Result: Cardiff 100 Miles RCC New Years Day 10

Lawrence Burrows and Claire Bird fastest in the Cardiff 100 Miles RCC New Years Day 10 on the R10/9

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Result: Cardiff 100 Miles RCC New Years Day 10

1 Lawrence Burrows Vive Le Velo 23:20 Male Senior
2 Joe Beech Ogmore Valley Wheelers CC 23:37 Male Senior
3 Craig Burrows Team CRANC 23:58 Male Senior
4 Rod Hicks Port Talbot Whs CC 24:27 Male Vet
5 James Grandfield Team CRANC 24:35 Male Senior
6 Rob Hall Salt and Sham Cycle Club 25:56 Male Vet
7 Stephen Parfitt Oxonian CC 25:59 Male Vet
8 Steve Curry Ogmore Valley Wheelers CC 26:06 Male Vet
9 Wayne Thomas Pontypool Road Cycling Club 26:36 Male Vet
10 Richard Beech Ogmore Valley Wheelers CC 27:36 Male Vet
11 Robin Hunt Bristol Road Club 28:12 Male Vet
12 Robert Jones Cardiff 100 Miles RCC 29:06 Male Vet
13 Nigel Williams Ogmore Valley Wheelers CC 29:08 Male Vet
14 Simon Kinsey Virtual Cycling Club 29:20:00 Male Vet
15 Claire Bird Pontypool Road Cycling Club 29:52 Female Senior
16 Nick Mosley Holmfirth C C 30:04:00 Male Senior
17 BoB Symons PDQ Cycle Coaching 31:38:00 Male Vet
18 Annamarie Miles Salt and Sham Cycle Club 32:01 Female Senior
19 Andy Morgan PDQ Cycle Coaching 33:19 Male Vet
20 Sebastian Symons PDQ Cycle Coaching 35:20 Male Senior
21 Paul Griffiths Cardiff Ajax CC 39:00 Male Vet

Two Up
1 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club V 24:02
Iain Cade Bath Cycling Club S

2 Andy Davies Cardiff Jif S 24:25
Andy Hoskins Cardiff Jif S

3 Philip Sims Newport Phoenix CC V 28:27
Robbie Morgan Newport Phoenix CC J

4 Shona Bennett Sportzmad W 28:54
Jasmine Bowyer Cardiff Ajax CC W

5 Gethin Davies-Jones Abercynon Road Club V 41:07
Agnelle Davies-Jones Abercynon Road Club W





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