Q & A: Cameron Foster

The Q & As continue with Elite rider Cameron Foster who will be riding for for Velo Schils Interbike RT in 2018

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Q & A: Cameron Foster

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The Quickie Primera Sports Warm-up Q & A

Favourite Movie: The Hitman’s Bodyguard
Favourite Food: Pizza and cookies
Favourite Song? A Day To Remember – 2nd Sucks
Favourite training session? Tempo
Pre race meal? Rice
Post race meal? Protein Shake
Train alone or in a group? Train in a group
Strengths: Bicep curls
Weaknesses: Cookies
Bar or gel? Gel
Tea or coffee? Hot chocolate
Long socks or short? Long
Bath or shower? Shower
Costa or Starbucks? Costa
Guilty Pleasure: Cafe rides
Shaved legs or waxed? Shaved
Prefered Discipline: Road racing

If you could change one thing about the sport, what would it be? More closed roads for road racing.

Best performance 2017? My win at Winchester – the race just went really well and I was shocked!

What is the most valuable thing you learnt from the 2017 season? Consistency and you can achieve your goals.

Main 2018 goal: To try and get a win abroad

What will you bring to your club/team for 2018? I’m bringing love for the sport and help to get some wins!

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The Main Course Q & A
1. Full time rider or do you have to juggle work with racing?
CF: Almost full time cyclist but I have to work in the evenings coaching riders for Badger Rampage Coaching.

2. Highlight of 2017 was?
CF: Highlight was getting my Elite licence – it wasn’t my goal but things just went so much better than expected.

3. Most difficult moment of 2017?
CF: After doing three National B road races close together and not getting any points despite feeling like I was in the best shape I had ever been in.

4. Most enjoyable race of 2017
CF: I enjoy most of them but The Karbona crit at Birmingham Business Park was awesome! And to get in the break and feel really good was great. Shame I messed up the last lap like a chopper.

5. Toughest race of 2017
CF: TMG Horizon Trophy, it was the longest race I’ve done (100 miles) and the hill at the end was evil, but such a great day to be out racing.

6. Typical week training mid season Mon – Fri
CF: Mid season training is nothing special, mostly easy rides in the morning then crits in the evenings and weights in-between.

7. Most dreaded drill/session in training
CF: Most hated session are 1 minute efforts – they hurt and I never produce enough power!

8. Its interval day – turbo or out in the fresh air?
CF: Fresh air, I hate the turbo!

9. Winter is here – what type of ride do you do for your base rides?
CF: Winter for me is spent trying to get decent hours in and doing efforts. I keep away from slow low efforts in favour of feeling like I’m working.

10. What bike will you race on in 2018 and why this bike?
CF: I’ll be riding my Pinarello Dogma F8, he’s called Rhino Bob because it’s got a Chris Froome rhino on it and its black on black which I think makes it faster..

11. What will the goals be for 2018?
CF: For 2018 I’ll be riding for Velo Schils Interbike RT and I hope to help them win races and maybe win something myself.

12. Finally, if you could pick one event to win in 2017 which one would it be?
CF: National Road Race Championships, such an amazing race. But on a more realistic note a National B road race would be great!




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