Results: Halifax Circuit Races 1

Bruce Johnston, Chloe Hinchliffe and Bruce Johnston winners at the first of the circuit races at Halifax in Yorkshire on Saturday (March 24)

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Results: Halifax Circuit Races 1

Cat 3/4
1 Bruce Johnston Leicestershire Road Club
2 Shaun Dolby Geared Up & CN Cycles RT
3 Darren Cole RPD Racing
4 Michael Brown Geared Up & CN Cycles RT
5 Joseph Romain Giant Halifax Race Team
6 Harry Walshaw Shibden Cycling Club
7 Chris Emsley All Terrain Cycles Ride In Pea…
8 Peter Boyd Albarosa Cycling Club
9 James Little Holmfirth Cycling Club
10 Scott Wolfenden Pedalsport Cycling Club
11 Joe Coukham Shibden Cycling Club
12 Tom Whitworth Huddersfield Star Wheelers
13 James Quixall Geared Up & CN Cycles RT
14 Thomas McRoyall North Cheshire Clarion
15 Glen Hale Holmfirth Cycling Club
16 Adam Quixall Geared Up & CN Cycles RT
17 Michael Mcgoldrick
18 Philip Hinchliffe Holmfirth Cycling Club
19 Anna Docherty Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles
20 Ashley Reynolds Valley Striders CC
21 Matthew McGrath Lancashire RC
22 Edward Shone
23 Adam Connellan Calder Clarion CC
24 Thomas Potter All Terrain Cycles Ride In Pea…
25 Oliver Ingham Paceline Cycles North
26 Bradley Tierney
27 Shaun Harding Pedalsport Cycling Club
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U16 Boys
1 Marcus Hiley Giant Halifax Race Team
2 George Wood North Midlands Youth Squad
3 Daniels Kucerjavijs Mossley CRT
4 Tom Sheard Pedalsport Cycling Club
5 Harrison Lee Hetton Hawks Cycling Club
6 Daniel Hepton East Bradford CC
7 Liam Davison East Bradford CC
8 Joe Spivey Hull Thursday RC
9 Lewis Dobbing Ribble Cycling
10 Henry Hollyman Kirklees Cycling Academy
11 Joe Mitchell Holmfirth Cycling Club
12 George Radcliffe Otley CC
13 Dylan Kay Bronte Tykes Cycling Club

U16 Girls
1 Chloe Hinchliffe Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 Millie Yates Holmfirth Cycling Club
3 Charlotte Fox Clifton CC
4 Laura Ibbotson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
5 Tia Sheldon North Midlands Youth Squad

U14 Boys
1 Sam Hollis Albarosa Cycling Club
2 Timothy Lane Kirklees Cycling Academy
3 Joe Waterfield Clifton CC
4 Charles Engley Albarosa Cycling Club
5 Alex Beldon Ilkley Cycling Club
6 Ben Marsh Matlock CC
7 Ben Ramsden East Bradford CC
8 Ethan Roberts-Cutts North Midlands Youth Squad
9 Oliver Coughlan Pedalsport Cycling Club
10 Seb Cliffe Ilkley Cycling Club
11 Ryan Williams North Midlands Youth Squad
12 Thomas Miller Clifton CC
13 Harry Ellison Pedalsport Cycling Club
14 Joseph Whitworth Huddersfield Star Wheelers
15 Callum Watson East Bradford CC

U14 Girls
1 Amy Mourne Huddersfield Star Wheelers
2 Harriet Breakey Holmfirth Cycling Club
3 Morgan Sophie Crussell Holmfirth Cycling Club
4 Masie Sheldon North Midlands Youth Squad
5 Elizabeth Gilligan Holmfirth Cycling Club

U12 Boys
1 Denholm Edwards Clifton CC
2 Patrick Casey Cycle Sport Pendle
3 Joseph Turnbull Ilkley Cycling Club
4 Tyler Green Doncaster Whls CC
5 Jamie Stewart Holmfirth Cycling Club
6 Noah Ellison Pedalsport Cycling Club
7 Seth Jackson Kirklees Cycling Academy
8 Isaac Wytchard Albarosa Cycling Club
9 Luca Bednarek Albarosa Cycling Club
10 Guy Breakey Holmfirth Cycling Club
11 Alex Hodgkins Otley CC
12 Ben Mourne Huddersfield Star Wheelers
13 Callum Wilson-Ibbotson Huddersfield Star Wheelers
14 Jack Sunderland Pedalsport Cycling Club

U12 Girls
1 Abigail Miller Clifton CC
2 Amelia Walton Pedalsport Cycling Club
3 Annie Denton Pedalsport Cycling Club
4 Evie Smith Pedalsport Cycling Club
5 Evie Turner Holmfirth Cycling Club
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U10 Boys
1 Ryden Hindle East Bradford CC
2 James Canham Doncaster Whls CC
3 Max Waterfield Clifton CC
4 Archie Sykes Calder Clarion CC
5 Milo Wood Holmfirth Cycling Club
6 Hugo Edwards Clifton CC
7 Elliot Roberts-Cutts
8 Eben Cousin Manchester BMX Club
9 Ethan Geall Pedalsport Cycling Club
10 Luke Mcdonnell Holmfirth Cycling Club
11 George Scholes Pedalsport Cycling Club
12 George Hughes Pedalsport Cycling Club
13 Oliver Bennett Pedalsport Cycling Club
14 Alexander Gilligan Holmfirth Cycling Club
15 Thomas Hill Pedalsport Cycling Club
16 Harry Denton Pedalsport Cycling Club

U10 Girls
1 Sofia Bednarek West Riding Track League
2 Amy Hodgkins Otley CC
3 Amelia Turner Holmfirth Cycling Club

U8 Boys
1 Billy Ladle West Riding Track League
2 Zachary Hutchinson Clifton CC
3 Ellis Geall Pedalsport Cycling Club
4 Arthur Bairstow Pedalsport Cycling Club
5 Harry Cliff Pedalsport Cycling Club
6 Noah Smith Pedalsport Cycling Club
7 Charlie McLean Holmfirth Cycling Club
8 Brodie Stewart Holmfirth Cycling Club
9 Henry Bairstow Pedalsport Cycling Club
10 Noah Scholes Pedalsport Cycling Club

U8 Girls
1 Maisie Sobo-Allen Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 Elsie Hughes Pedalsport Cycling Club
3 Elodie Geall Pedalsport Cycling Club
4 Charlotte Cliff Pedalsport Cycling Club





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