Result: Alford Wheelers 25

Alexander Colman fastest in the Alford Wheelers Open 25 mile time trial on Sunday, March 25 on the C25/10 course

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Result: Alford Wheelers 25

1 Alexander Colman Alford Whs 57:54:00 Male Senior
2 Darren Yarwood Vive Le Velo 58:25:00 Male Vet
3 Steven Guymer Squadra RT 59:01:00 Male Senior
4 Michiel Vaal Team Backstedt Bike Performance 59:08:00 Male Vet
5 Jonathan Bromfield Alford Whs 01:01:50 Male Senior
6 David Robinson Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles Racing Team 01:03:12 Male Vet
7 Steve Burrows Vive Le Velo 01:04:26 Male Vet
8 Ben Shucksmith Alford Whs 01:04:38 Male Senior
9 Jake Jackson Ellmore Factory Racing 01:05:25 Male Junior
10 Craig Lamb Alford Whs 01:05:52 Male Vet
11 Carl Jackson Ellmore Factory Racing 01:06:43 Male Vet
12 George Hackney Paintrain Lincoln 01:07:59 Male Vet
13 Peter Odling Alford Whs 01:08:25 Male Vet
14 Graham Briggs Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles Racing Team 01:08:32 Male Vet
15 Lee Thomas Team Backstedt Bike Performance 01:09:04 Male Vet
16 Richard Walker Hull Thursday RC 01:13:04 Male Vet
17 Adam Reeder Alford Whs 01:15:48 Male Senior
18 Paul Blease Alford Whs 01:19:29 Male Vet
19 Micky Pell Alford Whs 01:21:25 Male Vet
20 TRACEY Wilkinson Alford Whs 01:31:59 Female Vet


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