News: 2018 Litherland Circuit League

The Litherland Circuit League are pleased to announce the 9th series of events will start on Wednesday the 11th April 2018

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News: 2018 Litherland Circuit League

The Litherland Circuit League are pleased to announce the 9th series of events will start on Wednesday the 11th April 2018 and will continue every Wednesday evening until the 22nd August 2018 and Dolan Bikes will again be sponsoring the series.

The programme of events each evening will be as follows:

– Youth categories D and E for girls and boys 6:15 pm

– Youth categories A, B and C for girls and boys 6:30 pm

– All Women categories including Junior Ladies (25 mins) 7:00 pm

– Senior males & Junior males – 3rd and 4th categories (25 mins) 7.00 pm

– Elite, First, Second and Third categories including Youth A riders with a current BC dispensation
and All Women categories except 4th category women category riders (50 minutes duration) 7:30 pm
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As riding of bikes is NOT permitted in the Litherland Sports car park because of safety concerns by Sefton Council competitors, will have a minimum of five minutes warm up period and familiarisation of the circuit prior to the start of the events but they must wait until the Commissaire at the entrance/exit to the circuit gives the OK for riders to enter onto the circuit.

After each evening’s racing, the Litherland Circuit League Recorder will award points as per the Litherland League Points schedule, available on the Merseyside Cycling Development Group (MCDG) website

The riders Registration Fees and Entry Fees for 2018 are shown on the rider’s registration form and will be available on the MCDG website. As every race is entry on the day only, riders can register on their first night of attendance but it will help greatly if, as many as possible riders could register on the following BC “on line” link:

or send a completed and signed registration form together with their cheque to the LCL treasurer at least seven days prior to their first night’s racing at Litherland to allow for any postal delays. His address is shown on the bottom of this item.

Riders registration fees are cheaper if, their club/racing team is registered to the Litherland Circuit League for 2018.
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To encourage more riders in the Youth D and E categories for both girls and boys to attend there is no registration fee for the 2018 series. Due to legal reasons however, the Litherland League Committee will still require a registration form to be completed and signed by the parent/guardian for these two categories before competitors numbers can be issued.

A reminder as the light conditions are especially very limited on the first four events of this year’s series although riders can register on their first night of their attendance it would be very much appreciated if, competitors could register as soon as possible either by post or via the link for registering for the series by using the “on line” link shown above.

Youth A riders with a current BC dispensation will be allowed to race in the final event of the evening providing they have obtained the Chief Commissaire’s approval after showing him their BC dispensation prior to signing on and before being allocated a competitor’s number for this event. These riders will be classified as part of the 2nd/3rd junior category table for the Litherland Circuit League points competition.

To take some of the pressure off the local clubs who provide the stewards for the twenty weeks of racing the League Committee are looking for parents and friends of riders who would be able to assist with some of the stewarding duties on these nights. If, you know of anyone who would like to help on particular nights of the series would please ask them to contact the League Secretary so that they can give their details and the dates of the evenings they would be available to help. As a small thank you, the League Committee do provide the stewards with free tea/coffee on the nights of their assistance with the running of the events.

For any further information required please contact the Litherland Circuit League General Secretary:
Paul Paterson,
Contact Number: 07954   316  151
Email Address:





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