Result: Litherland Circuit Race League (April 18)

Ed Hopper of Ribble Cycling, Richard Evans and Madeleine Scott of Kuota/Spinergy/GSG winners at the April 18 Litherland Circuit Race League in Liverpool

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Result: Litherland Circuit Race League (April 18)

1 Ed Hopper Ribble Cycling
2 George Higgins Birkenhead North End CC
3 Michael Ashurst Onimpex Bio Racer RT
4 Richard Taylor Harry Middleton Cycling Club
5 Joe Reilly Vitus Pro Cycling
6 Craig Rogers Birkenhead North End CC
7 James Noonan Hoppers Rollers
8 George Pickering Cyclesport International RT
9 Declan Hudson Liverpool Century RC
10 Max Moss Birkenhead North End CC
11 Richard Evans Birkenhead North End CC

1 Richard Evans Birkenhead North End CC
2 George Elliott Innovation Racing
3 Thomas Stewart Liverpool Century Cycling Acad…
4 Thomas Hanlon Team Chronomaster
5 Christopher Humphries St Helens CRC
6 Samuel Carmichael Innovation Racing
7 Thomas McRoyall North Cheshire Clarion
8 Neil Hughes Liverpool Braveheart Bicycle C…
9 Nicholas Whitley Chester RC
10 Matt Hacker North Cheshire Clarion
11 Conor McKinnon Southport CC
12 Gary Maoudis Chester RC
13 Jonathan Acton North Cheshire Clarion
14 David Cuthill North Wirral Velo
15 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century RC
16 Dominic Skinner Liverpool University Cycling C…
17 Philip Lomas Sportcity Velo
18 Cameron McLaren Liverpool University Cycling C…
19 Joe Bennett Warrington RC
20 James Lovelady
21 Mark Black
22 Ewan Whatling Birkenhead North End CC
23 Jamie O’Connor Chester RC
24 Neil Wright Southport CC
25 Neil Laing Southport CC
26 Terry Bolland Harry Middleton Cycling Club
27 Tom Green Ludlow CC
28 Steven Sherwen North Cheshire Clarion
29 Geoff Brandt Birkenhead North End CC

E/1/2/3/4  Women
1 Madeleine Scott Kuota – Spinergy – GSG
2 Laura Cheesman Evans Cycles Race Team
3 Lynsey Whitley Chester RC
4 Helen Osguthorpe The Racing Chance Foundation
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U16 Boys
1 Daniel Yates Liverpool Century Cycling Acad…
2 Adam Smith Birkenhead North End CC
3 Lachlan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion
4 Alex Dobrowolski Harry Middleton Cycling Club
5 Tyr Bujac Birkenhead North End CC
6 Harry Noonan Salt Ayre Cog Set
7 Adam McClorey North Cheshire Clarion
8 Ben Wells Liverpool Century Cycling Acad…
9 Liam Baugh Liverpool Century RC
10 Erim Way Liverpool Century Cycling Acad…

U16 Girls
1 Niamha Albones Liverpool Century Cycling Acad…
2 Isabelle McKinnon Southport CC
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U14 Boys
1 Jamie Brown Sportcity Velo
2 Ethan Cuerden Eastlands Velo
3 Raphael John Tabiner North Cheshire Clarion
4 Euan Hacker North Cheshire Clarion
5 Dennis Kay Eastlands Velo
6 Thomas Purcell Liverpool Century Cycling Acad…
7 Simeon Kilroy North Cheshire Clarion
8 Tom Elliott Liverpool Century Cycling Acad…
9 Samuel Kendall Liverpool Century Cycling Acad…
10 Adam Dillon Southport CC
11 Nicolas Jones Liverpool Century RC

U14 Girls
1 Evelina Black Sportcity Velo
2 Hannah McClorey North Cheshire Clarion

U12 Boys
1 Joseph Cosgrove Southport CC
2 Sebastian Grindley North Cheshire Clarion
3 Joe Watkins-Wilson Eastlands Velo
4 Owen Woolland North Cheshire Clarion
5 Felix Cuerden Eastlands Velo
6 John White North Cheshire Clarion
7 Oliver Hodgkinson North Cheshire Clarion
8 Tom Morrissey Astley & Tyldesley Cycling Clu…
9 Harry Roberts Liverpool Century RC
10 Shaun Laycock Bolton Hot Wheels CC
11 James Turner North Cheshire Clarion

U12 Girls
1 Megan Lloyd Harry Middleton Cycling Club
2 Natasha Hill North Cheshire Clarion
3 Neve Laycock Bolton Hot Wheels CC
4 Evelyn Field Liverpool Century Cycling Acad…

U10 Boys
1 Daniel Cosgrove Southport CC
2 Albie Jones North Cheshire Clarion
3 Edward Black Eastlands Velo
4 Kaden Williams Harry Middleton Cycling Club

U10 Girls
1 Elizabeth Grindley North Cheshire Clarion
2 Melissa Moscrop

U8 Boys
1 Frank White North Cheshire Clarion
2 Ben Bradley Port Sunlight Whls CC
3 Luke Fisher North Cheshire Clarion





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