Quickfire Q & A: George Day (Shutt Ridley RT)

Our next quickfire Q & A is with Shutt VR rider George Day who’s best performance of 2017 was  a win in the Abingdon Crits

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Quickfire Q & A: George Day (Shutt Ridley RT)

The Quickie Primera Sports Warmup Q & A

Favourite Movie? Anything with Statham

Favourite Food? Special fried rice

Favourite Song? Boss Boys – Skrillex

Favourite training session? Sprint intervals

Favourite place to ride? Southern France

Pre race meal? Porridge with a big spoon of Nutella

Post race meal? Chicken and rice

Train alone or in a group? Alone

Turbo or road? I always use my Watt bike for interval sessions

Strengths? A fast bunch sprint!

Weaknesses? Anything uphill

Bar or gel? Gel

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Long socks or short? Longer the better

Bath or shower? Bath

Dog or cat? Dog

Costa or Starbucks? The local cafe over big chains any day

Shaved legs or waxed? Shave

Preferred discipline? Road

If you could change one thing about the sport, what would it be? More closed road races

Best performance in 2017? Taking a win in the Abingdon Crits – just my second ever race!

What is the most valuable thing you learnt from the 2017 season? Crashes happen

Main goal for 2018? WIN!

What will you bring to your club/team for 2018? Quality banter


The Main Course Q & A
1. Full time rider or do you have to juggle work with racing?
I am currently studding sport at Stratford college so have to juggle course work with training, But my coach Mark at Epic coaching is very good at prescribing quality training sessions around my College commitments.

2. Most difficult moment of 2017?
This moment came all the way back in January in the Hillingdon winter series (E123) still quite new to the racing scene coming into the last lap at the front of a E123 field with some very classy riders felt like a real achievement to me, unfortunately just one corner later I was forced off the track and took quite a nasty tumble loosing a lot of skin and injuring my knee, but what really hurt was getting my first DNF.

3. Most enjoyable race of 2017
This was another race down at Hillingdon in August, it was the day before my eighteenth (my last race as a KID) so I wanted to get a good result. Unfortunately due to dead legs I missed the two man break so just cruised along in the pack. Come the last lap, my legs where felling good and I won the bunch sprint by several bike lengths and that felt very good to get a class result in front of my family.

4. Typical week training mid season Mon – Fri (summary or detailed)
Monday: Is a rest day with a sports massage in the evening.
Tuesday: I usually do a interval session, at this time of year I am focusing on leg strength and doing some low cadence work.
Wednesday: This is a long endurance ride with some tempo intervals.
Thursday: Usually another hard interval session, but during the of season I am going to the gym to really work on my leg strength.
Friday: At the moment today session would be a long endurance ride but if I’m racing over the weekend, today I will be focusing on recovery.
Saturday: More intervals sometimes paid with a hour or so at Zone 2 after.
Sunday: Club ride… 4 hours of pain with some cake in the middle.

5. Most dreaded drill/session in training
High cadence drills… hurt!

6. Winter is here – what type of ride do you do for your base rides?
3.5 hours zone 2 with some tempo intervals

7. What will the goals be for 2018?
Hopefully getting some decent results and doing our new sponsors proud.

8. Finally, if you could pick one event to win in 2018 which one would it be?
The world champs… Sagan wont know what hit him!




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