Quickfire Q & A: Andy Turner (Team KTM)

Elite rider for Team KTM UK & University of Gloucestershire, Andy Turner takes the VeloUK Q & A challenge

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Quickfire Q & A: Andy Turner (Team KTM)

The Quickie Primera Sports Warmup Q & A

Favourite Movie? Hot Fuzz

Favourite Food? Beans on toast

Favourite Song? Let there be rock – AC/DC

Favourite training session? Threshold sandwiches, hurt like hell but satisfying when you’ve done them

Favourite place to ride? Girona or North Wales

Pre race meal? Porridge

Post race meal? Egg sandwich

Train alone or in a group? Alone normally, group when I can

Turbo or road? Road unless it’s icy or have specific efforts to do

Weaknesses? Was a massive chode

Strengths? Not as much of a chode anymore but can still whack out some watts

Bar or gel? Bars in training, gels in racing

Tea or coffee? Go through phases

Long socks or short? Long

Bath or shower? Shower

Dog or cat? Duck

Costa or Starbucks?  Neither

Guilty pleasure? Dirty burger and any dessert

Shaved legs or waxed? Shaved

Preferred discipline? Road racing

If you could change one thing about the sport, what would it be? Reduced cost of racing & more support from BC for race organisers

Best performance in 2017? Beachy Head RR. Dropped chain early on, out the back, gunned it, nearly caught the lead break by the last lap

What is the most valuable thing you learnt from the 2017 season? It’s only bike racing, just enjoy it

Main goal for 2018? Win more races

What will you bring to your club/team for 2018? Someone who’ll leave all out there on the road
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The Main Course Q & A
1. Full time rider or do you have to juggle work with racing?
Juggling uni work and racing

2. Highlight of 2017 was?
Winning a few Open TTs, consistent sub 20 min 10 milers and keeping my Elite licence

3. Most difficult moment of 2017?
Reservoir stage 2. That killer of a climb with the added crosswinds and dropping my chain (I have a chain catcher now)

4. Most enjoyable race of 2017
Lincoln GP Crit. Wet, slippery, cobbles, loved it!

5. Toughest race of 2017
Lincoln GP

6. Typical week training mid season Mon – Fri
Turbo most weekdays, road and track at weekends

7. Most dreaded drill/session in training
Benchmark session. You just go till you crack

8. Its interval day – turbo or out in the fresh air?

9. Winter is here – what type of ride do you do for your base rides?
Long and hilly

10. What bike will you race on in 2018 and why this bike?
KTM Lisse. Aero and light so quick everywhere

11. What will the goals be for 2018?
Get as strong results as possible for myself and the team

12. Finally, if you could pick one event to win in 2017 which one would it be?
Betty Pharoah RR, love racing with the guys in South Wales and it’s always a strong field

14. TT – favourite distance
10 miles

15. What training drill has helped you most go faster in time trials
Riding the TT bike more

16. Fastest course you rode in 2017?
V718, 4 miles of tailwind and 6 miles of headwind. And still quicker than any other course I’ve done!

17. Dragstrip or sporting circuit course?
Depends how chodey I am at the time of the event




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