Feature: Hand Built Wheels

A new supporter on the website – The Happy Cog – build wheels by hand. Read more …

Feature: Hand Built Wheels

They say that you should ‘Do One thing and do it well’. Well, the ONE thing that we do well is hand building bicycle wheels says Fraser at the Happy Cog.

Wheels built by The Happy Cog are built with the highest professional integrity, to the highest standards, using only quality components. We build wheels for you to race on, to ride across Europe on, to train on, to get you out in all weathers, on-road, off-road, disc, non-disc, tubs, tubeless, fat or thin.

We believe in using components that we use and trust ourselves and therefore feel comfortable and confident selling to our customers.

Our wheels have graced the top step of the British National CX podium and the top of Mont Ventoux, they’ve been ridden to and from work and they’ve been strapped into turbo trainers. We build our wheels for a purpose, you just need to tell us what that purpose is.

Don’t let all this talk of podiums and Alpine adventures fool you though, our handbuilt wheels start from £375 a pair and are quite at home being a reliable, dependable wheel set for everyday use.

Our CX race wheels are popular on the ‘cross circuit, plenty of our wheels can be found going round and round and round and round a ‘cross course most winter Sundays, and for the rest of the year thrashing about the trails before being put to the test again come September and the 3 Peaks…

The Happy Cog is tiny, and we like it that way, no investors, no board meetings and ultimately no nonsense. If you speak to anyone in the workshop, it’s likely to be me, Fraser or if your lucky, Ed our underpaid bff. Our workshop is just outside Edinburgh.

We ride locally and in the Borders so our wheels are tested on a variety of terrain from Trail Centres to the local bike lanes and we’re confident in their ability to stand up to anything they’re designed for. We do a lot of business via email and social media so don’t be afraid to get in touch via your keyboards, we’ll reply as promptly as we can, it’s often within minutes and it’s never days.
Sometimes a phone call is best to nail down the specifics but most of the time we can do it all by the power of type ( or emoji’s if you’re that way inclined ).

So to sum it all up: We hand build great wheels for your bike, we are lovely to deal with, we always do our best, we’ve loads of experience and we love a bit of cyclocross ( and everything else tbh, but ‘cross is just weird enough to keep us amused ).

Keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as thehappycog. We also occassionaly create how-to video’s that you can find on YouTube and Facebook.

Please feel free to get in touch via email, txt/call 07871263 469 or on one of our social media channels.

Of course we have a website too www.thehappycog.co.uk as well as our CX biased online shop.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/thehappycog

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehappycog/