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Estrella Bikes specialise in high quality carbon fibre frames and bespoke builds. Whether it’s for track racing, road racing, time trials, sportives or cyclo-cross; Estrella Bikes have it covered with their unique looking bikes.

The Estrella Bikes story started way back in the mid 80s when two 15 year old teammates struggling to put together suitable bikes to race on, fed up with the excessive price tags on the high-end products, made a pledge that one day they would start their own bike company and make quality bikes affordable.

Over the next few years, both of them suffered life changing setbacks, pushing them off in two very different directions. One of them, Rob Ellis, became a much respected engineer, working with clients such as NASA, McLaren and Rolls Royce.

The other, Darren Kenny, became a highly decorated Paralympic cyclist with an impressive haul of gold medals from the Paralympic Games and World Championships (with Rob giving help and support in the background).

It’s that expertise that make them the perfect pairing to fulfil the dream of producing top quality bikes at a price that means they are available to most. In 2009, Darren started Estrella Bikes, making lovely one-off bikes, more as a hobby and a way to learn and make connections until the time was right to go full scale. A chat over coffee in the spring of 2015, made them both realise that the time had arrived to get back together and use their individual expertise and expand Estrella bikes.

Estrella Bikes was re-born and built on the principles they’d decided 30 years earlier; Quality, Affordability, Classic Style, 5 Star Customer Service and Mutual Trust . Hence the five star logo!

Feature interview with Darren Kenny of Estrella Bikes

Note, when it comes to build options: Customers can choose from a standard bike build to a bespoke one including popular groups sets Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM. Each Estrella bike is hand assembled to order paying particular attention to detail. There are many colour options to choose from throughout the range all of which are not groupset dependant meaning you can ‘have it your way’

The Bikes

Piste (track frame) (New)!

A new addition to the Estrella Bikes range is the Piste model manufactured from Toray T800 carbon. The design of this frame has had a lot of input from multi World Champion on the track and multi medal winning Paralympian; Darren Kenny.

Many of the requirements for this model have been passed down from Darren so you can be assured of race proven pedigree with the Piste. Some of the key points are maximum rigidity and durability, along with an integrated stem (as an option) and headset for maximum aerodynamics.

Adjustable rear-facing dropouts with stainless steel inserts and rear stay profiles add to give the best combination of weight, stiffness and aerodynamics. Also, we have introduced a saddle rail that offers a wide range of lengths to allow the optimum racing position on the track.

This model is currently available as frame only and comes complete with headset, carbon seat post, full carbon forks and steerer. Carbon extensions, base bar, arm rests and stem come as an option on this frameset.

Clasica (road bike):

As the name suggests, this Estrella model is a classic style road racing bike.

It is built with Toray T800 carbon and the design of it takes full advantage of Toray’s world class grade carbon achieving stiffness at critical points whilst the remaining carbon layup dampens much of the road noise making for a smoother ride. Only recently, the Clasica gained a podium position in the Junior Kuurne – Brussels – Kuurne one day classic, so it is just as happy being raced over cobbles as it taking part in a sportive through the lanes.

The endurance geometry features a more relaxed riding position, with a slightly taller head tube that helps maintain a comfort that can be enjoyed for long days on the bike and reducing lower back stress.

The Clasica also provides an optimised central riding position for improved stability. This position also enhances the overall handling characteristics. Whilst you don’t have to ride the Clasica fast, to enjoy everything it has to offer, going quick lets you know it will spring into life when you want it to whilst you enjoy the effortless motion and crisp handling. The ideal choice for riders looking for a competitively priced, well balanced, quick, robust and race-worthy road machine.

The bike is compatible with both mechanical and electronic groupsets.

Ligero (aero road bike):

This super responsive aero and rigid carbon frame with Toray T800 is perfectly balanced to leave you in total control both when accelerating and braking as well as descending technical descents. The bike’s Cero RC45 carbon clinchers cut through the air whilst remaining stable in cross winds. The frame comes with a sleek aero full carbon seatpost and aero handlebars and is the flagship model of the range.

Much of the focus for this model was on power transmission, which was improved by optimizing the bottom bracket and the chainstays. Newly shaped carbon fibre tubes on the upper, seat and head tube greatly improve the aerodynamics and rigidity of the Ligero frame.

The bottom bracket area has been designed incorporating a direct mount brake which also aids reducing the drag. Darren Kenny says of the bike “The bike has the perfect balance of lightweight responsiveness, stiff power transfer and second to none handling. It’s a bike that feels like it’s driving itself forward with the urgency to cross that finish line first”.

This model is compatible with both mechanical and electronic groupsets.

Liso Disc (disc brake):

The Liso Disc is the brands flagship disc brake bike and the frame is made from T800 carbon and its design focus is providing comfort without compromising performance.

With disc brakes, the bike’s ability to stop in all weather is as good as it gets. The remarkably sturdy down tube and wide chain stays ensure all the power is transmitted to the road whilst the flat profile seat tubes and the absence of a brake bridge allows comforting flex whilst in the saddle.

The bike really comes alive when it’s time to get a move on whether it’s applying the power in the saddle or out of it. The bike is as stiff and as tough as a bike needs to be to perform at the highest level.

Fugaz V2 (Time Trial):

The Fugaz V2 is the successor to the Fugaz V1 and is Estrella Bike’s ultimate time trial weapon. They have incorporated a slightly wider stance of the flattened stays and fork which creates a clear zone for turbulence caused as the wheels turn.

The rear brake caliper sits behind the bottom bracket and is covered by a shroud whilst the front calliper is nestled within the front fork making it aerodynamically efficient.

The Fugaz V2 is the successor to the Fugaz V1 with some major changes to the overall aerodynamics to give you the edge on your competitors. The Fugaz V2 combines maximum aerodynamics and most modern design. The greatest progress has been made with the redesign of the stem, handlebar and brake integration, where the initial contact is made with the wind.

There is no longer the traditional handlebar clamp, but a directing mounting system. This allows a low height to reduce the frontal area to obtain an important aerodynamic advantage.

The main tubes and intersecting points of the seat post clamp, bottom bracket and head tube have been moulded to cut through the wind yet still remain as comfortable as possible and it has a longer wheelbase to handle better in cross winds.

The flight deck comprises of incorporated flat bars and stem and whilst the bar width and the extension width are fixed, everything else is adjustable such as fore-aft and lateral adjustment of the arm rests.

Every full build or frame only purchase comes supplied as frame, forks, seat post, stem, base bar, arm rests and extensions.

Fangoso (Cyclo-cross/Gravel):

Built from Toray T800 carbon fibre, the bike is both lightweight and strong. It is designed to perform at the highest level and has been ridden at the highest level in cyclo-cross gaining a national medal and many wins along the way. The chunky front forks are designed and built to withstand the rigors of off road riding/racing. The head-tube angles provide the rider with precise control over the handling of the bike over various surfaces.

The rear stays bow both inwards and outwards, meeting at the top in a wishbone configuration which provides just the right amount of flex to absorb the impact from the rough stuff whilst maintaining the stiffness needed for performance riding and can cater up to a 40mm tyre width.

The Fangoso frame is available by special order for either thru-axel or quick release hubs and a variety of bike build options.

The frames are finished in high gloss to aid cleaning after those extra muddy days and is available in both red/white and red/green/white

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