Result: Halifax Circuit Races

Darren Cole, Marcus Hiley and Melissa Boylin winners at the Halifax Circuit Races on Saturday (May 5th)

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Result: Halifax Circuit Races

1 Darren Cole RPD Racing
2 Michael Hargreaves HD Revolutions (HDR)
3 Joe Coukham Shibden Cycling Club
4 Shaun Dolby Geared Up & CN Cycles RT
5 Tom Whitworth Huddersfield Star Wheelers
6 Curtis Maltby Geared Up & CN Cycles RT
7 Samuel Carmichael Innovation Racing
8 Oliver Humphreys National Clarion Cycling Club
9 Joseph Romain Pedalsport Cycling Club
10 Adam Quixall Geared Up & CN Cycles RT
11 Harry Walshaw Shibden Cycling Club
12 Mark Jagger
13 Alexander Hutchinson Prologue Racing Team
14 James Veitch Otley CC
15 Tom Yearby Hopey Bicycle Repairs
16 Bradley Tierney Hopey Bicycle Repairs
17 Edward Shone
18 Thomas Cox RPD Racing
19 Thomas Feather Albarosa Cycling Club
20 James Duffy Bury Clarion Cycling Club
21 Scott Roberts
22 Adam Beddall Gloucester City Cycling Club
23 Matthew McGrath Team ASL-Bolton
24 Andrew Meredith Port Sunlight Whls CC
25 James Lovelady Warrington RC
26 Michael Mcgoldrick Hopey Bicycle Repairs
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U16 Boys
1 Marcus Hiley Giant Halifax Race Team
2 Joshua Clough Team SB Hub
3 George Wood North Midlands Youth Squad
4 Joe Spivey Cliff Pratt Racing
5 Tom Sheard Giant Halifax Race Team
6 Carter Howe Heanor Clarion CC
7 Henry Hollyman Kirklees Cycling Academy
8 Ben Houlihan Otley CC
9 Dylan Kay Bronte Tykes Cycling Club
10 Sam Marsh Matlock CC

U16 Girls
1 Melissa Boylin Sportcity Velo
2 Rachel Earnshaw Team JRC
3 Rebecca Dawes Clifton CC
4 Chloe Hinchliffe Holmfirth Cycling Club
5 Charlotte Fox Clifton CC
6 Ruby Yates Holmfirth Cycling Club
7 Tia Sheldon North Midlands Youth Squad
8 Jasmine Pusey Team SB Hub
9 Millie Jones Manilla GRN Cycling
10 Laura Ibbotson Huddersfield Star Wheelers

U14 Boys
1 Riley Blackmore PH-MAS/Paul Milnes Cycles
2 Xavier Teece-Round Eastlands Velo
3 Charles Engley Albarosa Cycling Club
4 Sam Hollis Albarosa Cycling Club
5 Oliver Akers Holmfirth Cycling Club
6 Ben Marsh Matlock CC
7 Harry Ellison Pedalsport Cycling Club
8 Ben Ramsden East Bradford CC
9 Dennis Kay Eastlands Velo
10 Thomas Miller Clifton CC
11 Reuben Hill Albarosa Cycling Club
12 Louie Whisker Clifton CC
13 Joseph Whitworth Huddersfield Star Wheelers

U14 Girls
1 Leah Wilcox Mossley CRT
2 Amy Mourne Huddersfield Star Wheelers
3 Matilda McKibben Cycle Sport Pendle
4 Morgan Sophie Crussell Holmfirth Cycling Club
5 Hannah Whitworth Huddersfield Star Wheelers
6 Masie Sheldon North Midlands Youth Squad
7 Annabel McLean Holmfirth Cycling Club
8 Elizabeth Gilligan Holmfirth Cycling Club
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U12 Boys
1 Mackenzie Riley Kirklees Cycling Academy
2 Noah Ellison Pedalsport Cycling Club
3 Rowan Baxter Huddersfield Star Wheelers
4 Michael Postlethwaite Mossley CRT
5 Jamie Stewart Holmfirth Cycling Club
6 Harry Gilligan Holmfirth Cycling Club
7 Guy Breakey Holmfirth Cycling Club
8 Noah Scott-Wright Clifton CC
9 Alex Hodgkins Otley CC
10 Oliver Daniel Huddersfield Star Wheelers
11 Ben Mourne Huddersfield Star Wheelers
12 Finton Sharp Pedalsport Cycling Club
13 Jack Sunderland Pedalsport Cycling Club
14 Callum Wilson-Ibbotson Huddersfield Star Wheelers

U12 Girls
1 Alice Feetham Holmfirth Cycling Club
2 Abigail Miller Clifton CC
3 Amelia Walton Pedalsport Cycling Club
4 Lucie Cliff Albarosa Cycling Club
5 Annie Denton Pedalsport Cycling Club
6 Evie Smith Pedalsport Cycling Club
7 Evie Turner Holmfirth Cycling Club
8 Jessica Taylor Holmfirth Cycling Club

U10 Boys
1 Jody Mills Huddersfield Star Wheelers
2 James Canham Doncaster Whls CC
3 Max Waterfield Clifton CC
4 Milo Wood Holmfirth Cycling Club
5 Ethan Geall Pedalsport Cycling Club
6 George Hughes Pedalsport Cycling Club
7 Eben Cousin Manchester BMX Club
8 Luke Mcdonnell Holmfirth Cycling Club
9 Oscar Baxter Huddersfield Star Wheelers
10 George Scholes Pedalsport Cycling Club
11 Alexander Gilligan Holmfirth Cycling Club
12 Harry Denton Pedalsport Cycling Club
13 Oliver Bennett Pedalsport Cycling Club

U10 Girls
1 Elena Green Huddersfield Star Wheelers
2 Sophia Engley Clifton CC
3 Annabelle Taylor Holmfirth Cycling Club
4 Amy Hodgkins Otley CC
5 Amelia Turner Holmfirth Cycling Club

U8 Boys
1 Austin Riley Kirklees Cycling Academy
2 Zachary Hutchinson Clifton CC
3 Arthur Bairstow Pedalsport Cycling Club
4 Ellis Geall Pedalsport Cycling Club
5 Eamonn Postlethwaite Mossley CRT
6 Henry Bairstow Pedalsport Cycling Club
7 Noah Smith Pedalsport Cycling Club
8 Charlie McLean Holmfirth Cycling Club
9 Jack Sykes Huddersfield Star Wheelers
10 Brodie Stewart Holmfirth Cycling Club
11 Noah Scholes Pedalsport Cycling Club
12 Ewan Plumb Huddersfield Star Wheelers
13 Mac Stewart Pedalsport Cycling Club

U8 Girls
1 Grace Green Huddersfield Star Wheelers
2 Eloise Daniel Huddersfield Star Wheelers
3 Elsie Hughes Pedalsport Cycling Club
4 Maisie Sobo-Allen Holmfirth Cycling Club
5 Elodie Geall Pedalsport



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