Report: Wessex CX League Round 4

 Adrian Lansley and Sarah Barber winners at round 4 of the Wessex Cyclo-Cross League 

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Report: Wessex CX League Round 4

Sunday 8th October | Race report by Jaymi Dooley | Photo Graham Robins 

Another Sunday, another new venue and today a new race reporter (this is my first one so be kind folks). North Hants Road Club and PedalOn took their turn this week to host a Wessex round.

This got off to a great start with an amazingly well attended (76 riders!) Under 10s race follow by an equally full field for the Under 12s, following on from this spectacular start the Youth riders once again proved that they can provide spectacular racing and entertainment for the watching crowds, and so the bar was set extremely high for the rest of the day with some gutsy racing by our younger contingent!

The V50 and women’s races took place at an earlier time than usual proving little problem for the enthusiastic and dedicated racers.
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A swift and punchy race was hard fought with Kevin Holloway (GS Vecchi) coming out on tops ahead of Gary Barlow (Reading CC) and Owen Patterson (Owens Cycles) in respective places on the following steps, it often feels to me that’s the hare’s are released to chase the hounds when the women’s combined race takes off, always a highly contested affair which this week saw senior riders Sarah Barber (North Hants RC) & Lydia Brookes (Les Filles Queen Of The Mountains RT) take the tops two tiers with a race podium that was rounded out by Vet winner Cam Powell (PedalOn) in third overall.

The V40s was won in stylish fashion by the ever smiling and fresh of a nationals race Paul Lloyd who took a commanding lead right from the start and never faltered, he was joined on the podium by William McDonald (Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized) and Anthony Turner (Cotswold Veldrijden) who took the race right to the line with a powerful sprint finish. Junior riders Liam Sewell (Cotswold Veldrijden) & Angus Hawkins (Palmer Park Velo) were followed by Mathew Coulson (Palmer Park Velo) to snap up the junior podium spots.

The Cyclo cross Gods were smiling on joint sponsors PedalOn today, not only did the sun come out just in time for the start of the senior race but Adrian Lansley (PedalOn) took an early lead, his cool calm racing persona meant he could control the race from the gun finishing ahead of team mate Sam Allen (PedalOn).

The race for third was a battle hard fought through the flowing course with the remaining podium spot finally being snapped up by Jamie Norfolk (PedalOn) to complete the lock out for team PedalOn. Tom Budden (Sotonia CC) Joe Hickerton (Spokes BPC racing)and Tom Sewell (Cotswold Veldrijden) all finished within seconds of each other, followed quickly by Alex Forrester ( – Lazer Helmets) & Michael Guilford (VC Meudon) who completed the race almost together with a 0.1 second time difference! The top 10 was rounded out by Karl Norfolk (PedalOn) and David Spencer (VC Venta).

All in all a brilliant days racing.
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Senior/Vet 40 Men
1 Adrian LANSLEY Pedal On V40
2 Sam ALLEN Pedal On Snr
3 Jamie NORFOLK Pedal On V40
4 Tom BUDDEN Sotonia CC Snr
5 Joe HICKERTON Spokes BPC Racing Snr
6 Tom SEWELL Cotswold Veldrijden Snr
7 Alex FORRESTER – Lazer helmets Snr
8 Michael Guilford VC Meudon Snr
9 Karl NORFOLK Pedal On Snr
10 David SPENCER VC Venta Snr
11 Christopher Minter Pedal On Snr
12 Daniel ATKINS Didcot Phoenix CC Snr
13 Thom HAYWARD VC Venta Snr
14 Caleb SMY Bike Jockey CC Snr
15 Chris MCGOVERN Southampton University RC Snr
16 Tim DOOLE Maybush CC Snr
17 Alex WATKINS Sarum Velo Snr
18 Peter WARNER Army Cycling Union Snr
19 Lee RUTLAND Army Cycling Union Snr
20 James Brichell Fareham Wheelers Snr
21 Ryan Keynes Odiham CC Snr
22 Doug MYERS Pedal On Snr
23 Aaron GWILLIAM Army Cycling Union Snr
24 Harri JAMES Didcot Phoenix CC Snr
25 David-james BRAZIER Sarum Velo Snr
26 Graham HOLLIDGE Fareham Wheelers Snr
27 James Cotty Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s V40
28 Paul WARREN Oxonian CC Snr
29 James ALLAWAY private member Snr
30 Brendan SCHOFIELD Cowley Road Condors Snr
31 David WINTER private member Snr
32 Craig HAY Sotonia CC V40
33 Tim Purvey Snr
34 Paul MORRIS Fareham Wheelers Snr
35 Chris Hutchins VC Venta V50
36 Ben YOUNG Performance Cycles Snr
37 Kev Tonner Zoot Athlos Snr
38 Neil ADLEM Andover Wheelers Snr
39 Will Soloman Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers V40
40 Matthew CRACKNELL Pedal On Snr
41 Michael Williams Snr
42 Reece HOARE VC Venta Snr
43 Chris Linney Sotonia Snr
44 James Cranstone Snr
45 Simon WHITE Maybush CC Snr
46 Tom Foster Cardiff Ajax Snr
47 Patrick ASHCROFT Reading CC Snr
48 Leigh BLACKFORD BikeStrong KTM Snr
49 Glenn Panton Owens cycles Snr
50 Nick MARAIS Odiham CC Snr
51 James BARBER Stonehenge Triathlon and Road Club Snr
52 Paul CRISFORD Pedal On Snr
53 Andrew Gough VC Venta Snr
54 Peter Trieviss Shimano Snr
55 Ewan MACDONALD Oxonian CC Snr
56 Henry Robertshaw Paceline RT Snr
57 Matt TROLLEN private member Snr
58 Tom Baker Snr
59 Barry Nolan London Dynamo Snr
60 Robert SULLEY Didcot Phoenix CC Snr
61 Phillip Hoyland Snr
62 James Schofield Maybush CC Snr
63 Hanif JETHA Bournemouth Arrow Cycle Club Snr
64 Martin REEDER Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Snr
65 Rob Allen Pedal On Snr
66 Damien POOL private member Snr

1 Sarah Barber North Hants RC Wmn
2 Lydia Brookes Les Filles Queen of the Mountains RT Wmn
3 Cam POWELL Pedal On VW
4 Lindy LARKIN Sarum Velo Wmn
5 Rachel CLAY VC Meudon VW
6 Susan Parker North Hants RC Wmn
7 Ella Freeman Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s Jnr
8 Caroline GOWARD Scott Racing VW
9 Alison ROTHNIE Spokes BPC Racing Wmn
10 Hedvika TONCROVA VC Jericho Wmn
11 Kate ROBSON Pedal On Wmn
12 Melanie SMITH Cotswold Veldrijden Wmn
13 Lauren CRACKNELL Pedal On Wmn
14 Charlotte Sampson Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s Wmn
15 Kym HARVEY Fareham Wheelers VW
16 Alison FORD GS Vecchi VW
17 Donna SHORT Cotswold Veldrijden VW
18 Anna MCLEOD Fruit 4 London Wmn
19 Laura BAILEY IRIS Race Team Wmn
20 Connie Stevens Palmer Park Velo Jnr
21 Carly HUGHES Service de Velo / Fareham Wheelers Wmn
22 Teresa ROBBINS Tri2o VW
23 Christina GUSTAFSON Reading CC VW
24 Rachel COULSON Palmer Park Velo VW
25 Beckie Hamilton Cotswold Veldrijden VW
26 Josie COLLINS Wmn
27 Sally Goble Cycleworks Ltd VW
28 Catherine Pascoe New Forest CC VW
29 Bridget COLLOBY Andover Wheelers VW
30 Virginia PHILLIPS Cotswold Veldrijden VW
31 Suzanne WISE C & N cycles RT VW
32 Charlotte FISHER Cotswold Veldrijden VW
33 Samantha JONES FOUR4TH VW
34 Cheryl REID Cowley Road Condors Wmn
35 Claire COOPER private member VW
36 Joanna TURCHET private member VW
37 Wendy Spencer Sprockets Cycle Club VW

Vet 50+
1 Kevin HOLLOWAY GS Vecchi V50
2 Gary BARLOW Reading CC V50
3 Owen Pattinson Owens cycles V50
4 Steven Davies Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s V50
5 Andrew CRACKNELL Pedal On V50
6 Philip BOARER GS Vecchi V50
7 David HOBBS Cotswold Veldrijden V50
8 Martyn DYMOND C & N cycles RT V50
9 Malcolm CROSS VC Venta V60
10 Christopher HUTCHINGS VC Venta V50
11 Mitch Purvis Didcot Phoenix CC V50
12 Simon BOWLER private member V50
13 James PILGRIM-MORRIS GS Henley V50
14 Dave WREY Pedal On V50
15 Jed Ellerby Reading CC V50
16 Robert TUTT VC Venta V50
17 Paul Pomfret Pedal On V50
18 Robert Waller Edinburgh RC V50
19 Graeme STIRZAKER Solent Pirates Youth CC V50
20 Robert Cranstone GS Vecchi V50
21 David MARTIN VC Venta V50
22 Steve JONES Banjo Cycles V50
23 Andy SMITH Cotswold Veldrijden V50
24 Rob FORD Beeline Bicycles RT V50
25 Steve ROBINSON North Hants RC V50
26 Martin HUGHES Fareham Wheelers V60
27 Brian BINGHAM Reading CC V50
28 Si Ansell Pedal On V50
29 Michael COULSON Palmer Park Velo V50
30 Phillip CHINN Fareham Wheelers V50
31 Jon DUDLEY Sotonia CC V50
32 Ray Crosthwaite V60
33 Glenn Drinkwater Newbury RC V50
34 Mike WEBBER Andover Wheelers V50
35 Mark WARRINGTON Solent Pirates Youth CC V50
36 Alan MILLARD Cotswold Veldrijden V50
37 Stephen Homewood Newbury RC V50
38 Dez Coppola FOUR4TH LIGHTS V50
39 Charles Walters White Hart Vuelta V50
40 Bill JANSON Cotswold Veldrijden V60
41 Mark ALLEN Pedal On V50
42 Nicholas Roux GS Henley V50
43 John PHILLIPS Sotonia CC V60
44 Mike Wall Oakley pedalers V50
45 Ian SHELDRAKE Oakley pedalers V50
46 Steve WARWICK Didcot Phoenix CC V50
47 Alan KINGSHOTT Solent Pirates Youth CC V50
48 Simon Worthington GS Vecchi V50
49 Simon FITZJOHN Sotonia CC V60
50 Adrian PARRY Pedal On V50
51 Richard Abbott Didcot Phoenix CC V60
52 Paul Kelly V50
53 Hugh THORNBERY private member V60
54 Pete Williams Sarum Velo V50
55 John Johns VC Meudon V60
56 Rob HARRISON North Hants RC V50
57 Phil WARD Cowley Road Condors V50
58 Chris Braithwaite V50
59 Jon FOX Charlottville CC V50
60 Steve Burridge V50
61 Mike McLachlan Sotonia CC V50
62 Mark WALLIS Private Member V50
63 Dan COLLOBY Andover Wheelers V50
64 Alistair WEIR Thames Valley Triathletes V50
65 Glenn GASSON Southdown Velo V50
66 Tony DAWSON Palmer Park Velo V60
67 Vince Kitley Oakley pedalers V60
68 Jim MORRIS GS Vecchi V60
69 Craig Wilson VC Meudon V50

Vet 40+ & Junior Men
1 Paul LLOYD private member V40
2 Liam SEWELL Cotswold Veldrijden Jnr
3 Angus HAWKINS Palmer Park Velo Jnr
4 William MCDONALD Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized V40
5 Anthony Turner Cotswold Veldrijden V40
6 Matthew COULSON Palmer Park Velo Jnr
7 Jonathan HALL Sotonia CC V40
8 Crispin Doyle Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s V40
9 Adam FREWIN Pedal On V40
10 Fletcher ADAMS Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s Jnr
11 Harry DRIDGE Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s Jnr
12 Paul JONES Cotswold Veldrijden V40
13 Rory West Pankhurst Cycles V40
14 Jay ALLEN Pedal On Jnr
15 Nicholas BEECH GS Henley V40
17 Tim HYDE private member V40
18 Julian MANN VC Venta V40
19 Joel HAWKINS Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s Jnr
20 Thomas CLARKE Palmer Park Velo Jnr
21 Ed GURNEY VC Venta V40
22 Ben DARNTON Sotonia CC V40
23 Philip CONNELL Sotonia CC V40
24 Greg TOGNARELLI Racing Club Ravenna V40
25 Tim Jones V40
26 Graham Stent V40
27 Peter KIMBER Cotswold Veldrijden V40
28 Hugh JOHNSON Charlottville CC Jnr
29 Jez HART Sotonia CC V40
30 Simon LAWS GS Vecchi V40
31 Nigel BOWLEY i-team V40
32 Jason BLANN Charlottville CC V40
33 Robin WILMOTT Cotswold Veldrijden V40
34 Stefano Detomaso Beyond MTB V40
35 Phil MALAM GS Vecchi V40
36 Edward Genney Palmer Park Velo Jnr
37 Alex JOHNSON Fareham Wheelers V40
38 Jamie SHEARER andover wheelers V40
39 Robert CARTER VC Venta V40
40 Kevin Duffell V40
41 Andy SYKES private member V40
42 Michael MIACH Imperial Race Team V40
43 Gareth DRIDGE Solent Pirates Youth CC V40
44 Olly Wise Solent Pirates Youth CC Jnr
45 Tyrone MILLER VC Venta V40
46 Mark Letters Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized V40
47 Carl Langston Cotswold Veldrijden V40
48 Robin SHORT Performance Cycles V40
48 Rhys EVANS Cotswold Veldrijden Jnr
50 Craig MARTIN Cotswold Veldrijden V40
51 Christopher SAUNDERS GS Henley V40
52 Stu Thompson Andover Wheelers V40
53 Craige GOODSON Cotswold Veldrijden V40
54 Keith PITCHER private member V40
55 Oliver NOLAN private member Jnr
56 Andy TUCKER Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized V40
57 Martin RICHARDSON private member V40
58 Chris BINT Cotswold Veldrijden V40
59 Jonathan GRIGG Fareham Wheelers V40
60 Richard COOPER Hart Evolution Racing Team V40
61 Steve CLARKE private member V40
62 Ben Brown VCGH V40
63 Alistair HOWELLS Reading CC V40
64 Keiron Ross V40
65 Danny MAHONEY private member V40
66 Chris HUGHES VC Venta V40
67 Keith Chaney V40
68 James Baulch North Hants RC V40
69 Kevin O’NEILL GS Vecchi V40
70 Colin HOUSTON Pedal On V40
71 Paul HUDSON Hargroves Cycling Club V40
72 Carlo MASCIA Cotswold Veldrijden V40
73 Neil Watts Fit to Ride V40
74 Andrew REEVES private member V40
75 Max O’Connor Thames Velo Jnr
76 Damien PHILLIPS private member V40
77 Kim LASSITER Cotswold Veldrijden V40
78 Mal Wicca Oakley pedalers V40
79 Duncan HERMER Fit to Ride V40
80 Duncan SOUTHAM private member V40
81 Ian MORRIS Stonehenge Triathlon and Road Club V40
82 Paul Delvin Tri2o V40
83 Jason Harrison V40
84 Martin Jeffery North Hants RC V40
85 Keith GANDY VC Meudon V40
86 Martin White Sotonia CC V40
87 Kyle WALLACE Cotswold Veldrijden Jnr
88 Ed NYE Fareham Wheelers V40
89 Nigel BROWN Newbury RC V40
90 Stephen Shepherd V40
91 Barry DAVIS Salisbury Tri Club V40
92 Kain Dyer V40
93 Phillip LAW Cotswold Veldrijden V40


Under 14 : Female : 30 min
1 Madeline Grace COOPER Spokes BPC Racing F U14
2 Niamh MURPHY Cotswold Veldrijden F U14
3 Katie-anne CALTON Solent Pirates Youth CC F U14
4 Freya ECCLESTON Palmer Park Velo F U14
5 Emily Morris Charlotteville CC F U14
6 Georgina PASMORE Cotswold Veldrijden F U14

Under 14 : Male : 30 min
1 Jed SMITHSON Hillingdon Slipstreamers M U14
2 Toby HOUGHTON Fareham Wheelers M U14
3 Felix CLACY Solent Pirates Youth CC M U14
4 Nathan CRACKNELL Pedal On M U14
5 Tom MARTIN Solent Pirates Youth CC M U14
6 Adam POTTER iteam cc M U14
7 Sacha WHITE Hillingdon Slipstreamers M U14
8 Lewis EVANS Cotswold Veldrijden M U14
9 Harry CLARKE Palmer Park Velo M U14
10 Oscar PRATT VC Venta M U14
11 Drew TUCKER Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized M U14
12 Max DARNTON Sotonia CC M U14
13 Thomas JOHNSON Chapel Tri Stars M U14
14 Leo STIRZAKER Solent Pirates Youth CC M U14
15 Finn HAWKINS Palmer Park Velo M U14
16 Ethan GUBBY private member M U14
17 Lloyd Perry Solent Pirates M U14
18 Marshall Thompson Andover Whls M U14
19 Jack McGovern Sprockets Cycle Club M U14

 Under 16 : Female : 30 min
1 Ella SHAFTOE Cotswold Veldrijden F U16
2 Alexa HAWKINS Palmer Park Velo F U16
3 Sophie NOLAN private member F U16

Under 16 : Male : 30 min
1 Freddie HORNER Behind the Bikeshed Andover M U16
2 Euan BACKUS Zappi Racing Team M U16
3 Max EDGINGTON Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
4 Thomas GREEN Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
5 Sam NANOPOULOS Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
6 Sebastian BOWLEY Owens cycles M U16
7 Oliver BIRCH Chapel Tri Stars M U16
8 Lucas DIXON Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
9 Tobias MOORE North Hants RC M U16
10 Cian WARE Cotswold Veldrijden M U16
11 Isaac WARRINGTON Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
12 Samuel COULSON Palmer Park Velo M U16
13 Joshua Hoad Woking Cycling Club M U16
14 Eli TUCKER i-team M U16
15 Alexander LONG-LEATHER Charlottville CC M U16
16 Jude BEATON Solent Pirates Youth CC M U16
17 Luke WILLIAMS private member M U16

Under 8 : Female : 10 min
1 Evie BRAMALL Solent Pirates Youth CC F U10
2 Emily AVERIES Cotswold Veldrijden F U10
3 Jasmine BOND private member F U10
4 Georgia Lovett Cotswold Veldrijden F U10
5 Isla Watson Solent Pirates Youth CC F U10
6 Marit DAVIDSE Sotonia CC F U10
7 Rosanna Black Cotswold Veldrijden F U10
8 Lola MITCHAM private member F U10
9 Grace O’Neil Solent Pirates Youth CC F U10
10 Lottie Dyer F U10

Under 8 : Male : 10 min
1 Harry COOPER private member M U10
2 Freddie SAMSON Solent Pirates Youth CC M U10
3 Oliver PATTERSON Banjos Cycles M U10
4 Alexander Hand WyndyMilla M U10
5 Adam Short M U10
6 Jacob Panton Owens cycles M U10
7 Connor WARWICK-BROWN Didcot Phoenix CC M U10
8 Thomas Westmore Sprockets Cycle Club M U10
9 Alex Levey Solent Pirates M U10
10 Connor Dooley-Jones Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized M U10
11 Sammy Baker Sprockets Cycle Club M U10
12 Wilf Johnson M U10
13 Seth Allaway Private Member M U10
14 Maximillian Atkins Cotswold Veldrijden M U10
15 Jake Thomas M U10
16 Harry Barnes Sprockets Cycle Club M U10
17 Patrick Skipwith Chapel Tri Stars M U10
18 Riley Tonner M U10
19 Bertie Greenhead M U10
20 van Clements M U10
21 Hiey Clements M U10

Under 12 : Female : 15 min
1 Melissa Eve COOPER Spokes BPC Racing
2 Ellen PHILLIPS Cotswold Veldrijden
3 Greta CAREY Palmer Park Velo
4 Kate COULSON Palmer Park Velo
5 Anna PATTERSON Banjos Cycles
6 Charlotte Green Solent Pirates Youth CC
7 Caitlin DINNING WyndyMilla
8 Rebecca CARTER Palmer Park Velo
9 Amelie MACFARLANE Palmer Park Velo
10 Sophie Smith Sprockets Cycle Club
11 Amber Keogh Sprockets Cycle Club

Under 12 : Male : 15 min
1 Mack MELLISH private member
2 Thomas CRACKNELL Pedal On
3 Edward CHARLES Charlottville CC
4 Lewis SEAWARD Solent Pirates Youth CC
5 James BROWN Hillingdon Slipstreamers
7 William BLOUNT Chapel Tri Stars
8 Daniel PHILLIPS Cotswold Veldrijden
9 Judah HURR Portsmouth North End CC
10 Alex TAYLOR Oxonian CC
11 Benjamin Woolhouse Palmer Park Velo RT
12 Adam JONES Palmer Park Velo
13 ALEXANDER KEARY Palmer Park Velo
14 Oscar PASMORE Cotswold Veldrijden
15 Felix DARNTON Sotonia CC
16 George CONNELL Sotonia CC
17 James MARTIN Solent Pirates Youth CC
18 Edward SAMSON Solent Pirates Youth CC
19 Luca MASCIA Cotswold Veldrijden
20 Oliver Morgan Solent Pirates Youth CC
21 Huw WATKINS Palmer Park Velo
22 Arne ESSLEMONT Andover BMX Club
23 Miles HORNER Chapel Tri Stars
24 Samuel RIDGMENT Sotonia CC
25 Archie Bradley Solent Pirates Youth CC
26 Arthur BOND private member
27 Kyran Levey Solent Pirates
28 Alex Mullens Sprockets Cycle Club
29 Freddie DRIDGE Solent Pirates Youth CC
30 Isaac MITCHAM private member
31 Leo White

Race 1 : Under 10 : Female : 10 min
1 Lauren CHARLES Charlottville CC F U10
2 Isabella HALL Sotonia CC F U10
3 Emma DAVIES Team Kennet F U10
4 Maisie Hamilton-Unwin Cotswold Veldrijden F U10
5 Chloe CARTER Palmer Park Velo F U10
6 Caitlyn DAVIES Team Kennet F U10
7 Aimee TAYLOR Oxonian CC F U10
8 Holly HURR Portsmouth North End CC F U10
9 Amelia JOHNSON Chapel Tri Stars F U10
10 Skye Martingale Solent Pirates F U10
11 Ella RIDGMENT Sotonia CC F U10
12 Anna Cameron Chapel Tri Stars F U10
13 Katie Goodson Cotswold Veldrijden F U10
14 Kirsten Brown Sprockets Cycle Club F U10
15 Emma Harrison F U10
16 Genevie Mullins Sprockets Cycle Club F U10
17 Imogen Baker Sprockets Cycle Club F U10
18 Lucy Owen F U10
19 Lucy Skipwith Chapel Tri Stars F U10
20 Jaya Martingale Sotonia CC F U10

Under 10 : Male : 10 min
1 Wilf JONES Cotswold Veldrijden M U10
2 Sam Genazzini Solent Pirates M U10
3 Isaac ALLAWAY Palmer Park Velo M U10
4 Charlie FORRESTER – Lazer helmets M U10
5 Cypher Tindall Sprockets Cycle Club M U10
6 Jonas Dilba M U10
7 Will Clay M U10
8 Douglas FORRESTER – Lazer helmets M U10
9 Evans Tindall Sprockets Cycle Club M U10
10 Tom Horton IND M U10
11 Ethan Skipwith Chapel Tri Stars M U10
12 Thomas CARR Solent Pirates Youth CC M U10
13 Wilf Seymour M U10
14 Harry WEBB private member M U10
15 Ewan Watson Solent Pirates M U10
16 Peter Wylie VC Venta M U10
17 Jack Morgan Solent Pirates Youth CC M U10
18 George WHITE Sotonia CC M U10
19 Daniel Morrell Sprockets Cycle Club M U10
20 George Meywell Cotswold Veldrijden M U10
21 charlie shepherd M U10
22 Oliver JOHNSON Chapel Tri Stars M U10
22 Samuel WHITE Sotonia CC M U10
24 Toby Spencer Sprockets Cycle Club M U10

Novice 16+ : Male : 30 min
1 Martin Horner Chapel Tri Stars M V40
2 Robert Green Liss Cycling Club M Snr
3 Miles Thomas Hert Evolution RC M V40
4 Chris Greenfield M V40
5 Adam Taylor Oxonian CC M Snr
6 Graham Morrison Newbury RC M V40
7 Glynn Seymour M V40
8 Nigel White M V60
9 Trevor Morris M V40
10 Phillip Hoare M V40
11 Richard Genney Palmer Park Velo M V40
12 Chris White F VW




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