Report: Wessex CX League Round 9

Wins for Adrian Lansley and Helen Pattinson (Hargroves Cycles Ridley Montezuma’s) at the latest round of the Wessex CX league near Southampton

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Report: Wessex CX League Round 9

Sunday 19th November | by Graham Robins 

There were wins for Adrian Lansley (PedalOn) and Helen Pattinson (Hargroves Ridley Montezuma’s) at the latest round of this season league. Whilst Lansley led his race from the start Pattinson had to wait a couple of laps before rising to the front, a lead she was never to relinquish.

Our hosts today were Fareham Wheelers who returned to the Motor Cross track just north of Southampton for the second time this year. There were a couple of tweaks made to the course from the earlier race in the season, and these changes were welcomed by riders. The course had drained from the overnight rain and when racing got underway mid morning the sun had come out making for a pleasant day’s racing.

Right from the start in the senior race Lansley came to the front on the twisty infield section before riders made their way out on to the far side of the course and a lung busting climb followed by a roller coaster downhill before entering back into in infield for some more twisty back and forth. The PedalOn rider already had a four second lead over team mate Sam Allen before the first climb with a youthful Chris Rothwell just a couple of seconds further back.

After the first full lap Lansley had a six second lead over Allen with Rothwell still very much in contention. Alex Forrester ( was pushing hard but unable to close the gap but managing to stay clear of a trio of riders, Michael Guilford (VC Meudon), Tom Budden (Sotonia CC) and Tom Sewell (Cotswold Veldrijden) all thirty seconds back.
On the second lap Rothwell managed to get past Allen but Lansley was already extending his lead. Coming through the field quickly was Barney Clacy (Hargroves Ridley Montezuma’s) and soon he had Forrester’s back wheel in view. There was a little tussle behind with a trio of riders Budden, Joe Hickerton (BPC Spokes Racing) and Sewell covered by just a second.

At the mid race distance Lansley had a lead of 38secs over Rothwell; Allen was at 51secs whilst Budden, Clacy and Lee Rutland (ACU) were down at 1min 48secs. As the final couple of laps ticked away there were no significant change to the order just time gaps extending. Then on the final lap as the positions were secured Rothwell saw his front wheel washout from underneath him which allowed Allen to pass and never look back.

A full squad of Hargroves Ridley Montezuma return to league duties following last week’s National trophy racing and soon the red and yellow squad filled the first four places on the opening lap. Abbie Manley making her customary quick start led the charge into in infield followed by Amy Perryman, Helen Pattinson and Katie Scott. Making a fast start and well within the top ten was India Lee now riding for the Hargroves team and she quickly dispatched riders on each lap.

The second lap saw changes throughout the race with Pattinson taking the lead towards the end of the lap, Sarah Barber (North Hants RC) and Claire Smith (Cotswold Veldrijden) rolled through along with Lee to within striking distance of Manley. On the fourth lap with Pattinson nearly a minute up Lee had finally dispatched with Manley who was then passed by Barber, Guest and Smith demoting the young rider to sixth place just ahead of Perryman and Scott. This order remained until the chequered flag with Pattinson winning and holding to her lead on the final lap and even managed to add a couple of seconds on her victory lap.
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The vet 50+ race was comprehensively won by Owen Pattinson (Owens Cycles) although he had to come through the front row of the grid to take the lead. The Petersfield rider quickly dispatched the GS Vecchi pair of Kevin Holloway and Tim Costello as he found the course to his liking and his mountain biking skills. Having spent the week cutting the grass and putting up the course at the venue Mike Williams of the promoting club was steady in fourth, Phillip Boarer (GS Vecchi) was fifth and Malcolm Cross (VC Venta) sixth.

Dan Guest (Cotswold Veldrijden) made light work of the slippery course but he had to first shake off junior Barney Clacy (Hargroves Ridley Montezuma’s) and Paul Lloyd before he could see the chequered flag, which he did but it was close in the end. The three leaders had just a handful of second between them on the opening couple of laps as Clacy set the pace followed by Lloyd and then Guest. Jay Allen (PedalOn) was a distant fourth whilst Liam Sewell (Cotswold Veldrijden) had a pair of Hargroves riders Harry Dridge and Joel Hawkins for company.

On the third of seven laps Guest started to ease away from Lloyd although he was having trouble dispatching Clacy as the young Southampton junior was stuck to his wheel. The two leaders swapped places on different parts of the course whilst Lloyd stayed in contention only eleven seconds adrift and ready to pounce if there was an opportunity.

On the last lap Guest made one more push but Clacy was undeterred and stayed with him almost to the line only missing out by less than a second on the line. Lloyd had dropped more than a minute on the final lap and took the final place on the podium. Jay Allen and Joel Hawkins filled the podium along with Clacy whilst William McDonald (Banjo Cycles) completed the veteran podium.
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Senior Men
1 Adrian Lansley Pedalon
2 Alexander Forrester Zepnat RT – Lazer helm…
3 Sam Allen Pedalon
4 Christopher Rothwell Ride 24/7
5 Karl Norfolk Pedalon
6 Tom Budden Sotonia CC
7 Joe Hickerton Spokes BPC Racing
8 Oscar Hutchings VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propu…
9 Michael Guilford VC Meudon
10 Douglas Woollett
11 Caleb Smy Bike Jockey CC
12 Thomas Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden
13 Lee Rutland Army Cycling Union
14 Christopher McGovern Southampton University Road Cl…
15 Daniel Atkins Didcot Phoenix CC
16 Thom Hayward Velo Club Venta
17 Alex Watkins Sarum Velo
18 Tim Doole
19 Kean Wytrykowski Pedalon
20 Seb Lloyd
21 Thomas Nightingale Cowley Road Condors
22 James Cotty Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s
23 Chris Linney Sotonia CC
24 Graham Hollidge Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
25 Ryan Smith Morvelo Basso RT
26 David Brazier Sarum Velo
27 Craig Hay Sotonia CC
28 Phil Wilks Sotonia CC
29 Brendan Schofield Cowley Road Condors
30 David Winter Clee Cycles
31 Philip Godfrey Sotonia CC
32 Andrew Haines Cowley Road Condors
33 Gavin Spiers
34 David Bone Racing Club Ravenna
35 Tom Pritchard Hampshire Road Club
36 Kev Tonner Cotswold Veldrijden
37 Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC
38 Sam Stewart Southdown Velo
39 Paul Crisford Pedalon
40 Filippo Negroni
41 Patryk Rucki Skinline Race Club
42 Philip Smith
43 Paul Warren Oxonian CC
44 Jack Holdcroft
45 James Schofield Cowley Road Condors
46 James Davenport Nieuw Bos
47 Matthew Cracknell
48 Joel Pedro
49 Tom Baker VC Meudon
50 Michael Williams
51 Peter Meigh Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
52 Thom Bostock LFGSS CC
53 Adam Greenen North Hampshire RC
54 Darren Sell Sotonia CC
55 Joseph Lowndes Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
56 Greg Devine
57 Myles Grainger
58 Martin Reeder Poole Wheelers CC

Veteran Men 40-49
1 Paul Lloyd
2 Daniel Guest Cotswold Veldrijden
3 Anthony Turner Cotswold Veldrijden
4 Mike Simpson Beeline Bicycles RT
5 Anthony White Royal Dean Forest CC
6 Tim Hyde
7 Tim Jones Cowley Road Condors
8 Roger Prior VC Jericho
9 Jonathan Hall Sotonia CC
10 Ben Darnton Sotonia CC
11 Nicholas Onslow Pedalon
12 Paul Jones Cotswold Veldrijden
13 Philip Connell Sotonia CC
14 Edward Gurney Velo Club Venta
15 Matt J Smith Port Talbot Wheelers
16 Peter Kimber Cotswold Veldrijden
17 Adam Frewin Pedalon
18 William Jones Cowley Road Condors
19 Nigel Bowley I-Team Cyclists’ Club
20 Tyrone Miller Velo Club Venta
21 Robin Short Performance Cycles
22 Brendan Reese Bournemouth Arrow
23 Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC
24 Michael Miach Imperial Racing Team
25 Andy Sykes Team Quest – The Bike Shop
26 Gavin Law
27 Robert Carter Velo Club Venta
28 Rick Evans Racing Club Ravenna
29 Tim Macfarlane Reading CC
30 Jonathan Grigg Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
31 Phil Malam GS Vecchi
32 Andy Tucker Banjo Cycles
33 Richard Cooper Hart Evolution Racing Team
34 Carl Langston Cotswold Veldrijden
35 Martin Horner
36 Dave Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden
37 Paul Hudson Hargroves Cycles CC
38 Martin Richardson
39 Keiron Ross Pedalon
40 Neil Bond
41 Aaron Bartlett Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
42 Andy Chamberlain
43 Christopher Saunders GS Henley
44 Gary Hill DHCyclesport
45 Charles Smith
46 Keith Loudon
47 Chris Bint Cotswold Veldrijden
48 Jonathan McKee Liss Cycling Club
49 Keith Pitcher
50 Craig Mainprize
51 Kim Lassiter Cotswold Veldrijden
52 Nicholas Austin Sotonia CC
53 Kevin Duffell SCOTT Racing
54 Steve Finn
55 Ian Morris Stonehenge Triathlon and Road
56 Richard Blake Antelope RT
57 Christopher Hughes Velo Club Venta
58 Matthew Knight
59 Wout Davidse Sotonia CC
60 Justin Ridgment Sotonia CC
61 Stephen Shepherd
62 Keith Gandy VC Meudon

Veteran Men 50+
1 Gary Barlow Reading CC
2 Dave McMullen Cotswold Veldrijden
3 Robin Delve Mid Devon CC
4 Kevin Holloway GS Vecchi
5 Martyn Dymond C and N Cycles RT
6 Philip Boarer GS Vecchi
7 Mike Williams Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
8 Malcolm Cross Velo Club Venta
9 Tim Costello GS Vecchi
10 Chris Hutchings Velo Club Venta
11 Anthony Dyment North Hampshire RC
12 Andrew Cracknell Pedalon
13 Robert Waller Banjo Cycles
14 David Hobbs Cotswold Veldrijden
15 Robert Tutt Velo Club Venta
16 Lee King
17 Antony Green New Forest CC
18 David Martin Velo Club Venta
19 David Wrey Cycle Club Basingstoke
20 Ray Crosthwaite Pedalon
21 Peter Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden
22 Mitchell Purvis Didcot Phoenix CC
23 Andy Smith Cotswold Veldrijden
24 Chris Wreghitt Second Wind
25 Jed Ellerby Reading CC
26 Martin Hughes Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
27 Phillip Chinn Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
28 Kurt Wallin Cotswold Veldrijden
29 Paul Pomfret
30 Robert Cranstone
31 Stephen Robinson North Hampshire RC
32 Richard Bremner North Hampshire RC
33 Mark Allen Pedalon
34 Simon Worthington GS Vecchi
35 Derick Coppola Four4th
36 Simon Fitzjohn Sotonia CC
37 Martin Turner Nieuw Bos
38 Daniel Clemens Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
39 Dominic Laval Hart Evolution Racing Team
40 Mark Warrington Solent Pirates
41 Robin Adams
42 Alan Kingshott Solent Pirates
43 Michael Webber Andover Whls
44 Andy Grant GS Vecchi
45 Dave Dalton Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
46 James Peacey Gillingham and District Wheele…
47 Chris Bradley Hargroves Cycles CC
48 Ian Sheldrake Oakley Pedalers
49 Nicholas Friend Wessex Road Club
50 Richard Cheetham GS Vecchi
51 Tim Crumpton VC St Raphael
52 Pete Williams Sarum Velo
53 Russ Wakefield
54 Rob Harrison North Hampshire RC
55 John Johns VC Meudon
56 Mark Wallis
57 Christopher Devine
58 David Jowett Chapel Tri-Stars
59 Tony Dawson Palmer Park Velo RT

Junior Men
1 Angus Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT
2 Matthew Coulson Palmer Park Velo RT
3 Jay Allen Pedalon
4 Oliver Nolan
5 Oliver Wise Solent Pirates
6 Matthew Dennis Salisbury Road and Mountain CC
7 Samuel Dawson Palmer Park Velo RT
8 Kyle Wallace Cotswold Veldrijden

1 Claire Smith Cotswold Veldrijden
2 Lydia Brookes Les Filles Queen of the Mounta…
3 Jennifer Forrester Zepnat RT – Lazer helm…
4 Kate Robson
5 Charlotte Sampson Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s
6 Harriet Guest Cotswold Veldrijden
7 Jessica Conner Cotswold Veldrijden
8 Lindy Larkin Sarum Velo
9 Sarah Barber North Hampshire RC
10 Rachel Clay VC Meudon
11 Lauren Cracknell Pedalon
12 Sophie White
13 Alison Rothnie Spokes BPC Racing
14 Camilla Powell Pedalon
15 Melanie Smith Cotswold Veldrijden
16 Laura Bailey IRIS Race Team
17 Deborah Smith Solent Pirates
18 Tracy Cornell North Hampshire RC
19 Gemma Wilks Sotonia CC
20 Carly Hughes Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
21 Catherine Pascoe New Forest CC
22 Teresa Robbins
23 Christina Gustafson Reading CC
24 Sarah Hickman IRIS Race Team
25 Connie Stevens
26 Alison Ford GS Vecchi
27 Bridget Colloby Andover Whls
28 Samantha Jones Four4th
29 Kym Harvey Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
30 Beckie Hamilton Cotswold Veldrijden
31 Suzanne Wise C and N Cycles RT
32 Josie Collins
33 Helen Howard Mountain Trax RT
34 Cheryl Reid Cowley Road Condors

U16 Boys
1 Euan Macleod Palmer Park Velo RT
2 Max Edgington Solent Pirates
3 Sam Nanopoulos Solent Pirates
4 Angus Beggin Bicester Millennium CC
5 Sebastian Bowley Owens Cycles
6 Lucas Dixon Solent Pirates
7 Euan Backus Zappi Racing Team
8 Oliver Birch
9 Thomas Green Solent Pirates
10 Eli Tucker I-Team Cyclists’ Club
11 Isaac Warrington Solent Pirates
12 Joshua Hoad Woking Cycling Club
13 Matthew Day Solent Pirates
14 Cian Ware Cotswold Veldrijden
15 Luca D’Arcy Willett Zappi Racing Team

U16 Girls
1 Amelie Prior Zappi Racing Team
2 Isabelle Hinkley Chapel Tri-Stars
3 Alexa Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT

U14 Boys
1 Felix Clacy Solent Pirates
2 Jed Smithson Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3 Tobias Houghton Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
4 Nathan Cracknell Pedalon
5 Oscar Pratt Velo Club Venta
6 Tom Martin Solent Pirates
7 Sacha White Hillingdon Slipstreamers
8 Adam Potter I-Team Cyclists’ Club
9 Lewis Evans Cotswold Veldrijden
10 Finn Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT
11 George Cottrell
12 Finlay Beggin Zappi Racing Team
13 Josh Horner
14 Drew Tucker Banjo Cycles
15 Jack McGovern Sprockets Cycle Club

U14 Girls
1 Niamh Murphy Cotswold Veldrijden
2 Katie Youp
3 Elena Day Solent Pirates
4 Katie-Anne Calton Solent Pirates
5 Georgina Pasmore Palmer Park Velo RT

Under 12
1 Mackenzie Mellish Zappi Racing Team
2 Thomas Cracknell
3 Edward Charles Charlotteville CC
4 Ben Coppola Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5 Lewis Seaward Solent Pirates
6 Melissa Cooper Spokes BPC Racing
7 Adam Jones Palmer Park Velo RT
8 Miles Horner
9 Judah Hurr Portsmouth North End CC
10 Jacob Matthew
11 Ellen Phillips Cotswold Veldrijden
12 George Connell Sotonia CC
13 Louis Kirk Sotonia CC
14 Greta Carey Palmer Park Velo RT
15 Alex Taylor Oxonian CC
16 Oscar Pasmore Palmer Park Velo RT
17 Huw Watkins Palmer Park Velo RT
18 Edward Samson Solent Pirates
19 Aidan Prior Zappi Racing Team
20 Luca Mascia Cotswold Veldrijden
21 Bobby Byenfield
22 Charlotte Smith Solent Pirates
23 Finley Macfarlane Palmer Park Velo RT
24 Lewis Ridge Palmer Park Velo RT
25 Samuel Ridgment Sotonia CC
26 Anna Patterson
27 Kate Coulson Palmer Park Velo RT
28 James Martin Solent Pirates
29 Josh Chamberlain
30 Harley Taylor
31 Tabitha Ward Oxonian CC
32 Olivia Allman Velo Club Venta
33 Victoria Minelli
34 Amelie Macfarlane Palmer Park Velo RT
35 Monty Wyatt Velo Club Venta
36 Arthur Bond
37 Charlotte Green
38 Luke Onslow
39 Livvy Nanopoulou Solent Pirates
40 Rebecca Carter Palmer Park Velo RT
41 Caitlin Dinning WyndyMilla
42 Emma Harrison
43 Evelyn Mills Sotonia CC

Under 10
1 Cameron Reeves Abergavenny Road Club
2 Sam Genazzini Solent Pirates
3 Wilf Jones Cotswold Veldrijden
4 Lauren Charles Charlotteville CC
5 Noah Potter WyndyMilla
6 Charles Forrester Zepnat RT – Lazer helm…
7 Benjamin Brindley Solent Pirates
8 Frederick Samson Solent Pirates
9 Stanley Wilkes Solent Pirates
10 Maisie Hamilton-Unwin Cotswold Veldrijden
11 Douglas Forrester Zepnat RT – Lazer helm…
12 Evie Bramall Solent Pirates
13 Harry Cooper
14 Phoebe Potter WyndyMilla
15 Oliver Patterson
16 Oliver Tooley Poole Wheelers CC
17 George Meynell Cotswold Veldrijden
18 Georgia Lovett Cotswold Veldrijden
19 Sebastian Collins
20 Chloe Carter Palmer Park Velo RT
21 Alexander Hand WyndyMilla
22 Ella Ridgment Sotonia CC
23 Lexie Taylor
24 Jude Lloyd
25 Thomas Wilks Sotonia CC
26 Holly Hurr Portsmouth North End CC
27 Jasmine Bond
28 Aimee Taylor Oxonian CC
29 charlie shepherd
30 Skye Martingale Sotonia CC
31 Alexander Wilkes
32 Seb Reese
33 Isabelle Smith Solent Pirates
34 Thomas Westmore Sprockets Cycle Club
35 Jemima Ward Oxonian CC
36 Conner Jones
37 Adam Short
38 Marit Davidse Sotonia CC
39 Grace O’Neill Solent Pirates
40 Arthur Austin
41 Daniel Tooley Poole Wheelers CC
42 Lucas Mills Sotonia CC
43 Riley Tonner Cotswold Veldrijden
44 Matilda Wilks Sotonia CC
45 Benjamin Smith
46 Jaya Martingale Sotonia CC
47 Isabel Reese
48 Thomas Meigh
49 Isaac Richardson

Novice 16+
1 Graham Beggin Bicester Millennium CC
2 Sarah Fenmor Collins



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