Startlist: Roy Thame Cup

This Saturday sees two long running events promoted by Hemel Hempstead CC, the Spring Chicken and Roy Thame Cup – here are the start lists

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Startlist: Roy Thame Cup

Race HQ: The Royal Latin School, Brookfield Lane, Buckingham, MK18 1AX

Roy Thame Cup (approx 120km)
1 Karl Baillie Bryan Steel academy 2nd
2 Thomas Booth Bryan Steel academy 2nd
3 Luke Hind Bryan Steel academy 2nd
4 David Ogg Bryan Steel academy 2nd
5 George Sewell Bryan Steel academy 2nd
6 Sam Smith Bryan Steel academy 3rd
7 Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield Elite
8 Daniel Pullen Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 1st
9 Charlie Renshaw Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 1st
10 Louis Szymanski Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 1st
11 Harry Yates Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 2nd
12 Matthew Exley Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 1st
13 Elliot Haigh Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 2nd
14 William Scott Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 1st
15 Jack Steel-Jessop Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 2nd
16 Ollie Taylor Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 1st
17 Daniel Shoobridge High Wycombe Cycling Club 3rd
18 Russell Downing Holdsworth Pro Racing 1st
19 Seid Lidze Holdsworth Pro Racing Int
20 Leon Mazzone Holdsworth Pro Racing 1st
21 Tom Mazzone Holdsworth Pro Racing Elite
22 Mattia Viel Holdsworth Pro Racing Int
23 Jake Womersley Holdsworth Pro Racing 2nd
24 George Atkins Madison Genesis 2nd
25 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis Elite
26 George Pym Madison Genesis Elite
27 Connor Swift Madison Genesis Elite
28 Sam Walsham Maxx RT (Maxx Road Team) 2nd
29 Edmund Bishop Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven RT 1st
30 Dean Corney Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven RT 2nd
31 Jack Freeman Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven RT 2nd
32 Craig Wilson Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven RT 1st
33 Dante Carpenter Morvelo Basso RT 1st
34 Ryan Smith Morvelo Basso RT 2nd
35 Anthony Anderson Nuun-Sigma Sports-London 1st
36 Henry Latimer Nuun-Sigma Sports-London 1st
37 Richard Mardle Nuun-Sigma Sports-London 2nd
38 James Moss Nuun-Sigma Sports-London 1st
39 Lee Smith Nuun-Sigma Sports-London 1st
40 Dylan Thomas Nuun-Sigma Sports-London Elite
41 Peter Cocker Richardsons-Trek RT 1st
42 Oliver Maxwell Richardsons-Trek RT Elite
43 Joshua Outram Richardsons-Trek RT 1st
44 Jake Alderman Saint Piran 1st
45 William Harper Saint Piran 1st
46 Steve Lampier Saint Piran Elite
47 Matt Langworthy Saint Piran 1st
48 Frazier Carr Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 1st
49 Douglas Coleman Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 1st
50 Rupert Graham Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 1st
51 Jake Hales Spirit Tifosi Racing Team Elite
52 Anthony Moye Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 1st
53 Michael Smith Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 2nd
54 Jamie Lloyd Team Corley Cycles 2nd
55 Kieran Brady Team KTM UK 1st
56 Callum Ferguson Team KTM UK 1st
57 Joe Hill Team KTM UK 1st
58 David Kovacs Team KTM UK Int
59 Fraser Rounds Team KTM UK 1st
60 Andrew Turner Team KTM UK Elite
Start List – Roy Thame Cup
61 Max Hale Team Milton Keynes 2nd
62 Adam Strudwick Team Milton Keynes 2nd
63 Vojtech Blazejovsky Velo Schils – Interbike RT 1st
64 Cameron Foster Velo Schils – Interbike RT Elite
65 Ryan Allen Verulam – 2nd
66 Clay Davies Verulam – 2nd
67 Luke Houghton Verulam – 2nd
68 Paul McGrath Verulam – 2nd
69 Michael Parry Verulam – 1st
70 Marcel Six Verulam – 2nd
71 Andy Whale Verulam – 2nd
72 Elliott Joseph Watford Velo Sport 2nd
73 Harry Savell Watford Velo Sport 2nd
74 Matthew Clarke Wheelbase Castelli MGD 1st
75 Matthew Alder ZeroBC 3rd
76 Patrick Biel ZeroBC 2nd
77 Gregory Fitzek ZeroBC 2nd
78 Ben Kenneally ZeroBC 2nd
79 Adam Lowe ZeroBC 2nd
80 Andrew Wilde ZeroBC 2nd

81 Ashley Cox Nopinz Elite
82 Joshua Curtis Pedalworks Performance Team 1st
83 Mike Wragg CC Luton 2nd
84 William Bourne WyndyMilla 2nd
85 Andrew Critchlow WyndyMilla 1st
86 Graham Crow WyndyMilla 1st
87 Oliver Peckover Team KTM UK 1st
88 Zachery May Wales Racing Academy 1st
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Spring Chicken Road Race Rider List (approx 70km)
1 Christy Tabrett 700CC 3rd
2 Toby Franks Abingdon Race Team 3rd
3 Darren Milligan Abingdon Race Team 3rd
4 Mark Sharratt Abingdon Race Team 3rd
5 Daniel Ferguson Amersham Road Cycling Club 4th
6 Michael Ing Amersham Road Cycling Club 3rd
7 Mark Perkins Amersham Road Cycling Club 3rd
8 Jonathan Williams Amersham Road Cycling Club 3rd
9 Oliver Bates Beds Road Race Team 3rd
10 Matthew Buckle Berkhamsted Cycling Club 3rd
11 Phil Talbot Bicester Millennium CC 4th
12 Samuel Brown Broughton Cycling Group 4th
13 Ali Cigari Cowley Road Condors 3rd
14 Stephen Johnson Cowley Road Condors 3rd
15 Thomas Nightingale Cowley Road Condors 3rd
16 Ian Studley Cowley Road Condors 3rd
17 Jennifer Andrews Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 2nd
18 Martin Lawless Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 3rd
19 David Wells Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA) 3rd
20 Adam Butlin EvoVelo Karbona 3rd
21 Daniel Butlin EvoVelo Karbona 3rd
22 Thomas Ford EvoVelo Karbona 3rd
23 Alexi Edwards Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 3rd
24 Billy Fadden Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 3rd
25 Riley Searle Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 3rd
26 Simon Hall Gregarios Superclub Ciclista 3rd
27 Thomas Saminaden Gregarios Superclub Ciclista 3rd
28 Alex Boyce GS Henley 4th
29 Oliver Hucks High Wycombe Cycling Club 3rd
30 Samuel Hucks High Wycombe Cycling Club 4th
31 Huw Richards High Wycombe Cycling Club 3rd
32 Jamie Strachan High Wycombe Cycling Club 3rd
33 Nick Morgan Hitchin Nomads CC 3rd
34 David Rickels Hitchin Nomads CC 3rd
35 Ian Loades Hoops Velo 3rd
36 Samuel Clark I-Team Cyclists’ Club 3rd
37 Jeremy Godfrey Icknield Road Club 3rd
38 Samuel Roper Loughborough Students CC 3rd
39 Robert Abbey Lovelo Cinelli RT 3rd
40 Nick Clarke Lovelo Cinelli RT 3rd
41 Thomas Clarke Palmer Park Velo 3rd
42 Kevin Chandler Pedalworks Performance Team 3rd
43 Matt J Smith Port Talbot Wheelers 3rd
44 Jonathan Jones Reading CC 3rd
45 Toby Loveday Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC) 4th
46 Peter Medhurst Royal Leamington Spa CC (RLSCC) 3rd
47 David Beesley Shutt Ridley RT 3rd
48 George Day Shutt Ridley RT 3rd
49 Kieran Munday Shutt Ridley RT 3rd
50 Luke Souter Shutt Ridley RT 3rd
51 Lubomir Belak St Ives CC 3rd
52 Joshua Ibbett St Ives CC 3rd
53 Evan Carter Team Corley Cycles 3rd
54 Milo Chapman Team Corley Cycles 3rd
55 Sam Skeggs Team Corley Cycles 3rd
56 Jacob Tresham Team Corley Cycles 3rd
57 Erin Baker Team Milton Keynes 3rd
58 Nick Day Team Milton Keynes 3rd
59 Lewis Muncaster Team Milton Keynes 3rd
60 Steven Wootton Team Milton Keynes 3rd
61 Frazer Glew Team Signum 3rd
62 Joshua Knowles Team Vision Innovative Leisure 3rd
63 Cameron Tappin Team Vision Innovative Leisure 3rd
64 Aaron Beard Thames Velo 4th
65 Peter Chapman Thames Velo 3rd
66 Philip Mosley Thames Velo 3rd
67 Jules Bernie VC10 4th
68 Peter Christopher VC10 3rd
69 Reuben Bishop VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse 4th
70 Jack Webster VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse 3rd
71 Andrew Cross Velo-One Cycling Team 3rd
72 John Jones Verulam – 3rd
73 Cody Nelson Verulam – 3rd
74 Gary Nugent Verulam – 3rd
75 Sam Reed Verulam – 3rd
76 Martyn Wisken Watford Velo Sport 3rd
77 Robin Basford WyndyMilla 3rd
78 Joe Baker ZeroBC Development Team 3rd
79 Harvey Weinberger ZeroBC Development Team 3rd
80 Daniel Gullefer 700CC 3rd

81 Bob McGlue High Wycombe Cycling Club 3rd
82 Jack Webb Army Cycling Union 3rd
83 Emmanuel Arthur Finsbury Park CC 3rd
84 Rickard Barbet Rapha Cycling Club 3rd
85 Benjamin Ryder Rapha Cycling Club 3rd
86 Peter Boyce Team Senza Limiti 4th






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