hannah Righini-Brand EDCO Continental +10:27
41 Sophie Thackray NCC Group-Kuota-Torelli +13:45
42 Lucinda Kerr Team Jadan-Weldtite +13:59
43 Phoebe Martin Team 22 OTL
44 Mercy Webb Storey Racing OTL
45 Tina Hartwright Fusion RT Fierlan OTL

Series Winner
Lizzy Banks, Storey Sport





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