Result: East Kent CX League Round 3

Michael Butler of Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s & Emily Ashwood winners at round 3 of the East Kent Cyclo-Cross League last weekend (November 5)

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Result: East Kent CX League Round 3

Senior Men
1 Michael Butler Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s
2 James Flury Richardsons-Trek RT
3 Matt Holmes Arctic Tacx RT
4 Philip Glowinski VC Londres
5 David Rees Dulwich Paragon CC
6 Wilfred Sinclair VC Londres
7 Mark Field
8 James Drain Arctic Tacx RT
9 Vojtech Blazejovsky PMR@Toachim House
10 Luke Anderson Wigmore CC
11 Peter Link
12 Steve Hambling BowlPhish Racing
13 Philip Lenney BowlPhish Racing
14 Max Thomson Adalta Cycling Club
15 Tom Valente Clapham Chasers Run & Tri Club
16 Nick Herlihy
17 Toby Willis Panagua CC
18 Daniel Weale Adalta Cycling Club
19 Lee Pilcher Sheppey Velo
20 Aidan Scully Dulwich Paragon CC
21 Nicholas Wood BowlPhish Racing
22 John Cox Dulwich Paragon CC
23 Will Johnston
24 Luke Coleman Quick Release Cycling Club
25 Alex Windett Dulwich Paragon CC
26 Jamie Harris Wigmore CC
27 Craig Stubbersfield Folkestone Velo Club
28 David Bishop VC Deal
29 Harry Graham
30 Liam White
31 Jordan Williams Quick Release Cycling Club
32 David Fowler Deal Tri Ltd
33 Peter Lodge Deal Tri Ltd
34 Kieran Bucknall Folkestone Velo Club

Veteran Men 40-49
1 Paul Sheers ViCiOUS VELO
2 Ed Fraser PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
3 Stephen Gibson 4T+ Velo Club
4 Steve Hambling BowlPhish Racing
5 Jolyon Willard PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team
6 David Oxberry
7 Wayne Jones
8 Shawn Manning Thanet RC
9 Alex Amey ViCiOUS VELO
10 Benjamin Bartlett Folkestone Velo Club
11 Mark Palmer Thanet RC Race Team
12 Timothy Peters Horsham Cycling
13 Edwin Ward
14 Chris Lord VC Deal
15 Liam Keball
16 Allan Robinson Adalta Cycling Club
17 Gary Pullen Folkestone Velo Club
18 Alan Hill Kingsnorth International Whlrs
19 Jonathan Richardson Folkestone Velo Club
20 Jeff Adkins
21 Mark Moreton
22 Randolph Burt
23 David Bishop
24 John Smith
25 David Robinson
26 Paul Vig VC Deal
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Veteran Men 50+
1 Jon Lyons GS Invicta/ELO/Herberts Cycles
2 Adrian Lyons GS Invicta/ELO/Herberts Cycles
3 Nick Welsh Crawley Wheelers
4 Stuart Kinnon GS Invicta/ELO/Herberts Cycles
5 Charles Codrington Dulwich Paragon CC
6 Adam Platts VC Londres
7 Paul Hudson
8 Paul Neville Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N Cyc…
9 Stephen Blackmore Team Darenth
10 Tim Higginson Team Darenth
11 Peter Elms VC Deal
12 Peter Lawrence PMR@Toachim House
13 Harvey Pope Medway Velo
14 Matthew Evans Southborough & District Whls
15 Tony Morris Thanet RC
16 Carl Moses VC Deal
17 Paul Daniel Medway Velo
18 Simon Neame Thanet RC
19 Michael Rendell Thanet RC
20 David Gill Thanet RC
21 Tim Mountford

Junior Men
1 Hayden Cassidy VC Londres
2 Edward Davies Dulwich Paragon CC
3 Luke Kingsland VC Deal
4 Cameron Kemp Quick Release Cycling Club
5 Luke Hill VC Deal
6 Toby Anderton VC Deal
7 Oli Robinson Adalta Cycling Club

1 Emily Ashwood WXC World Racing
2 Tricia Freeland BowlPhish Racing
3 Jo-Anne Perry PMR@Toachim House
4 Victoria Strila SunSport Velo
5 Julene Knox ViCiOUS VELO
6 Marjo Van Velzen VC Deal
7 Alison Stagg Deal Tri Ltd
8 Nicola Goodban Thanet RC
9 Roxanne Potts
10 Helen Hill Thanet RC
11 Caroline Rigby VC Deal
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Youth U16 Boys
1 Joseph Blackmore Team Darenth
2 Stanley Platts VC Londres
3 Luke Hazell Team Darenth
4 Samuel McGhee Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N Cyc…
5 Hamish Reilly Thanet RC
6 George Pittock Thanet RC
7 Jack Hill Thanet RC
8 Daniel Kirby Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N Cyc…
9 William Madeira VC Deal

Youth U16 Girls
1 Charlotte-Louise McGreevy LIV AWOL

Youth U14 Boys
1 Piers Higginson Team Darenth
2 Dominic Bell Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N Cyc…
3 Shrish Bakrania Team Darenth
4 Charlie Hart Thanet RC
5 Thomas Hutton Thanet RC
6 Milo Summers Herne Hill Youth CC
7 Oliver Harris VC Deal
8 Alex Austin VC Deal

Youth U14 Girls
1 Tallulah Butcher Thanet RC
2 Shannon Neame Thanet RC

Under 12
1 Alfie Amey Team Darenth
2 Oscar Amey Team Darenth
3 Luke Gibson 4T+ Velo Club
4 Jude McGreevy Team Darenth
5 Tulsi Bakrania Team Darenth
6 Skye Willis Panagua CC
7 Alex Dack Thanet RC
8 Maxwell Robinson Thanet RC
9 Lola Arnold Team Darenth
10 Louie Harris VC Deal
11 Toby Clayson
12 Holly Hazell Team Darenth
13 Noah Smith Team Darenth
14 Luke Hart Thanet RC
15 Benjamin Hutton Thanet RC
16 Peggy Knox ViCiOUS VELO
17 Alex Campbell
18 Ivo Thwaites Kent Velo Kids
19 Ilana Lord VC Deal
20 Edith Davies Club Cyclopark
21 Toby Manning VC Deal
22 Edie Oxbury
23 Eva Gibson Club Cyclopark
24 Barnaby Smith Team Darenth



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