Report/Result: West Midlands CX League

Toby Barnes, Darren Atkins, Harriet Harnden & Stephen Knight winners at Henley-In-Arden at round 3 of the West Midland’s CX League

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Report/Result: West Midlands CX League

PICTURES: David Perry | WORDS: Ben Goddard

Barnes and Harnden take victories in WMCCCL R3

JUNIOR riders Toby Barnes (Lichfield City CC) and Harriet Harnden (T Mo Racing) dominated the men’s and women’s events in the third round of the Ridley Lazer West Midlands Cyclo-Cross league.

Toby Barnes (Lichfield City CC) celebrates his victory in the men’s event. Photo: David Perry

Junior rider Barnes struck back from a third place last week to win the men’s event while European Mountain Bike champion Harriet Harnden (T Mo Racing) clinched her first senior victory in the women’s event. Darren Atkins (Ride Coventry) continued his domination of the veteran’s over 40 event, while in similar fashion Stephen Knight (Team Jewson) clinched victory in the veteran’s over 50’s event.

Stratford CC hosted round three of the league at Liveridge Hill in Henley-in-Arden. The man-made banks formed a clay proved a tough test for riders in every category along with fast switch backs to test their technical ability. A crash and several bike changes saw Barnes, from Lichfield, fall back to third in the previous round which was dominated by the Knight brothers.

Stephen Knight (Team Jewson) takes an early lead in the veteran’s over 50 event while being chased by Hannah Payton.Photo: David Perry

However, the Junior rider returned in emphatic style attacking on the first lap in similar fashion to the opening round and chased throughout by team-mate Marcus Holmes. It was a good day for the Harnden family as Luke (Malvern Cycle Sport) road through the field to clinch third. “It was a good hard course and I just went out hard from the start,” said Barnes. “I tried to get a gap early as last week I was chasing throughout the race following a crash on the first lap.

“I got the gap on the first lap and then it stayed the same for the rest of the race. The course didn’t suit me perfectly as I prefer a more technical circuit. I have three weeks until my first National series round so hope to keep it up until then.”

Atkins again set off in pursuit of the seniors despite starting behind climbing up to 8th overall and comfortable first veteran 40+. He was again chased by Philip Glaze (Stourbridge CC) in second and David Griffiths (Mammoth Lifestyle RT) in third. Harnden, from Malvern, is quickly becoming a name to watch and after dominating as a youth last season, in her first race as a junior she took a comfortable victory in the women’s event.

Young Ben Askey (RST Racing Team) celebrates a narrow victory in the boy’s under-14 event. Photo: David Perry

Despite being many years younger than most of the field the youngster pulled out an early gap and extended in to take victory by 45 seconds from veteran Verity Appleyard (Brotherton Cycles). Another junior rider Xan Crees (Team Empella improved on last week’s fourth place to round off the podium.

Stephen Knight again dominated the veteran’s over 50 event, but this week saw a different challenge in the form of last week’s women’s winner Hannah Payton (Kinesis UK). After dominating the women’s event last week Payton found more of a challenge with the men and couldn’t cope with the relentless pace of Knight. Payton dropped back to a chasing group which including her father Kevin Payton (Stourbridge CC) along with Team Jewson duo Ian Wright and Peter Busby.

The tightest finish of the day saw Payton sprint past Wright on the line for second place. In the youth race Simon Wyllie (Halesowen A&CC) made it three wins from three with a comfortable victory. He was chased by Daniel Barnes (Lichfield City CC) throughout the race in second ahead of team-mate Matthew Kingston. The under-14 category saw a nail-biting three rider sprint finish in one of the most hotly fought categories of the series.

Harriet Harnden, from Malvern, on her way to clinching her first women’s victory. Photo: David Perry

Lichfield based rider Ben Askey (RST Racing Team) just had the beating of Max Greensill in second and Sullivan Berry (Redditch Road & Path CC) in third, with less than a second separating the trio. In the girl’s event Lucy Hart (Mid Shropshire Whls) made it back-to-back wins by clinching the under-16 win while Ellie Swingell (Halesowen A&CC) took victory in the under-14s.

Spencer Corder (Stratford CC) continued his domination of the under-12 event while Tia Carr (Lichfield CC) was first girl. In similar fashion George Cooper (Pines Cycles Enve) took another win in the under-10s and Rose Lewis (Halesowen A&CC) was first girl. Jude White (Mid Shropshire Whls) improved on his third-place last week to take victory in the under-eights while Rose Neely (Solihull CC) took the girls victory.

Toby Leavis (Leicester Forest CC) was again victorious in the under-six category with Molly Kostka first girl.


1 Toby Barnes Junior Lichfield City CC
2 Marcus Holmes Junior Lichfield City CC
3 Ross Harnden Senior Malvern Cycle Sport
4 Robert Burns Senior Islabikes
5 James Garrett Senior Rugby Velo
6 Ewan Grivell-Mellor U23 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
7 Anthony Neave U23 Stourbridge Cc
8 Darren Atkins V45 Ride Coventry
9 Thomas Payton Senior Stourbridge Cc
10 Jacob Knight Junior Solihull CC
11 Samuel Morris U23 Revolutions Racing
12 Jeremy Hicks Senior Rugby Velo
13 Oliver Snodden Junior SF Racing
14 Jonathan Brain Senior Private Member
15 Jamieson Blain Junior Halesowen A & CC
16 Harrison Knight Junior Solihull CC
17 Dave Saunders Senior Private Member
18 Nick Morris Senior Clee Cycles
19 Phillip Glaze V40 Stourbridge Cc
20 Richard Ashley Jennings Senior C2 Racing
21 Sebastian Bacon Junior Wolverhampton Whls
22 James Paradine Senior Run & Ride / Midland Bike Fit
23 David Griffiths V40 Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
24 Gareth Scott V40 Bicicielo
25 Henry Lloydlangston Junior Halesowen A & CC
26 Jason McNulty Senior Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC)
27 Alex Moore U23 Stourbridge Cc
28 James Thompson V40 Scott Rc
29 Andy Wearing Senior Mike Vaughan Cycles
30 Colin Miller V40 Ride Coventry
31 Simon Stretton V45 Bicicielo
32 Robert Grimes V40 Bikestrong KTM
33 Joseph Lister Junior Wolverhampton Whls
34 Matthew Smith Senior Stourbridge velo
35 Josh Hill Senior East Park Wolves
36 Ben Yarnold Senior Islabikes
37 Matthew Worrallo V40 Stourbridge Cc
38 Gary Howard V45 Private Member
39 Gareth Vickers Senior Stourbridge Cc
40 Matthew Larner V40 Bicicielo
41 Lee Monks Senior Pearce Cycles RT
42 Andy Jones V45 Clee Cycles
43 Kyle Martin V45 Private Member
44 Christian Morgan V40 Ride Coventry
45 Steven Humphreys U23 Rugby Velo
46 Gary Price Senior Dynamic Rides CC
47 Paolo Bravini Senior Private Member
48 Graeme Davidson V45 Kenilworth Wheelers CC
49 Chris Corbett Senior Private Member
50 Martyn Vickers Senior Lichfield City CC
51 John Darroch V45 Private Member
52 Sam Chatwin V40 Run & Ride / Midland Bike Fit
53 Thomas Leavis Senior Leicester Forest CC
54 Bryan Healy V45 Stourbridge Cc
55 Philip Hughes V40 Rugby Velo
56 Benjamin Goddard Senior Revolutions Racing
57 Darren Shaw V40 Stourbridge velo
58 Highloui Highlea V45 CC Giro
59 Gareth Evans V40 Revolutions Racing
60 James Griffiths V45 Clee Cycles
61 Johann Breytenbach V40 Stratford CC
62 Ian Jones V45 Stourbridge Cc
63 John Buchan V45 Lichfield City CC
64 David Mole V40 Stourbridge velo
65 Pete Matthews Senior Team V-Sprint Racing
66 Cameron Macleod Junior Halesowen A & CC
67 David Harris Senior Stourbridge Cc
68 Fraser Howard V45 Stourbridge velo
69 Scott Barnes V45 Lichfield City CC
70 Mark White V40 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
71 Nigel Hammond V40 Private Member
72 John Dyer V40 Mammoth Lifestyle Racing Team
73 Benjamin Caine Senior Private Member
74 Steve Walker V45 Private Member
75 Christopher Coombs V45 Clee Cycles
76 Martyn Gall Senior Royal Sutton CC
77 Scott Matthews Junior Redditch Road & Path CC
78 Terry Richardson V45 Redditch Road & Path CC
79 Joshua Hubble Junior Halesowen A & CC
80 Jonathan Mouzer Senior Private Member
81 Matthew Newman V45 Private Member
82 Spencer Parker V45 Private Member
83 Philip Bromwich V45 Stratford CC
84 Alec Bond Senior Mid Shropshire Wheelers
85 Kevin Lister V40 Kenilworth Wheelers CC
86 Neil Pattinson V45 Halesowen A & CC
87 Andrew Merrick V45 Stourbridge Cc
88 Richard Jackson V40 Leicester Forest CC
89 Mark Roberts V40 Wwcc
90 James Strain V40 Redditch Road & Path CC
91 Andrew Taylor V40 Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC)
92 Andrew Riley V45 Langdale Lightweights Racing Team
93 Phillip Machin V40 Mercia CC – Lloyds Cycles
94 Johann Venter V40 Private Member
95 Matthew Boazman Senior Wyre Forest CRC
96 Ian Warr V40 Redditch Road & Path CC
97 Russ Parker V40 Private Member
98 James Ralph Junior Solihull CC
99 Michael Harrison V45 Solihull CC
100 Robin Bailey V40 Private Member
101 Ewan Grey V40 Private Member
102 Philip Hitchmough V45 Solihull CC
103 Oliver Bill Junior Wyre Forest CRC
104 Michael Hutchinson V45 Halesowen A & CC
105 Dave Cherry V45 Private Member
106 Daniel Reid V45 Solihull CC
107 Harry Attwood Junior Red Kite Cycles
108 Paul Hancher V45 Wolverhampton Whls
109 Daniel Tomlinson V40 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
110 Stacey Hubble V45 Halesowen A & CC
111 Anthony De-Leon Senior Wolverhampton Whls
112 Keith Jones V45 Solihull CC
113 Chris Brookes V45 Halesowen A & CC
114 Dylan Hall Junior Wolverhampton Whls
115 Kirk Finlinson Senior Redditch Road & Path CC
116 Phil Davis V45 Private Member
117 Phil Rushton Senior Stourbridge Cc
118 Chris Oldfield Senior Redditch Road & Path CC
119 Roelof Du Toit V40 Bolsover & District Cycling Club
120 John Potts V45 Redditch Road & Path CC
121 Julian Holt V40 West Midlands Police CC
122 Tim Gordon V45 Solihull CC
123 Emerson Graham V45 Ride Coventry
124 Paul Berry V40 Redditch Road & Path CC
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1 Harriet Harnden Junior T Mo Racing
2 Verity Appleyard V40 Brotherton Cycles
3 Xan Crees Junior Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com
4 Melissa Baker U23 Private Member
5 Lauren Humphreys Senior Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
6 Ceris Styler Senior Halesowen A & CC
7 Julie Caddick Senior Brotherton Cycles
8 Karen Summers V45 Private Member
9 Sara Willhoit Senior
10 Sophie Faulkner U23 Ride Coventry
11 Sally Reid V55 Cheltenham & County CC
12 Helen Boatman V45 TEAM MILTON KEYNES
13 Annabel Lindsay Junior Redditch Road & Path CC
14 Naomi Buckley-Melling Senior Stourbridge Cc
15 Amanda Whitehouse V40 Stourbridge Cc
16 Nina Critchley Senior Lichfield City CC
17 Lucy Nelson Junior Team Backstedt/Hotchillee
18 Toni Hopkins V50 Private Member
19 Jayne Cheslin V45 Stourbridge Cc
20 Clair Wadden V40 Bristol Rc
21 Lisa Garside V50 Private Member
22 Alison Bagnall V50 Scc
23 Enya Tabram Senior Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
24 Wendy Holmes V50
25 Charlotte Elliss Senior Private Member
26 Bridget Jones V50 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
27 Helen Jamieson V40 Beacon Roads CC
28 Julieann Parker V45 Stratford CC
29 Rita Humphreys V50 Coventry Cycling Club
30 Joanne Barnett V40 Matlock CC
31 Vanessa Carman V55 Private Member

VET 50
1 Stephen Knight V50 Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
2 Hannah Payton Elite Women
3 Ian Wright V55 Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
4 Kevin Payton V55 Stourbridge Cc
5 Peter Busby V55 Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
6 Steve Large V50 Private Member
7 Ian Watts V55 Cotswold Veldrijden
8 Andy Collins V50 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
9 Nigel Jones V55 Absolute Black Racing Team
10 Stephen Whitehouse V50 Stourbridge Cc
11 Lorenzo Buratti V50 Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
12 Mark Mullender V55
13 Peter Bromwich V55 Private Member
14 Michael Vaughan V50 Mike Vaughan Cycles
15 Richard Preece V50 Newport Shropshire CC
16 Gary Brooks V50 Private Member
17 Jeff Farmer V50 Hinckley Cycle Racing Club
18 Carl Max Taylor V50 Stratford CC
19 Mark Garrett V50 Ride Coventry
20 Simon Bills V50 BICI – PAZZO R.T.
21 Richard Graham V50 Worcester St Johns CC
22 Terence Goodfellow V55 EvoVelo Karbona
23 Chris Watts V60 Matlock CC
24 Kevin Bodley V55 Fred Williams Cycles
25 John Byatt V55 Private Member
26 Ian Gascoigne V50 Ride Coventry
27 David Bettridge V50 Derby Mercury RC
28 Simon Jones V50 Fred Williams Cycles
29 Gary Rowing-Parker V55 Solihull CC
30 Garry Bolton V50 Wolverhampton Whls
31 Joseph Rowe V65 Bush Healthcare CRT
32 Michael Webb V65 Lichfield City CC
33 Jonathan Todd V50 Rugby Velo
34 Ian Pollard V55 Cotswold Veldrijden
35 David Smith V55 Private Member
36 John Bayliss V60 Bicicielo
37 Brian Handley V50 Wolverhampton Whls
38 Nicholas Vipond V50 Beacon Roads CC
39 Philip Stokes V65 Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
40 Simon Laight V50 Halesowen A & CC
41 Ian Spark V50 Fred Williams Cycles
42 Michael McDermott V65 Heanor Clarion CC
43 Mike Snell V60 Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC)
44 Steve Chapman V55 Nova Raiders Cycling Club
45 Adrian Ravenscroft V50 Beacon Roads CC
46 Dave Overton V50 Coventry Road Club
47 Dave Mellor V55 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
48 Philip Evans V60 Ride Coventry
49 Peter Mooney V65 Rugby Velo
50 Michael Williams V55 Fred Williams Cycles
51 Peter Varian V55 Birmingham Midland Cycling Club
52 David Walker V55 Elizabethan CC
53 Robert Burns V55 Islabikes
54 Mark Deakin V50 Private Member
55 Paul Lewis V50 Halesowen A & CC
56 Peter Carman V60 Lyme RC
57 Michael Field V50 Halesowen A & CC
58 Gary Hodkinson V55 Private Member
59 David Simmons V50 Private Member
60 Mike Matthews V50 Redditch Road & Path CC
61 Darren Mitchelmore V50 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
62 Peter Ward V65 Solihull CC
63 Steven Ford V50 Nova Raiders Cycling Club
64 Michael Haddon V50 Wyre Forest CRC
65 Andrew McGowan V55 Solihull CC
66 Derek Hill V65 Stourbridge Cc
67 Mike Bazeley V50 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
68 Nigel Barnes V50 EvoVelo Karbona
69 Phil Metcalfe V65 Wolverhampton Whls
70 John Homer V50 Redditch Road & Path CC
71 Ian Wyllie V50 Private Member
72 David Mackey V50 Private Member
73 Malcolm Lindsay V50 Redditch Road & Path CC
74 Ian Cadwallader V50 Stourbridge Cc
75 Greg Elson V60 Rugby Velo
76 Paul Lucas V50 Private Member
77 Eddie Barnett V50 West Midlands Police CC
78 Alastair Grant V60 Halesowen A & CC
79 Ian Forrester V65 Kenilworth Wheelers CC
80 Robin Goundry V60 Private Member
81 Ian Morris V50 Private Member
82 Nicholas Hird V50 Private Member
83 John Claydon V65 Private Member
84 Pete Marshall V60 Beacon Roads CC
85 Richard Taaffe V55 Private Member
86 Michael Cooper V65 Private Member
87 Rocheford Pearson V50 Solihull CC
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1 Simon Wyllie U16 Halesowen A & CC
2 Daniel Barnes U16 Lichfield City CC
3 Matthew Kingston U16 Lichfield City CC
4 Edward Woodward U16 The MI Racing Academy
5 David Hird U16 Stratford CC
6 Hayden Norris U16 Lichfield City CC
7 Taylor Carr U16 Lichfield City CC
8 Kieran Riley U16 Langdale Lightweights Racing Team
9 Josh Field U16 Halesowen A & CC
10 Oliver Baker U16 Wolverhampton Whls
11 Ryan Greaves U16 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
12 Joshua Mitchell U16 Private Member
13 Ben Askey U14 RST Racing Team
14 Max Greensill U14 Private Member
15 Sullivan Berry U14 Redditch Road & Path CC
16 Alex Barker U14 Halesowen A & CC
17 Joseph Brookes U14 Halesowen A & CC
18 William Farmer U16 Wolverhampton Whls
19 Sam Wainwright U16 Redditch Road & Path CC
20 Luke Harris U14 Halesowen A & CC
21 Conor Jones U16 Solihull CC
22 Jack Fothergill U14 Kenilworth Wheelers CC
23 Tomos Pattinson U14 Halesowen A & CC
24 Lucy Hart U16 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
25 William Ryan U14 Solihull CC
26 Josie Nelson U16 Lichfield City CC
27 Isla Mason U16 Redditch Road & Path CC
28 Jacob Jones U16 Solihull CC
29 Kinga Ingram U16 Halesowen A & CC
30 Thomas Porton U14 Redditch Road & Path CC
31 Oliver Tandy U14 Solihull CC
32 Oscar Laight U16 Halesowen A & CC
33 Jack Newman U14 Private Member
34 Ellie Swingell U14 Halesowen A & CC
35 Zak Machin U14 Rivet Racing
36 Jonathan Masters U16 Stratford CC
37 Benjamin Tomlinson U14 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
38 Rory Knowles U14 The MI Racing Academy
39 Thomas Charles U16 Halesowen A & CC
40 Oliver Cooke U14 Redditch Road & Path CC
41 Alex Dalton U14 Redditch Road & Path CC
42 Joe Homer U14 Redditch Road & Path CC
43 Thomas White U14 Wolverhampton Whls
44 Isla Blain U14 Halesowen A & CC
45 Beatrice Pauley U14 St Ives CC
46 Billy Laight U14 Halesowen A & CC
47 Baden Green U16 Stratford CC
48 Molly Lewis U16 Halesowen A & CC
49 Daphne Jones U14 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
50 Alex Hall U16 Wolverhampton Whls
51 Dan Hutchinson U14 Halesowen A & CC
52 Alexander Ward U14 Wolverhampton Whls
53 Ben Lucas U14 Private Member
54 Fay Garner U14 Welland Valley CC
55 Will Lewis U14 Halesowen A & CC
56 Louis Smith U14 Worcester St Johns CC
57 Lucas Cook U14 Solihull CC
58 Matthew Lowe U16 Redditch Road & Path CC
59 Byron Garvey U16 Redditch Road & Path CC
60 Akhil Kolnaty U14 Scc
61 Zak Dawson U16 Lichfield City CC
62 Luke Brennan U14 Stratford CC
63 Caitlin Harvey U14 Lichfield City CC
64 Joe Lorenz U14 Redditch Road & Path CC
65 Posie Forrester U14 Wyre Forest CRC
66 Kasim Lone U14 Solihull CC
67 William Simons U14 Halesowen A & CC
68 Bethany Harris U16 Wolverhampton Whls
69 Joshua Pearson U14 Solihull CC
70 Amelia Ardash U14 RLSCC
71 Zara Parkes U14 Newport Shropshire CC

Under 12
1 Spencer Corder U12 Stratford CC
2 Ryan Oldfield U12 Redditch Road & Path CC
3 Max Saunders U12 Solihull CC
4 Jude Du Toit U12 Kirklees Cycling Academy
5 Alex Hart U12 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
6 Joshua Jackson U12 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
7 Lewis Tinsley U12 Stratford CC
8 Charlie Coleston-Shields U12 Lichfield City CC
9 Noah Inman U12 Bolsover & District Cycling Club
10 Joshua Darlow U12 Stratford CC
11 Jesse Bradley U12 Lichfield City CC
12 Thomas Brookes U12 Halesowen A & CC
13 Ben Woodhouse U12 Solihull CC
14 Andrew Groves U12 Lichfield City CC
15 Alexander Burden U12 Stratford CC
16 Luke Mannings U12 Halesowen A & CC
17 Luca Bradley U12 Lichfield City CC
18 Ellis Jackson U12 Leicester Forest CC
19 Tia Carr U12 Lichfield City CC
20 Bethany-Ann Jackson U12 Leicester Forest CC
21 Dominic Pauley U12 St Ives CC
22 Cole Locklin U12 Newport Shropshire CC
23 Zoe Parker U12 Stratford CC
24 Jake Deaner U12 Stratford CC
25 Tom Lucas U12 Private Member
26 George Lewis U12 Halesowen A & CC
27 Cerys Greaves U12 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
28 Samuel Abbott U12 Stratford CC
29 Rebecca Woodvine U12 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
30 Ella Tandy U12 Solihull CC
31 Charlie Price U12 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
32 Thomas Hutchinson U12 Halesowen A & CC
33 Grace Styler U12 Halesowen A & CC
34 Matthew Dalton U12 Redditch Road & Path CC
35 Mari Porton U12 Redditch Road & Path CC
36 Queta Taylor U12 Redditch Road & Path CC
37 Patrick Neely U12 Solihull CC
38 Charlie Colley U12 Newport Shropshire CC
39 Sebastian Ball U12 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
40 Samuel Brownsword U12 Solihull CC
41 Jake Bazeley U12 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
42 Harriet Tinsley U12 Stratford CC
43 Leo Allen U12 Newport Shropshire CC
44 Jasmine Alexander U12 Lichfield City CC
45 Harriette Taylor U12 Newport Shropshire CC
46 Danielle Barker U12 Halesowen A & CC
47 Evangeline Hopkins U12 Halesowen A & CC

Under 10
1 George Cooper U10 Pines Cycles Enve
2 Daniel Ward U10 Mercia CC – Lloyds Cycles
3 Jefferson Tear-Verweij U10 Private Member
4 Murphy Hamilton U10 Lichfield City CC
5 Ruben Stringfellow U10 Stratford CC
6 Noah White U10 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
7 Corin Bradley U10 Lichfield City CC
8 Rose Lewis U10 Halesowen A & CC
9 Megan Cherry U10 Leicester Forest CC
10 Lauren Oldfield U10 Redditch Road & Path CC
11 Joseph Egan U10 Beacon Roads CC
12 David Charton U10
13 Teddy Wright U10 Solihull CC
14 Holly Saunders U10 Solihull CC
15 Matthew Hitchmough U10 Solihull CC
16 Ashleigh Kennedy U10 Beacon Roads CC
17 Teddy Taylor U10 Newport Shropshire CC
18 Toby Stokes U10 Redditch Road & Path CC
19 Lottie Styler U10 Halesowen A & CC
20 Harry Parkes U10 Newport Shropshire CC
21 Dylan Phipps U10
22 Charlie Ardash U10 Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC)
23 Samuel Bishop U10 Redditch Road & Path CC
24 Henry Lewis U10 Wolverhampton Whls
25 Lily Allcock U10 Lyme RC
26 James Robinson U10 Malvern Cycle Sport
27 Toby Middleton U10 Newport Shropshire CC
28 Niamh Fletcher U10 Wolverhampton Whls
29 Remi Alexander U10 Lichfield City CC
30 Ronan Finlinson U10 Redditch Road & Path CC
31 Owen Jervis U10 Redditch Road & Path CC
32 Henry Doudican U10 Solihull CC
33 Joshua Patterson U10 Halesowen A & CC
34 Nyla Fletcher U10 Wolverhampton Whls

Under 8
1 Jude White U8 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
2 Louis Inman U8 Bolsover & District Cycling Club
3 Jet Du Toit U8 Newark Castle CC
4 Arly Berry U8 Redditch Road & Path CC
5 Lewis Colley U8 Newport Shropshire CC
6 Ben Bramford-Hale U8 Private Member
7 Alexander Gilmour U8 Redditch Road & Path CC
8 Rose Neely U8 Solihull CC
9 Zach Jenkins U8
10 William Stokes U8 Redditch Road & Path CC
11 Stephanie Hopkins U8 Halesowen A & CC
12 Eva-Joan Leavis U8 Leicester Forest CC
13 Erin Barton U8 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
14 Eddy Porton U8 Redditch Road & Path CC
15 James Caine U8 Solihull CC
16 Alexander Popham U8 Absolute Black Racing Team
17 Louie Kennedy U8 Beacon Roads CC
18 Shauna Hamilton U8 Lichfield City CC
19 Ned Heenan U8 Stratford CC
20 Henry Egan U8 Private Member
21 Lauren Abbott U8
22 Evelyn Jervis U8 Redditch Road & Path CC

Under 6
1 Toby Leavis U6 Leicester Forest CC
2 Millie Barton U6 Mid Shropshire Wheelers
3 Benjamin Gilmour U6 Redditch Road & Path CC
4 Sam Styler U6 Halesowen A & CC
5 Samuel Boazman U6 Wyre Forest CRC
6 Molly Kostka U6
7 Mary Heenan U6 Stratford CC
8 Harry Taylor-Bowen U6 Halesowen A & CC
9 Charlie Parkes U6 Newport Shropshire CC
10 Rory Dinsdale U6 Private Member
11 Lacey Davies U6
12 Niall Jackson U8
13 Sofia Kostka U6 Stratford CC



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