2018 British CX Championships: Day 2

Winners on day 1 included Maddie Smith, Pete Middleton, Millie Couzens and Paul Oldham … work in progress…

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2018 British CX Championships: Day 2

Day 1 of the British Cyclo-Cross Championships at Hetton Lyons saw five races and seven champions earning their stripes on a course everyone seemed to enjoy, the winners at least.

Post Race Interview – Maddie Smith

The day began with the Veteran Women’s and in that race, Maddie Smith, who enjoys the muddy conditions, managed to deny the rider who has been dominating the National Trophy, World Champion Kate Eedy. Another World Champion, Helen Pattinson (Hargroves Cycles Ridley Montezuma’s) was third.

Pete Middleton Post Race Interview

In the Vet 50 Men’s race, it came down to a battle between teammates Pete Middleton and Tim Gould and it was the National Trophy winner Middleton who managed to gap his teammate to go on to win the race from Tim Davies who had been part of a three way battle before losing time in a bike change and not recovering that time.

Millie Couzens Post Race Interview

Zoe Backstedt Post Race Interview

It was then the turn of the Youth Girls where the race was a four way battle until the group split into two. At the finish, Millie Couzens out sprinted Anna Flynn whilst only a few seconds behind, Eluned King then outsprinted Maddie Wadsworth to take the final medal.

The win was more decisive for Zoe Backstedt who solo’d to the win in the Under 14 Girls, adding another set of ‘stripes’ to the ones from other disciplines she has in her collection. Zoe won from Ella Maclean-Howell and Grace Lister.

In the Youth Boys race, Simon Wyllie gapped Oliver Stockwell on the final lap, who was unsure it was the final lap, and the title went to Wyllie with Alec Gregory in third.

Paul Oldham post race interview

The final race of the day saw Paul Oldham keep his 100% winning record in the vets intact. After a win at Shrewsbury in the National Trophy, to secure a good spot on the grid at the nationals, Oldham back up by winning the Vet 50 race.

Early on, Ian Taylor was with Oldham who soon pushed on, gapping Taylor. Oldham knew that Nick Craig was going to be a danger as he gets stronger as the race goes on and Craig indeed was riding strongly, catching and gapping Taylor and holding on for second ahead of Taylor in third.

Post Race Interview: Simon Wyllie

Race Sights – short video clips

Start of the Under 14 Boys Race

Start of the Women’s Vets Race

Start of the Vet 50 Race

Race Action from Vet 50 Race

Under 16 Girls start

Under 14 Girls Start

Under 16 Boys Start

Under 16 Boys – The Woods

Vet 40 Race Start

Vet 40 Race Action – Pits

Vet 40 race Action – The Woods

Vet 40-49
1. Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing MV40
2. Nicholas Craig SCOTT Racing MV45
3. Ian Taylor C and N Cycles RT MV45
4. Stephen James Renvale RT MV40
5. Neil Ellison WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip MV40
6. James Bryan Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV45
7. Robert Jebb Hope Factory Racing MV40
8. Daniel Guest Cotswold Veldrijden MV40
9. Darren Atkins Ride Coventry MV45
10. Daniel Alexander Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV45
11. Andrew Taylor C and N Cycles RT MV40
12. Andrew Peace Shibden Cycling Club MV45
13. Mike Simpson Beeline Bicycles RT MV45
14. Andrew Parry Forza Cycles Racing Team MV40
15. James Dalton Pedalsport Cycling Club MV40
16. Nicholas Whitley Chester RC MV45
17. Alan Nixon Blumilk.com MV40
18. Adrian Lawrence C and N Cycles RT MV45
19. James Thompson SCOTT Racing MV40
20. Keith Murray SCOTT Racing MV40
21. Paul Mashiter Barrow Central Wheelers MV45
22. Steven Henshall St Helens CRC MV45
23. Crawford Carrick-Anderson Peebles CC MV45
24. Mark Calvert Team Trident MV40
25. Colin Miller Ride Coventry MV40
26. Anthony Turner Cotswold Veldrijden MV45
27. Simon Gibbs Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV40
28. Chris Taylor Shibden Cycling Club MV45
29. Jamie Norfolk Pedalon.co.uk MV40
30. Stefan Macina Aurelius Cycles MV45
31. Richard Edge Nottingham Clarion CC MV40
32. Michael Hardcastle Royal Air Force CA MV45
33. David Whittle Bicester Millennium CC MV45
34. Neil Halliday RAMcc MV40
35. Michael Burdon PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield MV45
36. Steve Wood Geared Up & CN Cycles RT MV40
37. Phil Smith Lakes RC MV45
38. Nigel Wood Kendal Cycle Club MV40
39. Andrew Brindle Horwich CC MV45
40. Richard Noble Tyne & Wear Fire And Rescue MV45
41. James Raw Individual Member MV40
42. Philip Simcock Team JMC MV45
43. Crispin Doyle Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s MV40
44. Malcolm Gray Cestria CC MV45
45. Matthew Crouch Fossa Racing MV45
46. Bill Kay MTS Cycle Sport MV45
47. Chris Mather Derwentside CC MV40
48. Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC MV45
49. Jason Hurt Brother NRG MV45
50. Phillip Craker Individual Member MV45
51. Giles Dumont Aurelius Cycles MV45
52. Raymond Honour MTS Cycle Sport MV45
53. Craig Tabiner Port Sunlight Whls CC MV45
54. Philip Hinchliffe Holmfirth Cycling Club MV45
55. Franco Porco Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers MV45
56. Nick Taylor Red Rose Olympic CC MV40
57. Matthew Livesey Individual Member MV40
58. David Shaw PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield MV40
59. Bryan Holland North Road CC MV45
60. Chris Annable Allen Valley Velo MV40
61. Tony Mills York Cycleworks MV45
62. Mike Young Pedalsport Cycling Club MV45
63. Tim Kershaw Pedalsport Cycling Club MV40
64. Tim Berry Team Empella Cyclo-Cross MV40
65. Phil Cook Cestria CC MV40
66. Henry Aarvold Individual Member MV40
67. Keith Law Lakes RC MV45
68. David Kent Prima Team Racing MV45
69. Matthew Eastwood York Cycleworks MV40
70. Dermot Mckee Pedalsport Cycling Club MV45
71. Simon Pateman www.cyclocrossrider.com MV45
72. Neil Mansfield The MI Racing Academy MV45
73. Chris Glass Hetton Hawks Cycling Club MV40
74. Simon Meadwell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers MV45
75. Robert Wimble Drogan Racing Team MV45
76. Christian Roberts Allen Valley Velo MV45
77. Craig Donagher Fechan Flyers MV45
78. Warren Drew Rapha Cycling Club MV45
79. Richard Gostick Pedalon.co.uk MV45
80. Paul Maven InfinityCycles-CubeCycling MV45
81. Paul Crapper Abergavenny Road Club MV45
82. Raymond Robinson Army Cycling Union MV40

Women’s Vets

1 Maddi Smith Bolsover & District CC FV45
2 Kate Eedy Team Empella Cyclo-Cross FV40
3 Helen Pattinson Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s FV45
4 Verity Appleyard Brotherton Cycles FV40
5 Lucy Siddle Allen Valley Velo FV40
6 Alison Kinloch PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield FV40
7 Karen Poole Sportstest RT FV40
8 Helen Dussek Nottingham Clarion CC FV45
9 Marie Jackson Paul Milnes Bradford Olympic FV50
10 Nicola Davies Beacon Wheelers FV55
11 Catherine Kilburn Mid Devon CC FV50
12 Sally Reid Team Jewson-M.I.Racing FV55
13 Caroline Harvey Edinburgh RC FV45
14 Elizabeth Clayton Stirling Bike Club FV55
15 Caroline Mansfield The MI Racing Academy FV45
16 Louise Wainwright Bolsover & District CC FV40
17 Melanie Annable Allen Valley Velo FV40
18 Suzanne Young Individual Member FV55
19 Alison Sarmiento Harrogate Nova CC FV45
20 Pamela Glover Derwentside CC FV45
21 Sarah Grimshaw Horwich CC FV40
22 Emma Payne Fossa Racing FV40
23 Nicola Hartle PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield FV45
24 Julie Phelan Here Come The Belgians FV50

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VET 50
1 Pete Middleton Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV50 M
2 Timothy Gould Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV50 M
3 Timothy Davies CC Abergavenny/JP Signs&Print MV50 M
4 Stephen Knight Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV50 M
5 Philip Roach Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV55 M
6 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles MV50 M
7 Nigel Gregory Pedal Power Loughborough MV50 M
8 Grant Johnson Sunset Cycles MV55 M
9 Kirby Bennett Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV55 M
10 Mark James Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV50 M
11 Mick Style Manchester Wheelers Club MV50 M
12 Dave McMullen Cotswold Veldrijden MV65 M
13 Ian Knights Prima Team Racing MV50 M
14 Peter Harris Pearce Cycles RT MV60 M
15 Stephen Bottomley Shibden Cycling Club MV50 M
16 Graeme Gow Tyneside Vagabonds CC MV50 M
17 Michael Aspey Northumbria Police CC MV50 M
18 Michael Bowen West Suffolk Wheelers MV50 M
19 Barry Kipling MTS Cycle Sport MV60 M
20 Tim Gill Ilkley Cycling Club MV50 M
21 Robin Delve Mid Devon CC MV55 M
22 Simon Hime Finchley Racing Team MV50 M
23 Richard Atkinson Ashburn Wealth MV50 M
24 Sean Beswick Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV50 M
25 John Docker Huddersfield Star Wheelers MV50 M
26 Simon Hale Army Cycling Union MV50 M
27 Brian Johnson Barnesbury CC MV50 M
28 Matt Wilson Mountain Goat Coaching MV50 M
29 Wayne Nicholson York Cycleworks MV50 M
30 Andy Collins Mid Shropshire Wheelers MV50 M
31 Robin Myers Hamsterley Trailblazers MV50 M
32 Chris Wreghitt Second Wind MV55 M
33 James Melville Glasgow United CC MV50 M
34 Charles Warren Harrogate Nova CC MV55 M
35 Noel Clough Fietsen Tempo MV50 M
36 Mark Ferguson High Peak Cycles RT MV55 M
37 Malcolm Cross Velo Club Venta MV60 M
38 Peter Busby Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV55 M
39 Andrew Cracknell Pedalon.co.uk MV50 M
40 John Elwell East Bradford CC MV50 M
41 Thomas Bardgett Beacon Wheelers MV50 M
42 Anthony Dyment North Hampshire RC MV55 M
43 Julian Gould Zepnat.com RT Lazer Helmets MV50 M
44 David Smith Kendal Cycle Club MV50 M
45 Martyn Dymond C and N Cycles RT MV50 M
46 Steve Shepherd Individual Member MV50 M
47 James Sutherland Bolsover & District CC MV60 M
48 Robin Akers Beeline Bicycles RT MV60 M
49 Sean Hoban Velo Club Cumbria MV50 M
50 Andrew Edmond Ferryhill Wheelers CC MV50 M
51 Robert Smith Derwentside CC MV50 M
52 Brian Perks Pedalsport Cycling Club MV60 M
53 Simon Whitham Team Empella Cyclo-Cross MV50 M
54 Edward Sarmiento www.cyclocrossrider.com MV50 M
55 Gary Worton Stockton Wheelers CC MV50 M
56 Stephen Crawford Kinross CC MV50 M
57 Timothy Stowe Team Jewson-Racing-Polypipe MV60 M
58 Clifford Featherstone MTS Cycle Sport MV60 M
59 Peter Payton Individual Member MV60 M
60 Andrew Moss Adept Precision RT/NE MV50 M
61 Michael Scott Holmfirth Cycling Club MV55 M
62 Paul Dalton Matlock CC MV55 M
63 Stephen Clayton RT 23 MV50 M
64 Joseph Rowe Bush Healthcare CRT MV65 M
65 Peter Mooney Rugby Velo MV65 M
66 John Graveling Harrogate Nova CC MV55 M
67 Victor Barnett Welland Valley CC MV65 M
68 Mark Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers MV50 M
69 Steve Whitehouse Kernow Riders MV60 M
70 Colin Murley Derwentside CC MV65 M
71 John Gilling Individual Member MV60 M
72 Andrew Smith Individual Member MV55 M
73 Roger Mitchell VC Veldrijden MV60 M

Under 16 Girls
1 Millie Couzens PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield
2 Anna Flynn Edinburgh RC
3 Eluned King Towy Riders
4 Maddie Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT
5 Josie Nelson Lichfield City CC
6 Lucy Hart Mid Shropshire Wheelers
7 Chloe Hinchliffe Bradford Olympic
8 Amelie Wayte The MI Racing Academy
9 Roisin Lally Derwentside CC
10 Anna Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT
11 Eva Young Pedal Power RT
12 Ella Lawrence Solent Pirates
13 Ellie Dilks Cycle Derby CC
14 Jasmine Kent Pink Jersey Race Team
15 Lotta Mansfield The MI Racing Academy
16 Charlotte-Louise McGreevy LIV AWOL
17 Bethany Barnett Kings Lynn CC
18 Amy Cantelo Solent Pirates
19 Lucy Buckley Cycle Derby CC
20 Molly Peel Bourne Wheelers CC
21 Iona Moir LIV AWOL
22 Freja Smith Racing Metro 15
23 Jasmine Lomas Pedalsport Cycling Club
24 Rebecca Dawes Clifton CC

Under 14 Girls
1 Zoe Backstedt Maindy Flyers Youth CC
2 Ella Maclean-Howell Cardiff J.I.F.
3 Grace Lister Wolverhampton Wheelers
4 Madeleine Osborn Abergavenny Road Club
5 Anoushka Minale Hub Vélo
6 Libby Bell Leicester Forest CC
7 Amber Brameld Individual Member
8 Grace Castle Mountain Goat Coaching
9 Ella Jamieson Clifton CC
10 Emily Carrick-Anderson Peebles CC
11 Daphne Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers
12 Amelia Cox Bicester Millennium CC
13 Eilidh Shaw Stirling Bike Club
14 Eleanor Bolton Lee Valley Youth CC
15 Harriet Limb Matlock CC
16 Phoebe Roche Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N
17 Eva Newby Furness Future Flyers
18 Hermione Pickering Paul MilnesBradford Olympic
19 Elizabeth McKinnon Derwentside CC
20 Beatrice Pauley St Ives CC
21 Evie Steed Bolsover & District CC
22 Anna Reid Individual Member
23 Emily Richards Bourne Wheelers CC
24 Lucy Dalgleish Salt Ayre Cog Set
25 Freya Whiteside Ilkley Cycling Club
26 Amy Mourne Huddersfield Star Wheelers
27 Katie Galloway West Lothian Clarion CC
28 Katie Hadnum Hetton Hawks CC
29 Holly Bailey Heanor Clarion CC
30 Sapphire Curtis St Ives CC
31 Phoebe Skinner Derwentside CC
32 Annabel Parker Matlock CC

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Under 16 Boys
1 Simon Wyllie Halesowen A & CC
2 Oliver Stockwell Welwyn Wheelers CC
3 Alec Gregory Pedal Power Loughborough
4 Daniel Barnes Lichfield City CC
5 Sam Freeman Solent Pirates
6 Ben Chilton Derby Mercury RC
7 Rory McGuire Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers
8 Adam Bent Nutcracker Altura Racing
9 Finlay Pickering PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield
10 Jamie Johnston Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers
11 Joshua Giddings The MI Racing Academy
12 Joseph Pidcock PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield
13 Matthew Kingston Lichfield City CC
14 Benjamin Bright Marsh Tracks Racing – Trek
15 Max Bolton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
16 William Truelove Abergavenny Road Club
17 Corran Carrick-Anderson Peebles CC
18 Kieran Riley Langdale Lightweights RT
19 Robert Rowson Macclesfield Wheelers
20 Sam Murray SCOTT Racing
21 Aidan Lawrence C and N Cycles RT
22 Tyler Koch Mossley CRT
23 Emile Alexander Lichfield City CC
24 Joe Thorp Macclesfield Wheelers
25 Sam Bishop Charlotteville CC
26 Edward Woodward The MI Racing Academy
27 Daniel Hepton Paul Milnes – Bradford Olympic
28 Jack Brough The MI Racing Academy
29 Michael Newall Cycle Derby CC
30 David Hird Halesowen A & CC
31 Matti Egglestone Beacon Wheelers
32 Bryn Richards Bourne Wheelers CC
33 Ethan Whiteside East Bradford CC
34 Callum Reid Individual Member
35 Joshua Charlton Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
36 Daniel Vincent Eastlands Velo
37 Alexander Ball West Lothian Clarion CC
38 George Freeman West Lothian Clarion CC
39 Arthur Boulton Banjo Cycles
40 Harrison Lee Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
41 Spencer Davies CC Abergavenny/JP SignsPrint
42 Samuel Howes Sleaford Whls CC
43 Jack Ackroyd Shibden Cycling Club
44 Zack Harrop Mossley CRT
45 Matthew Wells Tyneside Vagabonds CC
46 Callum Thornley Peebles CC
47 Samuel McGhee Sutton Cycling Club/ C & N
48 Duncan Pritchard Palmer Park Velo RT
49 Dexter Leeming-Sykes Otley CC
50 Finton Price Carnegie Cyclones
51 Gareth Davies Palmer Park Velo RT
52 Ben Flanagan Tyneside Vagabonds CC
53 Euan Sanderson Cleveland Wheelers CC
54 Andrew Turner West Lothian Clarion CC
55 Gregor Robb Glasgow Riderz
56 Louis Moore Edinburgh RC
57 Ross Birrell Edinburgh RC
58 Alfie Savage Furness Future Flyers
59 William Dykes Salt Ayre Cog Set
60 Tom Lees Salt Ayre Cog Set
61 Jake Edwards Salt Ayre Cog Set
62 Thomas Crapper Abergavenny Road Club
63 Thomas Godber Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
64 Ewan Berry Team Empella Cyclo-Cross
65 Adam Jackson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
66 Leo Law Furness Future Flyers

Under 14 Boys
1 Joshua Tarling West Wales Cycle RT
2 Euan Woodliffe Welwyn Wheelers CC
3 Alex Barker Halesowen A & CC
4 Griff Lewis Ystwyth Cycling Club
5 Riley Blackmore PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield
6 Christopher Hilbert Sherwood Pines Cycles- Forme
7 Jude Chamberlain The MI Racing Academy
8 Jamie Gostick Palmer Park Velo RT
9 Sullivan Berry Redditch Road & Path CC
10 Bjoern Koerdt Terrain Cycles Ride In Peace
11 Ben Askey RST Racing Team
12 Caelan Miller Welwyn Wheelers CC
13 Michael Tait Derwentside CC
14 Luke Harris WORX Factory Racing
15 Oliver Akers Holmfirth Cycling Club
16 Tom Scott Holmfirth Cycling Club
17 Archie Ellen Edinburgh RC
18 Scott Fisher Furness Future Flyers
19 Frederick Fuller Edinburgh RC
20 Felix Clacy Solent Pirates
21 Jensen Windsor Alford Wheelers
22 Ben Ramsden East Bradford CC
23 Thomas Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles RT
24 Ben Partridge Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
25 Harry Ellison Pedalsport Cycling Club
26 Jack Hastings Cardiff J.I.F.
27 Alfie Atterton Edinburgh RC
28 Cole Nicholson Hoddom Velo
29 Alex Galpin Bourne Wheelers CC
30 Oliver Coughlan Pedalsport Cycling Club
31 Dominic Switzer Welland Valley CC
32 Ben McMullen Sprockets CycleRT (Scotland)
33 Oliver Peace Bronte Tykes Junior CC
34 William Ryan Solihull CC
35 Joseph Brookes Halesowen A & CC
36 Callum Watson East Bradford CC
37 Dominic Bell Sutton Cycling Club
38 Dylan Edwards Salt Ayre Cog Set
39 Daniel Holmes Tyneside Vagabonds CC
40 Sam Chisholm West Lothian Clarion CC
41 Seb Cliffe Ilkley Cycling Club
42 Arlo Carey Palmer Park Velo RT
43 Harry Owen Herne Hill Youth CC
44 Oliver Griggs Hub Vélo
45 Harry Jordan Eastlands Velo
46 Harry Purcell Derwentside CC
47 Otto Chilton Derby Mercury RC
48 Benjamin Livesey Salt Ayre Cog Set
49 Corey Whiteford Royal Albert CC
50 Benjamin Mashiter Furness Future Flyers
51 Toby Kershaw Pedalsport Cycling Club
52 Jude Lomas Pedalsport Cycling Club
53 Matthew Brennan Stockton Wheelers CC
54 Finlay Cooper Edinburgh RC
55 Jasper Dilks Cycle Derby CC
56 Ethan Grimshaw Eastlands Velo
57 Spike Elwell East Bradford CC
58 Samuel Morris East Bradford CC
59 Ellis Murray SCOTT Racing
60 Dan Galpin Bourne Wheelers CC



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