Result: Cull Cup and Duncan Sparrow RR

Savannah Morgan, Hamish Graham and Thomas Cornwell winners at the Cull Cup and Duncan Sparrow Road Races at Pimbo on March 11

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Result: Cull Cup and Duncan Sparrow RR

1 Savannah Morgan YRDP 2nd
2 Illi Gardner VELOFLOW CC 3rd
3 Melissa Lowther Rotor WNT E
4 Josie Knight 0 0
5 Felicity Gledhill Team 22 2nd
6 Corinne Side The Racing Chance Foundation 2nd
7 Gemma Sargent Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
8 Rosie Walsh Boompods EDCO NRG 2nd
9 Rebecca Richardson Hafren CC 3rd
10 Melissa Greaves Valley Striders CC 2nd
11 Nicola Greenwood Albion Cycling Co 2nd
12 Madeleine Scott Kuota ‐ Spinergy ‐ GSG 2nd
13 Natasha Smith Velo Schils ‐ Interbike RT 3rd
14 Katie Helsby The Racing Chance Foundation 3rd
15 Charlotte Robinson The Racing Chance Foundation 4th
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1 Hamish Graham Green Jersey RT Elite
2 Martin Lonie Nuun‐Sigma Sports‐London 2nd
3 Jim Brown PH‐MAS Paul Milnes 1st
4 Lee Brown Holmfirth CC 2nd
5 Alex Luhrs Ribble Cycling Elite
6 Michael Burke Welland Valley CC 1st
7 Matthew Holmes Madison Genesis Elite
8 Jack Barton Ribble Cycling 2nd
9 William Brown Ribble Cycling Elite
10 William Orrell‐Turner WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RT 2nd
11 Ryan Perry Drag 2 Zero 1st
12 Ben Harrison Crimson Performance Race Team 1st
13 Kieron Hotson Kingsnorth International Whlrs 2nd
14 Daniel Stevens Liverpool Century RC 2nd
15 Michael Hall TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 2nd
16 Tom Lowe Crimson Performance Race Team 1st
17 Oliver Huszar Crimson Performance Race Team 1st
18 Thomas Ashcroft Bott Cycle Team 3rd
19 Max Walker Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 2nd
20 Dillon Byrne VCUK   Elite
21 Matt Hallam Crimson Performance Race Team 2nd
22 Stephen Burns North Cheshire Clarion 2nd
23 Joseph Bowers Team Chronomaster 1st
24 Andrew Markham Lune RCC 2nd
25 Jamie Fletcher Ellan Vannin CC/Appleby 2nd
26 Michael Ashurst Onimpex Bio Racer RT 2nd
27 David Griffiths Pro Vision Scotland 2nd
28 Thomas Bustard Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 1st
29 David Price Chorlton Velo 2nd
30 Ross Clark dooleys cycles 2nd
31 Adam Darbyshire VCUK 1st
32 Ryan Pike Onimpex Bio Racer RT 2nd
33 Martin Woffindin Secret‐ 2nd
34 Tom Rigby Croston Velo 2nd
35 Adam Scarffe Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 2nd
36 Roger Leather Bott Cycle Team 3rd
37 Philip Jones Crimson Performance Race Team 3rd
38 James Claydon Bill Nickson Cycles RT 1st
39 Ashley Marshall Prologue Racing Team 2nd
40 James Noonan Hoppers Rollers 2nd
41 Elliot Reed N‐Fuse Identity Racing 2nd
42 Andrew Disley Team KTM UK 1st
43 Kristian Zentek Team Chronomaster 2nd
44 Hayden Allen THRE Datawolves RT 2nd
45 Samuel Jackson 0 2nd
46 Nicholas Cooper 0 2nd
47 Chris Roberts Roberts Hafren CC 2nd
48 David Bolland Kingsnorth International Whlrs Elite
49 Benjamin Trippier Crimson Performance Race Team 1st
50 Luke Jackson Harry Middleton Cycling Club 2nd

51 Ryan Ellis THRE Datawolves RT 2nd
52 Julian Varley Team KTM UK 2nd
53 Ross Prescott N‐Fuse Identity Racing 2nd
54 Daniel Nieto TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 1st
55 Charlie Critchley High On Bikes 2nd
56 Richard Butler Kendal Cycle Club 2nd
57 Anthony Greenhalgh Team Chronomaster 2nd
58 Lee Carter Ribble Valley CRC 3rd
59 Cameron Jeffers Saint Piran 1st
60 Callum Belfield Team ASL‐Bolton 2nd
61 Tom Whalley High Peak Cycles RT 2nd
62 Steven Fidler 3C Payment sports 2nd
63 Aaron Denver BodyTorq Racing 2nd
64 Isaac Appleby Cheshire Maverick CC 2nd
65 Declan Hudson Liverpool Century RC 2nd
66 Alex Harvey Team KTM UK 2nd
67 Cavan Walker Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
68 Ash Coning N‐Fuse Identity Racing 2nd
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Category 3/4
1 Thomas Cornwell In Gear Quickvit CC 3rd
2 Christopher Quin Onimpex Bio Racer RT 3rd
3 Tosh Teare Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 3rd
4 Chris Spencer Omnipex Bioracer 3rd
5 Ben Christian Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 3rd
6 Adam Baines Team Chronomaster 3rd
7 Andrew Harwood BodyTorq Racing 3rd
8 Karl Smith Bott Cycle Team 3rd
9 Matthew Warhurst High Peak Cycles RT 3rd
10 Bobby Horton Green Jersey RT 3rd
11 Mark Hassall Surface Design Racing 3rd
12 Charles Paige Green Jersey RT 3rd
13 Thomas Stewart Liverpool Centuary 3rd
14 Gary Bury Chorlton Velo 3rd
15 Harry Cain Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 3rd
16 Stephen Talbot Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 3rd
17 Christopher Morgan St Helens CRC 3rd
18 Henry James Team SB Hub 3rd
19 Christopher Humphries St Helens CRC 4th
20 John Hines 3C Payment sports 3rd
21 Tristan Pilling Team SB Hub 3rd
22 Aaron Tonks Hoppers Rollers 3rd
23 Rafe Williams Allen Valley Velo 3rd
24 Ben Palmer Surface Design Racing 3rd
25 Matthew Lovelady Royal Air Force CA 3rd
26 Colin Hodgson St Helens Cycle Racing Club 0
27 Mark Halloway Transition 3rd
28 Samuel Carmichael Innovation Racing 3rd
29 Benjamin Gannon St Helens CRC 4th
30 Chris Vaughan Hoppers Rollers 3rd
31 Thomas Hanlon Harry Middleton Cycling Club 3rd
32 Mark Laidlaw Kendal Cycle Club 3rd
33 Philip Blundell High Peak Cycles RT 3rd
34 Ben Lewis Marsh Tracks Racing ‐ Trek 3rd
35 Daniel Sowerby Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 3rd
36 Sam Ashely Wheelbase RT 3rd
37 Tony Shaw 0 4th
38 Martin Watson Chorlton Velo 4th
39 David Stammers Team ASL‐Bolton 3rd
40 William Young Tunstall Whls CC 4th
41 Mark Dziobon Lancashire RC 3rd
42 Sam Dobson Team SB Hub 3rd
43 Guy Jones Harry Middleton Cycling Club 3rd
44 Teddy Weyman Rapha Cycling Club 4th
45 Simon Mulholland Hoppers Rollers 3rd
46 Andrew Smith Seamons CC 3rd
47 Kieren Turner‐Owen 0 4th
48 Joseph Tivey Holmfirth Cycling Club 3rd
49 Edward Chadwick High Peak Cycles RT 4th
50 Simon Deeley Southport CC 3rd
51 Neil Hughes Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle Club 4th
52 Lewis Kincart Kendal Cycle Club 3rd
53 Ben Granger Kendal Cycle Club 3rd





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