Rider Chat: Elliott Porter (Neon Velo)

Chatting to a young rider who has been racing the British scene for a few years now, Elliott Porter. In 2017, he was 13th in the Irish RAS and 10th in the Tour of Reservoir.

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Rider Chat: Elliott Porter (Neon Velo)

A young rider who has been racing the British scene for a few years now, Elliott Porter has had some good results in 2017, namely 13th in the Irish RAS and 10th in the Tour of Reservoir.

Elliott has cycling in the veins being the son of Maria Blower and Jaanus Kuum (both professional cyclists in world cycling) and talking about goals in the sport, says “I know where I am now and what I am good at and what I’m not good at so I keep chipping away and enjoying my racing.”

On this season, he says of it “I went into it with really good form and was in the front group at Klondike but unfortunately crashed and injured my hand badly when I was on for a good result there. I struggled for a while after that and then went to the RAS in Ireland and was 13th on GC there. Not quite top 10 but always taking steps up each year. I also rode the Tour of Reservoir and finished 10 overall and was happy with that. I just need to keep pushing it on”.

To do that, he is working with the well known coaching company trainSharp. Elliott explained how he has been working with them from November 2016 and says it has been going very well. “The testing facilities and all the knowledge they have and all the people to help you, it’s pretty impressive”.

Elliott says he mostly works with another Elliot, also a rider but also a coach at trainSharp, Elliot Lipski along with Trainsharp founder Jon Sharples. Asked how they help him, Elliott (Porter) replied “they use this thing called Todays Plan which I had never used and it’s a lot more in-depth with different kinds of specific efforts to do and what not to do, and how to look at it”.

Speaking of efforts, asked what was the worse one trainSharp ask him to do, Elliott replied “15 seconds on, 15 off until you cannot do any more and they expect about 40!” Whilst it does help his training, it isn’t one to look forward too!

As training gets more and more scientific, judging efforts in training has changed a lot since the days of his parents. Talking about how he judges his, Elliott explained “It’s a mixture really. “You know when you are going hard and when to back off and when to maintain a certain effort but you also look at heart rate and the power mostly, looking at the watts you are going for. It’s a combination of them all nowadays”.

Elliott finished by saying that there isn’t only one thing that trainSharp have helped him with but a combination of many. “The help I have got from them is a combination of a lot of tweaks to my training. I was being coached in a certain way for such a long time, so there have been changes to a lot of little things. There isn’t one thing I can say that has made a difference but lots of them in combination. They have looked after me brilliantly”.

Good luck to Elliott for the rest of the season and thanks for the chat ….

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