Sunday: Lincoln Grand Prix 2018

In form Ian Bibby wears number 1 for a British monument, the men’s Lincoln Grand Prix this Sunday – Eva Buurman number 1 for the women’s event


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Sunday: Lincoln Grand Prix 2018

After the Tour of Yorkshire, the domestic racing scene returns with the final Prem for over a month with the running of the Men’s and Women’s Lincoln Grand Prix, a proper British monument of a bike race with a prestigious history. Both races have big fields and with the riders from both events having had some quality racing, the battles for the victories should as classic as any edition before it.

The key battleground for the race is the climb up Michaelgate, cobbled and steep, and whilst it doesn’t tend to split the race straight away, there will be riders at the back being shelled on what is a pain cave every lap for some riders and for others, an opportunity to inflict the pain.

Event Website:

HEADQUARTERS: The Hub building at The Yarborough Leisure Centre (Postcode: LN1 3SP)

WOMEN’S RACE: Start 9.00am – Finish 12.00pm (approx)
LAPS: 8 | DISTANCE: 63 miles

MENS RACE: Start 1.00pm – Finish 4.45pm (approx)
LAPS: 13 | DISTANCE: 103 miles
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Good Places to Watch all the Action

Castle Square: The finish, it’s where it all happens, as the riders begin to ease back in their seats after the bone shaking climb of Michaelgate and the arduous twists and turns of the Burton Village descent. Spare a few words of encouragement and shout on your personal favourites and of course the home grown heroes. In the square you can also listen to and stay up to date with every minute of the action with in depth and exciting commentary from Tony Gibb and live update from out on the course.

Burton Village: If you want to see the riders at speed, flat out and taking chances, walk out to Burton village, or get there early and stake your claim to a spot on the course that promises to deliver high speed action as the bunch flies past at breakneck pace. The descent into the village is, at places, a one in eight downhill hair raiser with twists and turns as the bunch tries to stay on the defensive and not allow anyone to use it as a spring board to mount a breakaway. But be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted!

Saxilby Road: If you’ve always wanted to see that ‘Tour de France’ look of a big peleton as riders take turns on the front or try and find somewhere to hide from the wind and maybe catch their breath. This is a great place to watch the race go by. Take your camera and get some shots of cycle racing ‘Tour’ style. If your were under any illusion that bike racing is easy – watch a few laps go past here, especially if the wind is against the riders. The team captains must get their troops organised and keep the tempo high so the hard men of cycling can’t launch themselves off the front and try to outpace and outstay the angry pack.

Michaelgate: Anyone wanting to get up close and personal with the riders should make their way to the one in six cobbled Michaelgate climb. The race has been won and lost here on many occasions and a late burst of speed from tired and aching legs might just be enough to cross the finish line first and take the honours. Keep an eye on your toes though as the riders battle to keep their tyres in the smoother guttering on each side of the road and are forced to swing out wide as they approach the finish.

Long Leys Road: Often the point of no return, lone breakaways test their resolve against a hard chasing pack. Many have tried but fewer still have had the strength or courage to keep ahead. If you’ve made the wrong calculation here, and not left yourself with enough of a gap, the bunch will reel you in as if you were standing still. Will they or won’t they make it to the finish and claim the grand prize and respect of the crowd in a gritty solo effort.

The Bailgate Area: Of course nearly anywhere is a great place to watch the race go past. Pick your spot or have a wander around the course, you’ll find plenty of Pubs and Inns serving up good honest food, drink and Lincolnshire hospitality. This very Roman area of uphill Lincoln has a lot to offer the visiting tourist and there is plenty of opportunity to get that arty award winning picture as the riders pass through Newport Arch.


* Former winners

Womens Lincoln GP 2018
1 Eva Buurman Trek-Drops Over 23
2 Anna Christian Trek-Drops Over 23
3 Manon Lloyd Trek-Drops Under 23
4 Hannah Payton Trek-Drops
5 Lucy Shaw Trek-Drops Under 23
6 Annie Simpson Trek-Drops
7 Bethany Crumpton Storey Racing
8 Rebecca Durrell Storey Racing
9 Ffion James Storey Racing Under 23
10 Anna Kay Storey Racing Under 23
11 Joscelin Lowden Storey Racing
12 Chanel Mason Storey Racing
13 Emily Nelson Storey Racing Under 23
14 Dame Sarah Storey Storey Racing
15 Grace Garner Wiggle High5 Under 23
16 Lauren Humphreys Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire
17 Lucy Davies Arctic Tacx RT
18 Kate Baker Avid Sport
19 Emma Cockcroft Bianchi Dama
20 Sarah King Bianchi Dama
21 Georgina Panchaud Bianchi Dama
22 Bethan Stubbs Bianchi Dama
23 Bethany Taylor Bianchi Dama Under 23
24 Jennifer Batey Boompods EDCO NRG
25 Hannah Farran Boompods EDCO NRG
26 Rachel Jary Boompods EDCO NRG Under 23
27 Hannah Larbalestier Boompods EDCO NRG
28 Ellen McDermott Boompods EDCO NRG
29 Rosie Walsh Boompods EDCO NRG Under 23
30 Amy Cowton Boot Out Breast Cancer C.C Under 23
31 Lauren Creamer Brotherton Cycles
32 Emma Bentley CC London
33 Emma Bentley CC London
34 Francesca Cutts CC London
35 Danielle Shrosbree CC London
36 Alexandra Kendall-Smith Crimson Performance Race Team
37 Alicia Love Crimson Performance Race Team
38 Melissa Brand Cycle Team OnForm
39 Leah Dixon Cycle Team OnForm
40 Jessica Finney Cycle Team OnForm
41 Anna Henderson Cycle Team OnForm Under 23
42 Amira Mellor Cycle Team OnForm Under 23
43 Charlotte Redden Cycle Team OnForm
44 Gemma Sargent Cycle Team OnForm
45 Alicia Speake Cycle Team OnForm
46 Florence Cox Equipe Flamme Rouge
47 Fiona Hunter Johnston Fusion RT Veloperformance
48 Rebecca Johnson Fusion RT Veloperformance
49 Emma Lewis Fusion RT Veloperformance
50 Molly Patch Fusion RT Veloperformance
51 Fiona Redding Fusion RT Veloperformance
52 Claire Steels Fusion RT Veloperformance
53 Crystal Lane-Wright Glossop Kinder Velo Cycling Club
54 Rebecca Richardson Hafren CC
55 Katie Scott Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma’s Junior
56 Delia Beddis Les Filles Racing Team
57 Karla Boddy Les Filles Racing Team
58 Lydia Brookes Les Filles Racing Team Junior
59 Louise Heywood-Mahé Les Filles Racing Team
60 Charlotte Heywood-Mahé Les Filles Racing Team
61 Hannah Nicklin Les Filles Racing Team
62 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team
63 Emily Bridson LIV AWOL Junior
64 Zoe Brookes LIV AWOL
65 Hannah Graveney LIV AWOL Junior
66 Connie Hayes LIV AWOL Junior
67 Elizabeth Marvelly LIV AWOL Junior
68 Clover Murray LIV AWOL Under 23
69 Anna Docherty Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles Junior
70 Lucy Gadd Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles Junior
71 Pfeiffer Georgi Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles Junior
72 Alana Prior Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles Junior
73 Rebecca Richards Newark Castle CC Under 23
74 Madeleine Gammons NJC – Biemme – Echelon Under 23
75 Nicola Juniper NJC – Biemme – Echelon
76 Kelly Murphy NJC – Biemme – Echelon
77 Jennifer Powell NJC – Biemme – Echelon
78 Gabriella Shaw NJC – Biemme – Echelon
79 Jo Tindley NJC – Biemme – Echelon
80 Anna Weaver NJC – Biemme – Echelon
81 Sophie Thackray PH-MAS/Paul Milnes Cycles Under 23
82 Anneleen Bosma Rapha Cycling Club
83 Sophie Wright Renvale RT Under 23
84 Georgia Ashworth Team 22 Junior
85 Tara Ferguson Team 22 Under 23
86 Lily Greenhalgh Team 22 Junior
87 Phoebe Martin Team 22 Under 23
88 April Tacey Team 22 Junior
89 Samantha Verrill Team 22 Under 23
90 Lydia Watts Team 22 Junior
91 Lorna Bowler Team Backstedt/Hotchillee Junior
92 Isabel Ellis Team Backstedt/Hotchillee Junior
93 Ellie Russell Team Backstedt/Hotchillee Junior
94 Megan Barker Team Breeze Under 23
95 Rhona Callander Team Breeze Under 23
96 Abigail Dentus Team Breeze Under 23
97 Eleanor Dickinson Team Breeze Under 23
98 Jenny Holl Team Breeze Under 23
99 Rebecca Raybould Team Breeze Under 23
100 Jessica Roberts Team Breeze Under 23
101 Alderney Baker Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com Junior
102 Xan Crees Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com Junior
103 Ellen Barker Team IOM Ladies Junior
104 Elizabeth Bennett Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo Under 23
105 Olivia Bent Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo Junior
106 Georgia Bullard Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo Junior
107 Amy Monkhouse Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo Junior
108 Sian Randall Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo Under 23
109 Elena Smith Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo Junior
110 Mary Wilkinson Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Velo
111 Olivia Bentley Team Vision Innovative Leisure
112 Rebecca Waters Team Vision Innovative Leisure Under 23
113 Chloe Fraser The Racing Chance Foundation
114 Corinne Side The Racing Chance Foundation Junior
115 Jennifer George Torelli-Brother Over 23
116 Gwenno Hughes Torelli-Brother Over 23
117 Laura Massey Torelli-Brother Over 23
118 Emily Meakin Torelli-Brother Over 23
119 Stephanie Mottram Torelli-Brother Over 23
120 Alice Sharpe Torelli-Brother Over 23
121 Gabriella Nordin TW1 Racing
122 Lauren Murphy TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg Under 23
123 Kate MacLeod Twickenham CC
124 Melissa Greaves Valley Striders CC
125 Isabel Darvill Velo Schils – Interbike RT Junior
126 Gabrielle Duckworth Velo Schils – Interbike RT Under 23
127 Sophie Holmes Velo Schils – Interbike RT Junior
128 Sophie Enever YRDP Under 23
129 Illi Gardner YRDP Under 23
130 Amy Gornall YRDP Under 23
131 Connie Hudson YRDP Under 23
132 Victoria Lovett YRDP Under 23
133 Savannah Morgan YRDP Under 23
134 Sian Botteley Under 23
135 Holly Edmondston
136 Emily Kay
137 Josie Knight

1 * Ian Bibby JLT Condor
2 Edmund Bradbury JLT Condor
3 James Gullen JLT Condor
4 Edward Laverack JLT Condor
5 Robert McCarthy JLT Condor
6 Alistair Slater JLT Condor
7 * Thomas Stewart JLT Condor
8 Oliver Wood JLT Condor
9 TBC TBC Canyon Eisberg
10 Dexter Gardias Canyon Eisberg
11 James Lowsley-Williams Canyon Eisberg
12 Alex Paton Canyon Eisberg
13 Jack Pullar Canyon Eisberg
14 Charlie Tanfield Canyon Eisberg Under 23
15 Andrew Tennant Canyon Eisberg
16 Rory Townsend Canyon Eisberg
17 Seid Lidze Holdsworth Pro Racing
18 Conn McDunphy Holdsworth Pro Racing
19 Sean McKenna Holdsworth Pro Racing
20 Damien Shaw Holdsworth Pro Racing
21 Bjorn Thurau Holdsworth Pro Racing
22 * Russell Downing Holdsworth Pro Racing
(joint record holder with 4 wins)

23 Leon Mazzone Holdsworth Pro Racing Under 23
24 Tom Mazzone Holdsworth Pro Racing
25 George Atkins Madison Genesis
26 Richard Handley Madison Genesis
27 Matthew Holmes Madison Genesis
28 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis
29 Jonathan McEvoy Madison Genesis
30 George Pym Madison Genesis
31 Erick Rowsell Madison Genesis
32 Connor Swift Madison Genesis
33 Thomas Baylis One Pro Cycling Under 23
34 Jake Kelly One Pro Cycling
35 Christopher Latham One Pro Cycling
36 Hayden McCormick One Pro Cycling
37 James Oram One Pro Cycling
38 TBC TBC One Pro Cycling
39 Jacob Scott One Pro Cycling
40 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling
41 Mark Downey Team Wiggins
42 Gabriel Cullaigh Team Wiggins Under 23
43 Mark Donovan Team Wiggins Under 23
44 James Fouche Team Wiggins
45 Matthew Teggart Team Wiggins
46 Thomas Pidcock Team Wiggins Under 23
47 Oliver Robinson Team Wiggins Under 23
48 Joey Walker Team Wiggins Under 23
49 Julio Alberto Amores Palacios Vitus Pro Cycling
50 Joshua Hunt Vitus Pro Cycling
51 Harrison Jones Vitus Pro Cycling Under 23
52 Deins Kanepejs Vitus Pro Cycling
53 Adam Kenway Vitus Pro Cycling
54 Grant Martin Vitus Pro Cycling Under 23
55 Timothy Torrie Vitus Pro Cycling Under 23
56 Ben Walsh Vitus Pro Cycling Under 23
57 Ben Harrison Crimson Performance Race Team
58 Tom Lowe Crimson Performance Race Team
59 Benjamin Trippier Crimson Performance Race Team Under 23
60 Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
61 Daniel Pullen Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield Under 23
62 Charlie Renshaw Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield Under 23
63 Kieran Savage Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield Under 23
64 Louis Szymanski Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
65 Harry Yates Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield Under 23
66 Marc Heaney Cycling Ulster
67 Conor McCann Cycling Ulster
68 Darnell Moore Cycling Ulster
69 Marc Potts Cycling Ulster
70 Lindsay Watson Cycling Ulster
71 Arlen Vartazarian HJL
72 Tobias Bartlett Kingsnorth International Whlrs Under 23
73 David Bolland Kingsnorth International Whlrs Under 23
74 Kieran Hotson Kingsnorth International Whlrs Under 23
75 Stephen Bradbury Morvelo Basso RT
76 Ken Buckley Morvelo Basso RT
77 Benjamin Marks Morvelo Basso RT
78 Adam Moore Morvelo Basso RT
79 Michael Mottram Morvelo Basso RT
80 Will Ranoe Morvelo Basso RT
81 William Bjergfelt Neon-Velo Cycling Team
82 Jonathan Bourne Pro Vision Race Team
83 Ben Joughin Pro Vision Race Team
84 Alexander Simmons Pro Vision Race Team
85 Rhys Howells Rapha Cycling Club
86 John Archibald Ribble Cycling
87 Daniel Bigham Ribble Cycling
88 William Brown Ribble Cycling
89 Lawrence Carpenter Ribble Cycling
90 Gruffudd Lewis Ribble Cycling
91 Alex Luhrs Ribble Cycling
92 Matthew Clements Richardsons-Trek RT Under 23
93 Tobias Dahlhaus Richardsons-Trek RT Under 23
94 James Jenkins Richardsons-Trek RT Under 23
95 Oliver Maxwell Richardsons-Trek RT Under 23
96 Joshua Outram Richardsons-Trek RT Under 23
97 James Rix Richardsons-Trek RT
98 Luke Ryan Richardsons-Trek RT
99 George Wood Richardsons-Trek RT
100 Jake Alderman Saint Piran
101 Joe Evans Saint Piran Under 23
102 Alex Fanshawe Saint Piran Under 23
103 William Harper Saint Piran
104 Cameron Jeffers Saint Piran Under 23
105 Steve Lampier Saint Piran
106 Matt Langworthy Saint Piran Under 23
107 Fraser Martin Saint Piran Under 23
108 Marcus Burnett Spirit Tifosi Racing Team Under 23
109 Frazier Carr Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
110 Edward Clemens Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
111 Douglas Coleman Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
112 Christopher Dredge Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
113 Rupert Graham Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
114 Jordan Peacock Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
115 Jack Waller Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
116 Marcin Bialoblocki Steele Davis Via Roma RT
117 James Ambrose-Parish TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
118 Oliver Cliff TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT Under 23
119 Michael Hall TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT Under 23
120 Fabian Horrocks TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT Under 23
121 Josh Housley TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT Under 23
122 Daniel Nieto TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
123 James O’Connell TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT Under 23
124 David Reece TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
126 Peter Barusevicus Team KTM UK
127 Kieran Brady Team KTM UK
128 Callum Ferguson Team KTM UK
129 Will Fox Team KTM UK
130 Fraser Rounds Team KTM UK
131 Andrew Turner Team KTM UK
132 Julian Varley Team KTM UK Under 23
133 Liam Walsh VC St Raphael
134 Dillon Byrne VCUK
135 Daniel Coombe Wales Racing Academy Under 23
136 Peter Kibble Wales Racing Academy Under 23
137 Owen Line Wales Racing Academy Under 23
138 Zachery May Wales Racing Academy
139 William Roberts Wales Racing Academy Under 23
140 Samuel Tillett Wales Racing Academy Under 23
141 James Tillett Wales Racing Academy Under 23
142 Matthew Clarke Wheelbase Castelli MGD
143 Angus Claxton Wheelbase Castelli MGD Under 23
144 Ryan Fenwick Wheelbase Castelli MGD
145 George Fowler Wheelbase Castelli MGD
146 David Lines Wheelbase Castelli MGD
147 Mark McGuire Wheelbase Castelli MGD Under 23
148 Alex Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Castelli MGD
149 Stuart Reid Wheelbase Castelli MGD
150 Chris Coyle

151 Alexandar Richardson Private Member
152 Tarn Fynn Crimson Performance Race Team
153 Frederik Scheske Team Tor 2000 KALAS
154 Ashley Towey Team Tor 2000 KALAS Under 23
155 William Scott Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
156 Jack Steel-Jessop Flamme Rouge Cycling Team Under 23
157 Matthew Exley Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
158 Ethan Lee VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse Under 23
159 Kinsey McIlquham KTM UK Factory MTB Team Under 23
160 Bailey Wilmot Cycle Team OnForm Under 23
161 Richie Allen GS Metro Under 23
162 Andy Brown Metaltek Kuota Racing Team Under 23
163 George Evans Team Bottrill – Vangaurd Under 23
164 Andrew Nichols Team B38 / Underpin Racing
165 William Perrett University of Derby Cycling Club Under 23
166 Neil Phillips Kibosh
167 Joe Swinnerton Swinnerton Cycles Under 23
168 Alexandre Touche ActiveEdge Race Team Under 23
169 Charles Walker Under 23
170 Elliot Harrison Leisure Lakes


* Former winners

2017 Ian Bibby – JLT Condor
2016 Tom Stewart – Madison Genesis
2015 Peter Kennaugh – Team Sky
2014 Yanto Barker – Team Raleigh
2013 Peter Kennaugh – Team Isle Of Man
2012 Russell Downing – Endura Racing
2011 Scott Thwaites – Endura Racing
2010 Chris Newton – Rapha Condor Sharp
2009 Russell Downing – Candi TV Racing Team
2008 Russell Downing – Pinarello Racing Team
2007 Dean Downing – Rapha Condor Racing Team
2006 Kristian House –
2005 Russell Downing –
2004 David O’Loughlin – Total Cycling (Ireland)
2003 Mark Lovatt – Life Repair CRT
2002 Huw Pritchard – Angliasport
2001 John Tanner – Ribble – Pro Vision
2000 Chris Newton – Middridge Cycle Racing Team
1999 Saulius Ruskis – Team Oktos – MBK(France)
1998 Chris Lillywhite – Harrods
1997 John Tanner – Controlware
1996 Kevin Dawson – Optimum Performance
1995 Mark Walsham – Tritech
1994 Chris Walker – Lex – Townsend
1993 Keith Reynolds – Banana Energy Fruit
1992 John Charlesworth – Ace Racing Team
1991 Paul Curran – Manchester Wheelers
1990 Brian Smith – Velo Club d’Or
1989 Mark Gornall – Manchester Wheelers
1988 Paul Curran – Manchester Wheelers
1987 Paul Curran – Manchester Wheelers
1986 Paul Curran – Manchester Wheelers
1985 Darryl Webster – Manchester Wheelers
1984 Neil Martin – Angliasport
1983 Malcolm Elliott – Manchester Wheelers
1982 Mark Bell- Manchester Wheelers
1981 Phil Thomas – Liverpool Mercury
1980 Steve Joughin – Manchester Wheelers
1979 Geoff Taylor – Liverpool Century
1978 Steve Lawrence – VC Olympia Sport
1977 Dave Cuming – Kirkby Cycling Club
1976 Bill Nickson – East Liverpool Wheelers
1975 Tony Gornall – Clayton Velo
1974 Steve Heffernan – Archer Road Club
1973 Dave Vose – Kirkby Cycling Club
1972 Phil Edwards – Western Road Club
1971 Dave Allen – Birkenhead North End CC
1970 Tom Mullins – Rockingham Cycling Club
1969 Pete Smith – Clifton Cycling Club
1968 Doug Dailey – Kirkby Cycling Club
1967 Des Thompson – New Zealand
1966 John Clarey – Woolwich Cycling Club
1965 Arthur Durham – England
1964 Albert Hitchen – Falcon Cycles
1963 Albert Hitchen – Viking Cycles
1962 Jim Grieves – Helyett Cycles
1961 John Perks – Falcon Cycles
1960 John Perks – Falcon Cycles
1959 Ron Coe – Elswick Hopper
1958 Ron Coe – Elswick Hopper
1957 Ron Coe – Wilson Cycles
1956 Bob Eastwood – Huddersfield Road Club

2017 Alice Barnes – Drops
2016 Alice Barnes – Drops
2015 Lizz1e Armitstead – Boels Dolmans Cycling Team
(Women’s National Road Race Championships)

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