Rider Chat: Q & A Marcin Bialoblocki

Steele Davis Via Roma RT may be a small team but they have a big name in Marcin Bialoblocki – we did a Q & A with the Polish star

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Rider Chat: Q & A Marcin Bialoblocki

1. After a few years racing pro events in Europe, what has been the highlight for you?
Marcin: Everything in the last two years was special. Racing in the big races alongside star riders was a big experience.

2. Was racing in Europe enjoyable or is there a lot of pressure racing there?
Marcin: Most of the time was good, but for sure there were a few times I was thinking what I’m doing here?

3. What has been the toughest pro race in Europe you did?
Marcin: 100% Giro d’Italia, can’t beat that … I think is no need to explain why …

4. Did racing in Europe mean being away from home and if so, how much time did you get to spend at home when not racing?
Marcin: Yes. Was lots of time away from home. The longest time away was one month but most of the time, week out, week in.

5. Did you have freedom to race for good results for yourself or were you limited to riding for other riders?
Marcin: I have few chance for myself but more often I was helping my team mates.
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6. What is the best thing about returning to racing in Britain?
Marcin: There is more chance to win races as I think it is nicer to win British a race than just finish a European one.

7. You have won road races, crits and time trials here in Britain, what are you looking forward to racing in 2018?
Marcin: To do it all again!

8. How important will racing time trials be for you and do you have any time trial events you want to do well in?
Marcin: I have big time trial plans for 2018 thanks to the freedom from Steel Davis via Roma (who also support me in my TT program). I will do TTs under different team name …

9. Is racing for Grant and the team like returning to the days when you started racing in Britain?
Marcin: Is not much change to be honest. Is good fun to be around and they all great characters. We have good atmosphere and it is relaxed as it was before.

10. Are there some key events in Britain you want enjoy doing and want to race in 2018?
Marcin: I like all Britain races …big or small, they all good.






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