Tour of Britain Chat: Alex Dowsett

A quick chat with Alex Dowsett who says the Essex Time Trial stage will see the second strongest line up outside of the world championships

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Tour of Britain Chat: Alex Dowsett

Prior to stage 2, we managed to grab a few words with a legend in time trials in Britain who has the ‘luxury’ of a stage in his home county and it’s a time trial, his specialty! I started by asking about stage 1.

“The first day was pretty good. We had a guy in the move so the stage was pretty simple. There was a bit of stress with the cross wind but that was great fun to be honest. Great fun because I was at the front but I know it’s not much fun at the back! I was pleased with how I felt though.”

Asked about his strategy for the Tour with the time trial to come, he explained, “not losing any time but if opportunities arise, you have to take them as the Tour of Britain is notoriously unpredictable. There is always the chance something could happen like there were splits happening up the climb (stage 1) but some times in other years, the flatter days have been the hardest.”

“So I will need to have my wits about me all the time”.

And finally, the time trial in Essex? “The time trial being in Essex will be a lot of fun. The field is very close to what there will be at the world championships so a top 10 even will be difficult because of the calibre of riders that will be here.”

“The times will be probably be 19’s on that course, 18s if we are lucky. It’s a tough one. But it will be great for the crowds to see probably the second strongest field outside of the world champs in Essex.”

Good luck to Alex …





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