Result: Surrey League Road Race (Seale)

Jonathan Gales and Peter Allan winners of the two Surrey League Road Races organised by WyndyMilla on the Seale circuit near Farnham

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Result: Surrey League Road Race (Seale)

Report from Surrey League

WyndyMilla Races on the Seale Circuit
After a lengthy delay and 4 race cancellations, the Surrey League racing season has finally begun with two races held on the Seale circuit near Farnham. Both events were promoted by WyndyMilla on Sunday 8th April.

3rd cat Race
The morning race catered for the 3rd cats and started just after 09:30. As the riders made their way down the hard compacted track to the neutralised climb, which led to the circuit, the riders were greeted by cold, slippery and drizzly weather conditions – not a nice start to the race.

Once on the 3.8 mile course, the riders rode through the start/finish line and began 1 of 12 laps – total race distance of 47 miles. No sooner as they passed the lap board, Pete Allan, from the promoting club, attacked hard and took another 4 riders with him. All five riders (Pete Allan, WyndyMilla (43), Paul Hone, Addiscombe CC (2), Seb Ashton, Kingston Wheelers (17), Edward Hales, London Dynamo (19), and Freddie Loveday, WyndyMilla (44) worked well together with all taking hard pulls on the front to increase their gap.

By lap 5 the time gap to the dwindling bunch, thanks to punctures and the slippery conditions, grew to just over 2 minutes. Unfortunately, one rider from the break (Freddie) crashed on the bend coming into the finish climb. No major damage done, but he did manage to rejoin the break, but shortly after dropped back to the bunch.

As the race entered 2 laps to go, the weather had taken a turn for the worst as steady constant drizzle now turned into more pronounced rain. The 4 man break was still clear of the bunch, which now was just a mere 12 or so riders (from 19 on lap 5), working well together and never looked likely to be caught.

As the break approached the finish line for the last time, Pete attacked and took Paul with him. Both Seb and Edward couldn’t responded, but continued their efforts together for the last lap. Meanwhile the bunch was pretty much in pieces as the stronger riders decided to make a move themselves. As they approached the ’01’ on the lap board, the bunch was in two groups. A few riders were also just shy off the back as well and by the looks on their faces were spent – the short, punchy circuit was now taking it’s toll.
Riders chasing

With a chequered flag waving, wet cold hand applauding, WyndyMilla fans shouting and judges to the ready, the leading duo approached the finish line. Pete had started the sprint getting clear of Paul and therefore took the win. A great victory for himself and for WyndyMilla with Paul achieving a well deserved 2nd place. Some 30 seconds later Seb and Edward approached the line. Both looked pretty beaten, but Seb managed to hang on for 3rd with Edward crossing in 4th. A long wait entailed and it was Andy Martin, Kingston Wheelers bringing home what was left of the bunch for 5th.
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2nd/3rd cat Race
With heavy rain battering the riders even before the start of the 2nd/3rd cat, this was going to be a long day for some, but a short and disappointing day for others. With a full field of 50 riders, this race was going to be just as hard, if not harder than the morning race due to the field consisting of some strong riders, worsening weather conditions and two laps more than the 3rds (14 laps to complete).

The whole race joined the circuit as one, but after 2 laps the bunch had lost 10 riders thanks to a few spills and plenty of punctures. Also with the head of the race being very active, this kept the pace very high causing more riders some difficulty which eventually led them to be dropped. Those riders then faced a decision to make – continue on or seek warmth back at HQ.

As the laps rolled by and due to the constant pace, no breaks chipped off the front, but instead riders just lost the back of the bunch. With 4 laps to go the race consisted of 25 riders, but this dwindled further with 2 laps to go. Now the bunch was a small group of 15 and all looked liked they had been in a race. As the penultimate lap drew to a close another 3 riders tailed off leaving 12 to fight it out for the win.

With the finish line in sight, as well as wet-thru spectators, and with the prospect of a warm drink and surroundings looming, the sprint started. Jonathan Gales of Dulwich Paragon CC took the win closely followed by Matt Owen, Worx Factory Racing and George Skinner, Norwood Paragon CC with the rest of the bunch behind.

During the course of the race a groupetto formed with all riders showing grit and determination to finish the race. They eventually completed the result sheet coming in 10 minutes or so after the race leaders had finished.
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1 Jonathan Gales Dulwich Paragon CC
2 Matt Owen WORX Factory Racing
3 George Skinner Norwood Paragon CC
4 Gary Brind Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET
5 Tristan Grigalis WyndyMilla
6 Lewis Winfield VC Londres
7 Todd Hooper Onyx Racing Team
8 Jack Wyllie Norwood Paragon CC
9 Pat Wright Paceline RT
10 Oliver Richardson Twickenham CC
11 Richard Seabrook Kingston Wheelers CC
12 Ollie Rastall Farnborough & Camberley CC
13 Michael Guilford Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven …
14 Oliver Fenton Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET
15 Gavin Ash Worthing Excelsior CC
16 Mark Gower Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET
17 Richard Pearce Paceline RT
18 Adam Przedrzymirski London Dynamo
19 Ian Bray Addiscombe CC
20 Jonathan Steer Addiscombe CC
21 Charlie Heffernan Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET
22 Andrew Davis Kingston Wheelers CC
23 Elliot Sharrad-Jones Dulwich Paragon CC
24 Stuart Bettis Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET
25 Will Ranoe Morvelo Basso RT

3rd Cat only
1 Peter Allan WyndyMilla
2 Paul Hone Addiscombe CC
3 Sebastian Ashton Kingston Wheelers CC
4 Edward Hales London Dynamo
5 Andy Martin Kingston Wheelers CC
6 Joe Parker Blazing Saddles Cycles
7 Shaun King Kingston Wheelers CC
8 Jonathan Pontin Addiscombe CC
9 David Bone Racing Club Ravenna
10 Duncan Jensen Paceline RT
11 Joe Woodbury Kingston Wheelers CC
12 Tim Moody Addiscombe CC
13 Matt Cleaver Racing Club Ravenna
14 Simon Halloway Paceline RT
15 Christopher Jenkinson Evans Cycles Race Team
16 Mark Trevis VC Meudon
17 Ralph de Kanter Norwood Paragon CC
18 Andrew Stewart The Cycle Room
19 David Smith Hoops Velo
20 Mark Herbert VCGH
21 Simon Mitchell The Cycle Room
22 Sam Stewart Racing Club Ravenna
23 Chris Dodd Pearson Cycling Club
24 St.John De-Zilva WyndyMilla





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