Report/Result: Rutland – Melton CiCLE Classic

At the end of a tough 188km, Gabz Cullaigh won the 2018 Edition of the CiCLE Classic from Karol Domagalski and Koos Kers

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Report/Result: Rutland – Melton CiCLE Classic

The 2018 CiCLE Classic has been won by Gabz Cullaigh in a two up sprint between him and the Chorley GP winner, Karol Domagalski. In brief, the race, after two laps of Rutland Water was pretty ,much together until four riders escaped: Mikey Mottram, Adam Kenway, Rodriguez, Peter Kibble.

The top three of the 2018 CiCLE Classic: Koos Jeroen Kers, Gabz Cullaigh and Karol Domagalski

Early on a there was a chase, and some splits but the peloton soon regrouped and the majority of the riders who started the race were cruising behind the break as the race fell further and further behind the schedule. It wasn’t until the first passage of Somerberg that things changed and a frustrated Tom Pidcock smashed it across the sector and the lead of the break soon melted away.

After a lot of moves were coming and going, a break of seven escaped and had a minute at Stapleford Park the first time. In that break was Tom Stewart, Jonny McEvoy and Connor Swift (Madison Genesis), Gabz Cullaigh, Karol Domagalski and Koos kers.

Punctures though to Stewart, Swift and McEvoy in the next two sectors saw just three leaders and whilst Domagalski attacked and attacked to try and go it alone, Cullaigh was not letting him go anywhere and held the wheel and then outsprinted the Polish rider.


Gabz Cullaigh: “It feels good to win that. It’s just great to win especially Rutland. It’s my first time of doing it, and I know the prestige of the race so to pull off the win is amazing. Tom (Pidcock) rode brilliantly and all the lads did. We were putting the pressure on all day and once it started to split, we were throwing the attacks in so credit to all the boys in the team.”

“It was pretty chilled in the peloton for most of the race and we weren’t worried about the break. So much happed after Tom smashed it across Somerberg it’s hard to remember it all! It was all over the place and then at Somerberg the second time, it came back together and was a bit chilled, so I went, and that was the start of the winning break with Jonny Mc and Tom Stewart there and then Connor (Swift) and Karol Domagalski came across and that was it and we were full gas to the finish”.

“Karol, flippen heck he was strong. He was just accelerating in the saddle and bending everyone’s legs and it was him doing the damage and when I saw how strong he was, I made my mind up I wasn’t going to let him get an inch because I saw what he did at Chorley.”

“In the sprint, it was all a bit cagey between me, Karol and the Dutch lad and Karol opened up with a K to go and the Dutch rider didn’t have the legs so I jumped round him onto Karol’s wheel and he started slowing with 500 to go and I hit him with 200 to go.”

The 22 year old says the victory is probably his biggest win. “Everything is positive this year riding with Wiggins, I know how to win bike races and they are allowing me to do that”.

Adam Kenway (Vitus Pro Cycling): The winner of the King of the Bergs who was in the break of four all day out front, explained “second time up a drag on the Rutland Water circuit, I noticed people were starting to suffer a little and then I saw a Welsh lad go who’s just come back from the Commy Games so I knew he was riding well, and I thought I’m going. Then Mikey Mottram from Morvelo came across and that was it”

There were four riders in the move but it wasn’t a well oiled machine as Adam explained. “Three of us were working (Adam, Kibble and Mottram) but the foreign rider never gave us a turn all day.”

Despite that, Adam and his group stayed away for over a hundred miles until a select group came across to him. “When they caught me, there were about 15 riders and it was getting bigger and started to stall. My legs were a bit tired at that point and I thought the best thing to do was to go up the road and so I went again.”

“I dropped a rider who came with me and then later on was caught by a group of seven or eight. Then on the first time across Stapleford Park, they were really pushing on and my legs didn’t want to play ball. I am pleased overall but gutted I couldn’t stay with that group of seven but I had been away all day.”

Mikey Mottram: “I am pleased with that … It was hard but the aim was to get in the break and there were only three of us working in it and that made it very hard. It was a great experience and a very good day out. I really enjoyed it. It is completely different to doing national Bs, a completely different vibe, a very well organised race and it was really good race.”

The big peloton exits Oakham and race on is only moments away …. 

Lap 1 of Rutland Water and a lot of ‘activity’ in the peloton. As they came past me, three riders away… but not by much

The peloton chasing the three leaders

Start of lap two and all together and little digs like this one from Tom Moses (left) but still no break established. The race was already behind schedule at this point…

Top of Barleyberg (Barleythorpe) and four riders are clear including Mikey Mottram on the left who won the Sprints prize of some beer…. Leading is Peter Kibble of the Welsh Academy

Peloton led by Tom Moses

A little chase group with Andy Tennant (Canyon Esiberg) and Pete Williams were clear of the peloton coming out of Cold Overton but it was soon back together with the hour leaders well away

Somerberg the first time and the break’s time out front is coming to an end – led here by Adam Kenway who won the King of the Bergs

The breaks lead of over three minutes melted in the sunshine as Tom Pidcock took his frustration out at the negative race by smashing it over Somerberg, splitting the race as he did

Gabz Cullaigh leads the seven up break of which three riders punctured out of it, Tom Stewart, Jonny McEvoy and Conner Swift (the latter two from Madison Genesis)

The peloton seemed happy with the make up of the break and ‘cruised’ through Stapleford park.

The break through Sawgate led by Domagalski

The peloton meanwhile was seeing riders go off the front on Sawgate, in this  Julio Alberto Amores of Vitus Pro Cycling  is trying to escape across to the break a minute up the road

When the riders finally appeared in Melton Mowbray in front of a big crowd, Gabz Cullaigh was too quick for Domagalski who had been attacking over and over but could not shake the Wiggins rider

Connor Swift of Madison Genesis punctured in Stapleford Park the last time, losing twenty seconds and despite a big chase, could not close the gap and was fourth

Almost 20 seconds later, Swift’s teammate Erick Rowsell of Madison Genesis won the sprint for fifth

Emils Liepins beating Tom Pidcock — no slouch in a sprint — for eighth place.

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Another of the group sprints …

Big day for Rob Orr – Lantern Rouge!

Mike Mottram gets the beer for his Sprints win… 

And Adam Kenway of Vitus Pro Cycling and his award for the King of the Bergs victory
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1 Gabriel CULLAIGH Team Wiggins
2 Karol DOMAGALSKI One Pro Cycling at 00:01
3 Koos Jeroen KERS WPGA Amsterdam at 00:04
4 Connor SWIFT Madison Genesis at 00:38
5 Erick ROWSELL Madison Genesis at 00:56
6 Peter WILLIAMS One Pro Cycling st
7 Thomas STEWART JLT Condor at 01:01
8 Emils LIEPINS One Pro Cycling at 01:10
9 Thomas PIDCOCK Team Wiggins st
10 Tobyn HORTON Madison Genesis st
11 Maarten DE JONGE Monkey Town st
12 Alistair SLATER JLT Condor st
13 Thomas MOSES JLT Condor st
14 Sven VAN LUIJK Monkey Town st
15 Gruffudd LEWIS Ribble Pro Cycling st
16 Jasper OCKELOEN Monkey Town st
17 Seid LIZDE Holdsworth Pro Racing st
18 Julio Alberto AMORES PALACIOS Vitus Pro Cycling st
19 Jonas HÄRTIG Team Sauerland NRW st
20 Jonathan MCEVOY Madison Genesis st
21 Richard HANDLEY Madison Genesis at 01:36
22 Oliver WOOD JLT Condor at 01:57
23 Andris VOSEKALNS Latvian National Team st
24 Jacques SAUVAGNARGUES Team Wiggins st
25 Russell DOWNING Holdsworth Pro Racing st
26 Jordy BUSKERMOLEN Monkey Town st
27 Callum FERGUSON Team KTM st
28 Matthew NOWELL Canyon Eisberg st
29 Jasper BUGTER WPGA Amsterdam st
30 Jacob TIPPER Memil CCN Pro Cycling st
31 George ATKINS Madison Genesis st
32 Etienne GEORGI Team Wiggins st
33 Harrison JONES Vitus Pro Cycling st
34 Joshua HUNT Vitus Pro Cycling st
35 Steve LAMPIER Saint Piran at 02:05
36 Damien SHAW Holdsworth Pro Racing st
37 Viktor MÜLLER Team Sauerland NRW at 02:06
38 Michael MOTTRAM Morvelo Basso st
39 Kieran BRADY Team KTM at 02:11
40 Dylan KERFOOT-ROBSON Team Wiggins at 02:12
41 Scott AULD VC Toucy at 02:43
42 Joey WALKER Team Wiggins st
43 Marcus BURNETT Spirit Tifosi Racing Team st
44 Kristers ANSONS Latvian National Team st
45 James TILLETT Wales Racing Academy st
46 William SCOTT Flamme Rouge Cycling Team st
47 Axel FLET Eseg Douai Origine at 02:47
48 Harry TANFIELD Canyon Eisberg at 02:51
49 Felix INTRA Team Sauerland NRW at 03:15
50 Damian WILD VC Toucy at 03:28
51 Lawrence CARPENTER BC Central st
52 Odin Foldvik EIKELAND DARE Gaviota st
53 Fraser ROUNDS Team KTM st
54 Ken BUCKLEY Morvelo Basso at 04:11
55 Jorgos SCHRIJVER WPGA Amsterdam at 05:46
56 Fernando Augusto FINKLER Team Guerciotti Kiwi Atlantico st
57 Jacob SCOTT One Pro Cycling at 06:53
58 Sean MCKENNA Holdsworth Pro Racing st
59 Andreas MILTIADIS Team Guerciotti Kiwi Atlantico st
60 Adam KENWAY Vitus Pro Cycling st
61 Yentl RUIJMGAARD WPGA Amsterdam st
62 Teun MOURIS WPGA Amsterdam at 07:25
63 Chris OPIE Canyon Eisberg at 08:01
64 Dante CARPENTER Morvelo Basso at 08:02
65 Oliver MAXWELL Richardsons-Trek RT at 08:05
66 Hayden MCCORMICK One Pro Cycling at 08:12
67 William HARPER Saint Piran at 08:50
68 Joe EVANS Saint Piran st
69 Matthew EXLEY Flamme Rouge Cycling Team at 10:48
70 Lois RODRIGUEZ RECUNA Team Guerciotti Kiwi Atlantico st
71 Maxime HUYGENS Eseg Douai Origine st
72 Bradley SYMONDS Team PB Performance st
73 Fraser MARTIN Saint Piran st
74 Samuel RODRIGUEZ GIL Team Guerciotti Kiwi Atlantico at 10:49
75 Kieran SAVAGE Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield st
76 Elliot HARRISON Leisure Lakes Bikes st
77 Antony RICHARDSON RAF Cycling Association st
78 Pierre MONCORGÉ Memil CCN Pro Cycling st
79 Josh COPLEY TBW Bottechia Wigmore RT st
80 Julius DOMNICK Team Sauerland NRW st
81 Richard JONES Ribble Pro Cycling at 10:52
82 Angus CLAXTON Wheelbase Castelli MGD st
83 Mel VAN DER VEEKENS Monkey Town st
84 Kévin AVOINE Eseg Douai Origine st
85 Jake HALES Spirit Tifosi Racing Team st
86 Rupert GRAHAM Spirit Tifosi Racing Team st
87 Jordan PEACOCK Spirit Tifosi Racing Team st
88 Benjamin MARKS Morvelo Basso at 10:56
89 Siim KISKONEN VC Toucy st
90 Peter BARUSEVICUS Team KTM st
91 Joann LEINAU Team Sauerland NRW at 10:58
92 Jordan LEVASSEUR VC Toucy at 15:05
93 Robert ORR Memil CCN Pro Cycling at 18:19

King of the Bergs
1 Adam KENWAY Vitus Pro Cycling
3 Michael MOTTRAM Morvelo Basso
4 Samuel RODRIGUEZ GIL Team Guerciotti Kiwi Atlantico
5 Johnny McEVOY Madison Genesis
6 Connor SWIFT Madison Genesis
7 Sven van LUIJK Monkey Town
8 Thomas STEWART JLT Condor

Sprints: Mikey Mottram

Special Sprint for the Pork Pie: Gabz Cullaigh

Lantern Rouge: Rob Orr





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