Result: Mid Shropshire Wheelers Thursday Races 1

Chris Childs, Ryan Greaves, Thomas White and Cerys Greaves among the winners at the first of the Mid Shropshire Wheelers Thursday Night Circuit Races (Hafren CC) at Shrewsbury promoted by Paul Bufton and his Hafren CC team 

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Result: Mid Shropshire Wheelers Thursday Races 1

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Congratulations to Paul Bufton and his Hafren CC team in promoting an evening of circuit racing at Shrewsbury Sports Village in conjunction with resident club, Mid Shropshire Wheelers.

A fantastic turnout of Youth riders from Shropshire clubs meant that the combined Youth C, D and E race had to be split to ensure safe racing and Mid Shropshire Wheelers Josh Jackson again gave a lightning display to win solo in the Youth C race and showed what a good decision it had been by the Commissaire team.

Chris Childs put in the fastest lap of the night to win the bunch sprint on a night where a blustery wind kept breakaway attempts to a minimum. Next event at Shrewsbury Sports Village is the West Midland Youth Series event on the morning of Sunday 29th April with supporting 2/3 race and 4th category races in the afternoon.


3rd and 4th Category
1 Chris Childs Clee Cycles 3rd
2 Sam Beeston Pro Vision Race Team 3rd
3 Scott Palmer Stourbridge CC 3rd
4 Rob Childs Stourbridge Velo 3rd
5 Tyler Brennan Hafren CC 3rd
6 Alex Loven Fibrax RT 3rd
7 Philip Thomas Hafren CC 3rd
8 John Leonard 4th
9 Samuel Blackbourn Paramount CRT 4th
10 Gavin Passmore Beacon Roads CC 3rd
11 Ashley Banks Hafren CC 3rd
12 Craig Guy Fred Williams Cycles 3rd
13 Daren Glaze Stourbridge Velo 3rd
14 Aaron Crinnian Breakfast Club Velo (BC Velo) 4th
15 James Gibney West Midlands Police CC 3rd
16 Lee Howen Clee Cycles 4th
17 Nikolas James Pro Vision Race Team 3rd
18 Thomas Ford EvoVelo Karbona 3rd
19 Kieran Morris Llani Velo 3rd
20 James Akerman Breakfast Club Velo (BC Velo) 4th
21 Theo Merchant Fred Williams Cycles 3rd
22 Giulio Cervi Wolverhampton Whls 3rd
23 Tim Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers 3rd
24 James Roberts Fibrax RT 4th
25 Will Errington Fibrax RT 4th
26 Matthew Harrison Market Drayton CC 4th
27 Alec Bond Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
28 Edward Rees Ely Race Club 4th
29 Alex Beath Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
30 Bryn Hewkin Breakfast Club Velo (BC Velo) 4th
31 Gary Hodkinson Mid Shropshire Wheelers 4th
32 Richard Cordova North Shropshire Wheelers 4th
33 Ben Holland Breakfast Club Velo (BC Velo) 4th
34 George Histoz Unattached 4th
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Youth A Boys
1 Ryan Greaves Lichfield City CC A
2 Ethan Roberts Wolverhampton Whls A
3 Samuel Holwill Hafren CC A
4 Sam Hall Velo-M A
5 Jack Emmerson Newport Shropshire CC A
6 William Dale Mid Shropshire Wheelers A

Youth A Girls
1 Beth Harris Wolverhampton Whls AG

Youth B Boys
1 Thomas White Wolverhampton Whls B
2 Ross Hooley Innovation Racing B
3 Aaron Mansell Pro Vision RT B
4 Fred Meredith Hafren CC B
5 George Dunn Wolverhampton Whls B
6 Nick English Mid Shropshire Wheelers B

Youth B Girls
1 Grace Lister Wolverhampton Whls BG
2 Daphne Jones Mid Shropshire Wheelers BG
3 Isabelle Price Mid Shropshire Wheelers BG

Youth C Boys
1 Joshua Jackson Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
2 Max Bufton Hafren CC C
3 Tom Jackson Newport Shropshire CC C
4 Jake Bazeley Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
5 Charlie Price Mid Shropshire Wheelers C
6 Llion Rees-Jenkins Ystwyth Cycling Club C
7 George Joyce Hafren CC C
8 Will Hyde Newport Shropshire CC C
9 Tom Hyde Newport Shropshire CC C

Youth C Girls
1 Cerys Greaves Lichfield City CC CG
2 Rebecca Woodvine Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
3 Carys Blowers Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
4 Christie Morrow Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
5 Harriette Taylor Newport Shropshire CC CG
6 Sophie Jackson Newport Shropshire CC CG
7 Lily Killeen Mid Shropshire Wheelers CG
8 Briony Roberts Hafren CC CG
9 Elliw Rees-Jenkins Ystwyth Cycling Club CG
10 Eva Griffiths Hafren CC CG
11 Elle Evans Hafren CC CG
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Youth D Boys
1 Noah White Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
2 Rocco Schumacher Pro Vision RT D
3 Noah Killeen Mid Shropshire Wheelers D
4 Elliot Turner Hafren CC D
5 Teddy Taylor Newport Shropshire CC D
6 Ruben Brandon-Higgs Hafren CC D
7 Gethin Serjeant Hafren CC D
8 Henry Farr Hafren CC D
9 Noah Dearing Hafren CC D

Youth D Girls
1 Jessica Bufton Hafren CC DG
2 Shona Park Hafren CC DG

Youth E Boys
1 Jude White Mid Shropshire Wheelers E
2 Victor Meredith Hafren CC E
3 Hari Walton Hafren CC E
4 Freddie Roberts Hafren CC E
5 Jacob Sheriden Newport Shropshire CC E
6 Ben Turner Hafren CC E

Youth E Girls
1 Skye Brough Pro Vision Cycle Clothing EG
2 Seren Serjeant Hafren CC EG





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