Result: Welsh CX League Round 3

Ross Harnden, Ed Moseley, Timothy Davies and Ffion James winners at round 3 of the Welsh Cyclo-Cross League at Foxley

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Result: Welsh CX League Round 3
(Thanks Richard for results and pics)

1 Ross Harnden Malvern Cycle Sport U23
2 Timothy Davies CC Abergavenny/JP Signs & Print V50
3 Chris Roberts Hafren CC S
4 Lewys Hobbs Forza Cycles Racing Team MB
5 Max Gibbons Ludlow Brewery Race Team U23
6 Hefin Evans Bynea CC U23
7 Ben Nott BC Private Member S
8 Luke Mosely day MB
9 Argo Bowsher Gateway Racing MA
10 Ken Evans The Bulls MB
11 Andy Hoskins Cardiff JIF MB
12 Thomas Dye Cardiff Ajax CC MA
13 Bevan Humphreys Forza Cycles Racing Team MB
14 David Jarrom Cardiff Ajax CC MB
15 Iain Fairley Gower Riders MB
16 Jason Killiner Pontypool RCC MB
17 Evan Powell Pontypool RCC S
18 Teifion Best Abergavenny Road Club U23
19 Gareth Rees Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club MB
20 Ieuan Best Abergavenny Road Club U23
21 Richard Lloyd Pontypool RCC MB
22 Keelan Powell Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club S
23 Iain Duggan Gannet CC MA
24 Thomas Vale Gateway Racing S
25 Joseph Lally CC Abergavenny/JP Signs & Print MA
26 Adam Rowlatt Gannet CC U23
27 Thomas Hadfield Pontypool RCC MB
28 Wayne Chance Hafren CC MB
29 Richard Edwards The Bulls MA
30 Ben Goddard Revo Racing S
31 Matthew Lloyd Pontypool RCC MB
32 Paul Bufton Hafren CC MB
33 Simon Hodges Abergavenny Road Club MB
34 Michael Tarling West Wales Cycle Racing Team V40
35 Ben Winstanley Monmouthshire Wheelers MB
36 Greg Wood Hereford Triathlon Club MB
37 Jonathan Derham BC Private Member MB
38 Richard Goldie Pontypool RCC MA
39 Richard Smith Bynea CC S

1 Ffion James Abergavenny Road Club WU23
2 Clare Hoskins Cardiff JIF WV40
3 Christine James Abergavenny Road Club WV50
4 Claire Bowen Gateway Racing WMB
5 Julia Thomas Abergavenny RC WV40
6 Heather Evans Unattached WMB
7 Judith Oakley Gower Riders WV50
8 Christie Jones Hereford & District Wheelers W
9 Sarah Marshall BC Private Member WV40
10 Elizabeth Webb Cardiff Ajax CC WV50
11 Christina Byrne Cardiff Ajax CC WV40
12 Sahrah Wilding Hafren CC WV50
13 Nia Richards West Wales Cycle Racing Team WV40
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Junior Men
1 Lewis Askey Team Backstedt/Hotchillee
2 Jake Young Maindy Flyers Youth CC
3 Tom Silcox Cardiff Ajax CC

Junior Women
1 Katie Hesden Beicwyr Brenin
2 Elena Shaw Team Backstedt/Hotchillee

Vet 40
1 Ed Moseley Malvern Cycle Sport V40
2 Andrew Parry Forza Cycles V40
3 Matthew Lewis Forza Cycles Racing Team V40
4 Nick Reese Ludlow Brewery Race Team V40
5 Frazer White Pontypool RCC V40
6 Hywel Silvester team skene V40
7 Anthony Evans Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club V40
8 Adrian Peall Forza Cycles Racing Team V40
9 Jonathan Moyle Gateway Racing V40
10 Mark James Pontypool RCC V40
11 Ben Brook BC Private Member V40
12 Michael Greaves Gannet CC V40
13 Paul Crapper Abergavenny Road Club V40
14 Ian Marshall Cardiff JIF V40
15 Lee Truelove Abergavenny Road Club V40
16 Christopher Blackmore BC Private Member V40
17 Richie Johnson Abergavenny Road Club V40
18 Lee Watts Bynea CC V40
19 Michael Tarling West Wales Cycle Racing Team V40
20 Will Jenkins Pembrokeshire Velo V40
21 Michael Holwill Hafren CC V40
22 Ant Risdon Abergavenny Road Club V40
23 Malcolm Dines Troelli Llwybr Llwynog V40
24 Gareth Chislett Cycling Club Blaenau Gwent V40
25 Wayne Thomas Pontypool RCC V40
26 Alan Cole BC Private Member V40
27 Des Pugh Hafren CC V40
28 Rhys Lewis BC Private Member V40
29 Gareth Davies Abergavenny Road Club V40
30 Elwyn Turner Hafren CC V40
31 Matt Wood Monmouthshire Wheelers V40
32 Michael Oakley Gower Riders V40
33 Simon Mudie BC Private Member V40
34 Stephen Davies Acme Wheelers (Rhondda) CC V40
35 Jonathan Williams TRCC (Towy Racing Cycle Club) V40
36 Barry Hardiman The Bulls V40
37 Mike Thomas Cardiff Ajax CC V40
38 Edward Green Hafren CC V40

Vet 50
1 Timothy Davies CC Abergavenny/JP Signs & Print V50
2 Mark James Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe V50
3 Grant Johnson Sunset Cycles V50
4 Ross Porter Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club V50
5 Tim Hutchinson NFTO Race Club V50
6 Martyn Hughes-Dowdle Gower Riders V50
7 Andy Firman Cycle-Tec V60
8 Steve Smith Gower Riders V50
9 Paul Gibbons Ludlow Brewery Race Team V50
10 Jeffrey Rees Acme Wheelers (Rhondda) CC V50
11 Kevin Dunster Brecon Wheelers V50
12 Andrew Haines Cwmcarn Paragon Cycle Club V60
13 David Lane Cardiff Ajax CC V50
14 Clive Powell Dambusters V60
15 Iain Chamberlain BC Private Member V50
16 Brian Kiernan Cardiff Ajax V40
17 Alan Haird West Wales Cycle Racing Team V50
18 Christopher Hughes Hereford & District Wheelers V50
19 Aled Richards West Wales Cycle Racing Team V40
20 Brad Davies Bynea CC V50
21 Sean Davey Velo Club Newport V50
22 David Wright West Wales Cycle Racing Team V50
23 Crad Lowe BC Private Member V50
24 Michael Smith Dreigiau Coed Y Brenin Dragons V60
25 Timothy Jones Bynea CC V60
26 David Miles Tredz Bikes V50
27 Gareth Price BC Private Member V50
28 Andy Keward Bynea CC V50
29 Phil Harries Cardiff Ajax V60

Novice Women
1 Kat Holwill Hafren CC
2 Lusi Lawler Cardiff Ajax
3 Abi Silvester Unattached
4 Kathryn Elias Gower Riders
5 Bronwyn Lally CC Abergavenny/JP Signs & Print
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Youth A
1 William Truelove Abergavenny Road Club
2 Bryn Davies Towy Riders
3 Samuel Holwill Hafren CC
4 Sam Ryland The Bulls
5 Aled Trott Abergavenny Road Club
6 Spencer Davies CC Abergavenny/JP Signs & Print
7 Gethin Price Maindy Flyers Youth CC
8 Thomas Crapper Abergavenny Road Club
9 George Marshall Maindy Flyers Youth CC
10 Owen Evans Ystwyth CC
11 Jack Ramsbottom West Wales Cycle Racing Team
12 Alexander Hughes Abergavenny Road Club
13 Dafydd Wright West Wales Cycle Racing Team
14 Liam James-Morris MnD Fusion RT / Gearclub / WORX
15 Ewan Chadwell Unattached

Youth A Girls
1 Danielle Parker Cycle Specific
2 Shannon Haird West Wales Cycle Racing Team
3 Lucy Owens Gower Riders
4 Carys Jeffreys Bynea CC
5 Megan Wood Abergavenny Road Club
6 Lucy George Abergavenny Road Club

Youth B Boys
1 Joshua Tarling West Wales Cycle Racing Team
2 Ben Askey RST Racing Team
3 Emyr Truelove Abergavenny Road Club
4 Griff Lewis Ystwyth Cycling Club
5 Jack Hastings Cardiff JIF
6 Morgan Lloyd Towy Riders
7 Felix Hodges Abergavenny Road Club
8 Ethan Pratten Cardiff JIF
9 Finley George Abergavenny Road Club
10 Kyle Jones Maindy Flyers Youth CC
11 Fred Meredith Hafren CC
12 Daniel Wylie-Morris West Wales Cycle Racing Team
13 Iago Williams Towy Riders
14 Rhys Hughes Abergavenny Road Club
15 Max Lishman Abergavenny Road Club
16 Carwyn Hardiman The Bulls
17 Kieron Heuberger Gower Riders
18 Gerwyn Humphreys Ystwyth Cycling Club

Youth B Girls
1 Zoe Backstedt Maindy Flyers Youth CC
2 Evelyn Higgins-Worrall Abergavenny Road Club
3 Bethany Bennett Precision Nutrition
4 Lowri Richards West Wales Cycle Racing Team
5 Megan Thomas Abergavenny Road Club
6 Mali Wood Abergavenny Road Club



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