Neutral Service at the CiCLE Classic

Prior to the Klondike GP, we caught up with Tony Barry from Brother UK neutral service to ask how bad was the CiCLE Classic for punctures ….

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Neutral Service at the CiCLE Classic

Between the two Brother Neutral Service cars at the CiCLE Classic, they did 38 wheel changes and of them, they ended up having to change the tubes in the tyres because they ran out of wheels, something Tony said they had never done in a race before.

Tony then added that he thinks the same thing happened with the other neutral services cars in the convoy. The race was uneventful for the Brother Neutral Service cars on the opening loops around Rutland Water with Tony explaining that there were a few changes but nothing out of the ordinary.

It was when the race went into the off road sectors that the Brother Neutral Service cars became very busy, something Tony added that is what’s expected in the CiCLE Classic.

One of the worst sectors was Somerberg, where it was more than just punctures with a wheel wrecked and Tony said that there was no bias between front or back wheels with both suffering on the rocky surfaces. For one Madison Genesis rider who stopped by the Brother Neutral Service car, there were punctures in both wheels!

On the roof of the Brother UK Neutral Service cars CanyonUK bikes 

Asked what sort of punctures were the main offenders, spikes through the tread or cut side walls etc, Tony says “most of them were impact punctures where they have hit a rock where it’s the tube that has been holed.”

The Brother Neutral Service car also have Canyon Ultimate bikes on the roof of the vehicles but whilst there were a lot of wheel changes, there was only one bike needed and Tony added, ‘thankfully he finished which is the most important thing’.

Indeed it is and why the Brother Neutral Service cars are such an asset to races.






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