Wheels: Guide to Cero Wheels

A brand of wheel that has constantly got good reviews in the printed and online press is the Cero range from the Cycle Division -we take a look at all six in the range

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Wheels: Guide to Cero Wheels

A brand of wheel that has constantly got good reviews in the printed and online press is the Cero range from the Cycle Division.

Below is a list of the wheels and a quick and easy guide to the type of wheel each one is and its weight etc.

If you can only afford one set of wheels, then a popular choice is the AR30 because it’s tubeless ready and one you can ride in the mountains as well as criteriums and is a good all round wheel. Being light and aero, it accelerates quickly too.

However, if you were looking for a race and training wheel, then the RC45 Evo’s are a great set for racing on (carbon) and then for training, you won’t go wrong with the budget priced AR24’s.

1. Cero AR (Alloy) 24 Evo (stands for evolution) Alloy wheelset (Guide Price: £249.00)

An upgraded lighter, tubeless ready, wider profiled rim, the AR24 accommodates a variety of tyre widths which was high on the priority list when designing the Evo range. Pair this with Sapim D-Light spokes fitted as standard and the weight drops from an already impressive 1550g to a class leading 1462g. All before you lose the weight of your old tubes!

Use: Suitable for on and off road riding and easily light enough for race day duty. All round wheel!
Tubeless Ready: Yes
Freehub: Shimano (SRAM) and Campagnolo
Weight (pair): 1462 gms
Bearings: Sealed
Rim Width: 22mm
Spokes: Sapin D Light (20F/24R)
Hub: Cero 7075 Alloy
Rim Depth: 24mm (alloy)

2. Cero AR30 Evo Wheelset 2017 (Guide Price: £349.00)

The all new AR30 Evo is the culmination of 18 months development to improve on the multiple award winning and bestselling AR30 wheelset. The AR30 Evo features a tubeless ready rim profile with an outer measurement of 22mm and inner of 17.4.

This allows better fitment of a wider tyre improving the aerodynamics, comfort and rolling resistance. The new lightweight Cero hub with Sapim’s range topping and renowned CX ray spoke via the straight pull fitment to the rim increases stiffness, strength whilst reducing weight.

The freehub body fitted now features an anti-bite guard to avoid any slight movement in the connection between cassette and wheel, again increasing reliability and durability. This is a wheel a lot of riders take into the mountains but equally, use in criteriums as well.

Use: A top end alloy aero road wheel you can use for training or racing. This is the lightest wheel in the range and with the extra depth, they are more aero and stiffer than the AR 24.
Tubeless Ready: Yes
Freehub: Shimano (SRAM) and Campagnolo
Weight (pair): 1433gm
Bearings: Double sealed
Spokes: Sapin CX-Ray (20F/20R)
Hub: Cero 6061 alloy
Rim Depth: 30mm (alloy)

3. Cero RC45 Evo Carbon Clincher Wheelset 2017 (Guide Price: £825.00)

The Cero RC45 Evo has been built purely with speed and performance in mind, designed and tested by professional and ex professional riders from the very first prototype all the way through to our final product. The wheels come into their own when nudged above 20mph – ideal for pacey group rides and racing or just simply giving your friends a hard time on the local chain gang.

Use: This is an out and out race wheel. Being a deep section 45mm, it is stiff and light and aero too (stable in cross winds).
Freehub: Shimano (SRAM) and Campagnolo
Tubeless Ready: No (requires standard clincher/tube)
Weight (pair): 1475g
Bearings: double sealed
Spokes: Range topping Sapim CX-Ray (20F/20R)
Hub: 6061 alloy
Rim Depth: 45mm (carbon)
(Provided with rim specific brake pads for enhanced braking performance)

4. Cero RC45 (Guide Price: £649.00)

All new British designed and tested Cero RC45 carbon clincher wheels are a result of 12 months of development to improve on our award winning Cero RC50. Our RC45 road carbon wheels benefit from a wider 23.5mm rim to improve the stiffness of the wheel and integration with a wider tire. The RC45 carbon wheels weigh in at feathery 1485g (+/- 1%) and use the world renowned Sapim CX-Ray spoke and our 298g Cero hub set, the overall result is uncompromising performance with lighting fast speed and stability.

Tubeless Ready: No
Freehub: Shimano (SRAM) and Campagnolo
Weight (pair): 1485g
Bearings: double seal
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray (20F/24R)
Hub: 7075 alloy
Rim Depth: 45mm (carbon)

5. Cero ARD23 (Guide Price: £349.00) (disc brakes)

A Cero alloy disc brake wheel. As with all their wheels, these are hand assembled by professionals with years of experience and knowledge. Sharing the same attention to detail as our award winning rim brake wheels and focusing on a balance of lightweight, stiffness and the supreme ride quality Cero wheels are famous for, the ARD23 disc brake wheels are the perfect upgrade to take your cycling to the next level.

Use: A wheel for the road as well as cyclo-cross.
Tubeless Ready: Yes
Freehub: Shimano (SRAM) and Campagnolo
Weight (pair): 1495g
Bearings: Sealed
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ra (24F/24)
Hub: 7075 Alloy
Rim Depth: 23mm (Alloy)

6. Cero CRD38 (Guide Price: £599.75)

Use: A deep section carbon rim for race bikes with disc brakes for racing or training. Being a disc brake wheel, riders don’t wear the rims out so you can ride them all year round.
Tubeless Ready: No
Freehub: Shimano (SRAM) and Campagnolo
Weight (pair): 1545g
Bearings: Sealed
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray (24F/24R)
Hub: 7075 Alloy
Rim Depth: 38mm (Carbon)

Note: Optional Extra

Cero RC45 King Wheelset (pre order only) – £1,750.00 – This premium carbon wheelset by Cero will let you add that class to your bike. The Cero RC45 King wheelset uses the high quality Cero RC45 Evo carbon rim partnered with Sapim C-Xray spokes and now supplied with the highest quality hubs in the market by Chris King. These are handbuilt and made to order. Different hub colours are available with the Cero King wheelset.

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