Results: Leicestershire CX League round 1

Martin Kennedy, Richard Jones, Kirby Bennett & Hollie Bettles winners at the first round of the Leicestershire cyclo-cross league

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Results: Leicestershire CX League round 1

Weldon Woodland Park, near Corby was the setting for round one of Britain’s newest (re-branded) cyclo-cross leagues, the Leicestershire Cyclo-cross League (LCXL). It has been nearly 2 decades since the Leicestershire promoted its own cyclo-cross league.

Volunteers from the Rockingham Forest Wheelers had set out a cracking course for the 234 competitors to enjoy. Great weather, hard ground and excellent use of the natural features produced a blistering pace across all the categories. Renvale Racing Team enjoyed a grand day out as they secured 3 first class victories.

Hollie Bettles got the ball rolling by taking top honours in Senior Women’s category. Not to be outdone by his fiancée Richard Jones was next up on the rostrum taking 1st in Senior Men’s thus ensuring a happy household. In the veterans race Matt Barrett took the spoils ahead of teammate Matt Dennis. In the Vets 50 Kirby Bennett -MI Racing – dominated the race from the off taking a classy victory. Lee Edmonds – Mercedes AMG PETRONAS was second. Tim Stowe – MI Racing -was first Over 60, second was World Masters Over 70’s champion Vic Barnett – Welland Valley CC.

First junior male was Josh van Nierop -Welland Valley CC after 54 minutes. Jess Cobbe – Leicester RC – was the best placed junior female. Bryn Richards – Bourne Whs – took a popular victory in the Youth U16’s race beating Louis Jakobson – Welland Valley CC. Ed Hopkins – MI Racing – was first under 14 beating good friend Kian Traynor – Welland Valley CC. Libby Bell – Leicester Forest – smashed the girls race to bits taking a great victory in the under 14’s, Keenor Molli was first under 16. In the younger age groups all of the riders coped well with the lumps and bumps. First under 12 boy and girl were Rocco Schumacher and Amelia Cebak. Under 9 round winners were Johan Hearn and Merle Snelson.

Round two is at Misterton Hall, nr Lutterworth on Sunday 1st October.
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1 Richard Jones Renvale RT Senior
2 George Thompson Sleaford Whls CC Senior
3 Jordan Peacock Wellingborough Cycles Race Team Senior
4 Ben Eedy Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com Senior
5 Harry Thompson Bloodwise QSW Senior
6 Matthew Barrett Renvale RT Vet40+
7 Matthew Dennis Renvale RT Vet40+
8 Gavin Howell Team Milton Keynes Senior
9 Carl Dyson Leicester Forest CC Senior
10 Joshua Van Nierop Welland Valley CC Junior
11 Benjamin Shucksmith Alford Wheelers Senior
12 Jake Jackson Arrow Cycles Junior
13 Andrew Vaughan Matlock CC Senior
14 Jonathan Sheasby Senior
15 Martin Kennedy Ellmore Factory Racing Vet40+
16 Oliver Bell Leicester Forest CC Junior
17 Thomas Medley Welland Valley CC Senior
18 Andy Collis Bicicielo Vet40+
19 Richard Doyle Leicester Forest CC Senior
20 James Moore Welland Valley CC Vet40+
21 Hans Van Nierop Welland Valley CC Vet40+
22 Daniel Fisher Leicester Forest CC Senior
23 Michael Moore Leicester Forest CC Senior
24 Mark Tickner Cambridge CC Senior
25 Nathan Smith Windmill Wheels Cycling Club Senior
26 Carl Jackson Arrow Cycles Vet40+
27 Andy Smith Team Milton Keynes Vet40+
28 Lawrence Green Windmill Wheels Cycling Club Senior
29 Simon Askham Leicester Forest CC Vet40+
30 Julian Freeman Rockingham Forest Whls Vet40+
31 Iain Kemp Revel Outdoors Vet40+
32 Christopher Garner Coalville Wheelers CC Vet40+
33 Dominic Limb Matlock CC Vet40+
34 Thomas Mark Rugby Velo Vet40+
35 Jamie Murray Velo Club Rutland Senior
36 Bryan Guest Kettering CC Senior
37 Nicholas Smith St Ives CC Vet40+
38 Philip Houldridge Leicester Forest CC Vet40+
39 Nick Horder Welland Valley CC Vet40+
40 Austin Smith Rockingham Forest Whls Vet40+
41 Andrew Faulknall KTM Impsport RT Vet40+
42 Ben Cartwright Pedal Power Junior
43 Richard Bell Leicester Forest CC Vet40+
44 Darren Kelly Fenland Clarion CC Vet40+
45 Steve Coombs Private Member Vet40+
46 James Simons-Boswell Welland Valley CC Vet40+
47 Steven Welch Welland Valley CC Vet40+
48 Nic Morgan Nottingham Clarion Vet40+
49 Mark Prinsloo Team PB Performance Vet40+
50 Adrian Killworth Welland Valley CC Vet40+
51 Tom Wright Numplumz Mountainbikers Senior
52 Hamish Low Private Member Vet40+
53 Drew Warren Rapha RCC Vet40+
54 Thomas Porter Senior
55 Norman David The MI Racing Academy Junior
56 Dean Tacey Leicestershire Road Club Vet40+
57 Dan High Welland Valley CC Vet40+
58 Stuart Burke 45 Road Club Vet40+
59 Andrew Brown C&D Cycles CC Vet40+
60 Chris Lydall Welland Valley CC Vet40+
61 Steven Coulam Welland Valley CC Vet40+
62 Mcconnell Daniel Welland Valley CC Vet40+
63 Michael Townend Coalville Wheelers CC Vet40+
64 Timothy Crone Welland Valley CC Senior
65 Barratt Chris C&D Cycles CC Vet40+
66 David Belcher Ratae RC Vet40+
67 Nick Trim Eastbourne Senior
68 Jamie Stockham Kettering CC Vet40+
69 Ashley Easton C&D Cycles CC Senior
70 Gregory Greasley Kettering CC Senior
71 Marriott Ross KTM Factory MTB Senior

1 Hollie Bettles Renvale RT Women
2 Cheryl Vaughan Matlock CC Women
3 Lindsay Newman Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe Veteran
4 Jessica Cobbe Leicestershire Road Club Women
5 Samantha Hughes-Dowdle Team Milton Keynes Veteran
6 Nicola Traynor Welland Valley CC Veteran
7 Rebecca Laurel Cycle Derby CC Women
8 Sarah Vigrow Welland Valley CC Veteran
9 Louise Brown Numplumz Mountainbikers Veteran
10 Debbie Maccoll Team Milton Keynes Veteran

Veteran 50
1 Kirby Bennett Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
2 Lee Edmonds Mercedes AMG PETRONAS
3 Timothy Bailey North Bucks RC
4 Grant Hughes-Dowdle Team Milton Keynes
5 Neil Taylor Coalville Wheelers CC
6 Paul Turner Leicester Forest CC
7 Timothy Stowe Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
8 Shaun Campling Leicester Forest CC
9 Steve Woods Cambridge CC
10 Victor Barnett Welland Valley CC
11 Gary Coltman Leicestershire Road Club
12 Richard Law
13 Wayne Henderson Leicester Forest CC
14 Tony Jones Team Milton Keynes
15 Paul Brown Numplumz Mountainbikers
16 Marc Henderson Welland Valley CC
17 Denis Smith Windmill Wheels Cycling Club
18 Mike Sheldrake Leicester Forest CC
19 Malcolm Jacklin Fenland Clarion CC
20 Andreas Quansah Leicester Forest CC
21 Leigh Harris Private Member
22 Simon Steele VC Rutland
23 Brian Cooper Velo Club Rutland
24 Grant Warwick Hinckley Cycle Racing Club
25 Paul Brown Leicester Forest CC
26 Eric Wilcock Ambleside Velo
27 Charlie Simpson Private Member
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1 Bryn Richards Bourne Whls CC U16 Male
2 Louis Jakobson Welland Valley CC U16 Male
3 Owen Lightfoot Bourne Whls CC U16 Male
4 Josh Brown Kettering CC U16 Male
5 Harrison Tacey Leicestershire Road Club U16 Male
6 William Gell Numplumz Mountainbikers U16 Male
7 Edward Hopkins The MI Racing Academy U14 Male
8 Dylan Snoek Bourne Whls CC U16 Male
9 Nathan Thomas Velobants Cc Novice Male
10 Kian Traynor Welland Valley CC U14 Male
11 Thomas Stegeman Fenland Clarion CC U16 Male
12 Libby Bell Leicester Forest CC U14 Female
13 Jake Kennedy VC Lincoln U14 Male
14 Florence Lissaman Newark Castle CC U14 Female
15 Molli Keenor Team Milton Keynes U16 Female
16 Harriet Limb Matlock CC U14 Female
17 Sam Hunt 2 Pedalz Novice Male
18 Thomas Danvers Welland Valley CC U16 Male
19 Thomas Dixon Welland Valley CC U14 Male
20 Daniel Van Aardt 4 Life Triathlon Club U14 Male
21 Richard Woods 2 Pedalz Novice Male
22 Adam Lea Team Milton Keynes U14 Male
23 William Perkins Welland Valley CC U16 Male
24 Duncan Andrews Novice Male
25 Peter Tunnicliffe Novice Male
26 Huw Wilson Welland Valley CC U14 Male
27 Neil Millar Novice Male
28 Oliver Lyons Cycle Derby CC U14 Male
29 Gary Carter Kettering CC Novice Male
30 Andy Carter Rockingham Forest Whls Novice Male
31 David Clark Welland Valley CC Novice Male
32 Benjamin Brant Welland Valley CC U16 Male
33 Charlie Stockham Kettering CC U16 Male
34 Eleanor Partridge Welland Valley CC U16 Female
35 Sam Parker Private Member Novice Male
36 Dominic Bell Kettering CC U14 Male
37 Alice Hannan U16 Female
38 Michael Carter Welland Valley CC U14 Male
39 Charlie Crabtree Kettering CC U14 Male
40 Thomas Simmons Rutland Rouleurs Novice Male

Under 12
1 Rocco Schumacher Mid Shropshire Wheelers Male
2 Ethan Mccloy Team Milton Keynes Male
3 Amelia Cebak Kettering CC Female
4 Dillon Air Cycle Derby CC Male
5 Rebecca Van Aardt 4 Life Triathlon Club Female
6 Evander Wishart Fenland Clarion CC Male
7 Thomas Gaul Rutland Rouleur Male
8 Mia Hopkins Welland Valley CC Female
9 Connor Macarthur Team Milton Keynes Male
10 Luke Jones Welland Valley CC Male
11 Edie Bott 4 Life Triathlon Club Female
12 George Clark Welland Valley CC Male
13 Elana-Rose Fereday Welland Valley CC Female
14 Hannah Henderson Welland Valley CC Female
15 Edward Lyons Cycle Derby CC Male
16 Beau Smith Welland Valley CC Male
17 Edward Hennah Kettering CC Male
18 Ruben Hickman Kettering CC Male
19 Jessica Lea Team Milton Keynes Female
20 Joseph Costello Private Member Male
21 Flynn Smith Welland Valley CC Male
22 Tamsin Crabtree Kettering CC Female
23 William Wood Bourne Whls CC Male
24 Daniel Lea Team Milton Keynes Male
25 Ruby Collins Welland Valley CC Female
26 Charlie Smith Male
27 Isla Gilby Stoney StantonVelo Club Female
28 Mumford Emily Female
29 James Wright Charnwood Cycling Club Male

Under 9
1 Jonah Hearn Lichfield City CC Male
2 Fraser Macarthur Team Milton Keynes Male
3 Jake Bird Kettering CC Male
4 Merle Snelson Team Milton Keynes Female
5 Charlotte Lissaman Newark Castle CC Female
6 Charles Guest Private Member Male
7 Andrew Deathridge Welland Valley CC Male
8 Flori Switzer Welland Valley CC Female
9 Monty Wood Bourne Whls CC Male
10 Samuel Davies Male
11 Luke Faulknall Private Member Male
12 Joshua Jones Leicester Forest CC Male
13 Jackson Carter Kettering CC Male
14 Inodh Jayawardhena Charnwood Cycling Club Male
15 Daniel Holton Welland Valley CC Male
16 Charlie Gaul Rutland Rouleur Male
17 Tilly Mccloy Team Milton Keynes Female
18 Emma Richards Charnwood Cycling Club Female
19 Nicholas Wright Charnwood Cycling Club Male
20 Cameron Macarthur Team Milton Keynes Male
21 Susie Air Cycle Derby CC Female
22 Scarlett Clarke Coalville Wheelers CC Female
23 Zane Clarke Coalville Wheelers CC Male
24 Hamish Wood Bourne Whls CC Male
25 Jacob Collins Private Member Male



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