Result: Lincoln GP

Alexandar Richardson solos to win the men’s Lincoln Grand Prix, Rebecca Durrell sprints to a glorious victory

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Result: Lincoln GP


Women’s Event

Post Race Interview

Rebecca Durrell, who lives only 15 minutes from Lincoln, powered her Boardman bike to a very special victory, a career highlight on Sunday, winning the 2018 Edition of the Lincoln Grand Prix

The Storey Racing rider was part of the very first breakaway of the day and despite a selection of riders catching these three for the last lap thrash around Lincoln, Rebecca and her breakaway companions, still had the strength to take all three of the podium places.

Anna Henderson of Team OnForm (sponsored by Brother UK and Primal Europe) was second while third place went to Nikki Juniper who won the Queen of Michaelgate award after leading up this iconic climb every lap.

130 plus riders for the Women’s Lincoln Grand Prix lining up in dry conditions after a very wet night ….

In summary, the three leaders (Durrell, Juniper and Henderson were caught by three other riders (Molly Patch (Fusion RT/Brother), Manon Lloyd and Jennifer George (Team Torelli/Brother UK) who bridged across the small gap between the main groups. With the time gaps so small, the time out front for the leaders looked like being short lived, especially on the climb where the groups could see each other, but Juniper and co continued to lead.

The pace out front, with Juniper gapping her rivals to go solo several times, became too much for Molly Patch who dropped back but the lead for the breakaway continued to be small and more riders bridged across and with a lap to go when the front group had swelled to 14 or more.

A late attack by Hannah Payton at a key part of the run into Lincoln failed to stick and with a teammate to help her, Durrell sprinted up the climb to beat Anna Henderson and Nikki Juniper to claim the top step of the podium.

Three riders dominated the race – Nikki Juniper (3rd) who led through the finish every lap, Rebecca Durrell who won the race and Anna Henderson who was second

The three leaders were joined by Jen George  from Brother UK/Torrelli and trying hard to also join them was another rider sponsored by Brother UK, Molly Patch of Fusion RT

And only seconds behind was the Team Breeze led peloton

But despite the close time gaps between groups, the leaders Juniper a few seconds here), the same five still led the race a lap later

Jen George (Brother Torelli) and a rider from Drops (Manon Lloyd)  gapped by Juniper, Henderson and Durrell on Michaelgate a lap later

Talented junior Pfeiffer Georgi and a rider from Team Breeze gap the peloton on Michaelgate in the chase for the leaders

A lap later and five are still together and Juniper is still crossing that finish line first ….

A lap later (and a lap to go) and the leaders were caught by a selection of a dozen or so riders…

The end result though was that the riders who had broken clear on that first lap took the first three places with Durrell winning …

… from Anna Henderson …

.. with Nikki Juniper third

Eleanor Dickinson outsprints Pfeiffer Georgi for fourth place

Another talented young rider, Sophie Wright of Torelli-Brother UK finishes sixth




1 Rebecca Durrell Storey Racing 2:41:17
2 Anna Henderson Cycle Team OnForm +2
3 Nicola Juniper NJC – Biemme – Echelon +4
4 Eleanor Dickinson Team Breeze +5
5 Pfeiffer Georgi Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles st
6 Sophie Wright Torelli-Brother +12
7 Manon Lloyd Trek-Drops +16
8 Jessica Roberts Team Breeze st
9 Emma Lewis Fusion RT Veloperformance +23
10 Abigail Dentus Team Breeze +26
11 Anna Christian Trek-Drops st
12 Lauren Creamer Brotherton Cycles +31
13 Hannah Payton Trek-Drops +39
14 Emily Nelson Storey Racing +44
15 Rebecca Raybould Team Breeze +1:47
16 Jenny Holl Team Breeze +1:48
17 Anneleen Bosma Rapha Cycling Club st
18 Anna Kay Storey Racing st
19 Molly Patch Fusion RT Veloperformance +1:50
20 Jennifer Powell NJC – Biemme – Echelon +1:54
21 Megan Barker Team Breeze +1:56
22 Gabriella Shaw NJC – Biemme – Echelon +1:57
23 Alicia Speake Cycle Team OnForm +1:59
24 Sophie Enever YRDP st
25 Emma Cockcroft Bianchi Dama st
26 Illi Gardner YRDP st
27 Jennifer George Torelli-Brother st
28 Alice Sharpe Torelli-Brother st
29 Rhona Callander Team Breeze +2:03
30 Fiona Hunter Johnston Fusion RT Veloperformance st
31 Lauren Murphy TWC Maaslandster Zuid-Limburg +2:05
32 Isabel Ellis Team Backstedt/Hotchillee st
33 April Tacey Team 22 +2:08
35 Claire Steels Fusion RT Veloperformance st
36 Fiona Redding Fusion RT Veloperformance st
37 Georgina Panchaud Bianchi Dama st
38 Ellen McDermott Boompods EDCO NRG +2:11
39 Amy Monkhouse Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Vel st
40 Melissa Brand Cycle Team OnForm st
41 Ellen Barker Team IOM Ladies st
42 Sophie Thackray Torelli-Brother st
43 Chloe Fraser The Racing Chance Foundation st
44 Bethany Crumpton Storey Racing st
45 Ffion James Storey Racing st
46 Corinne Side The Racing Chance Foundation +2:17
47 Georgia Bullard Team Jadan Weldtite-Vive le Vel st
48 Emily Meakin Fusion RT Veloperformance st
49 Holly Edmondston Team Velo Project st
50 Lauren Humphreys Boompods EDCO NRG st
51 Danielle Shrosbree CC London st
52 Jessica Finney Cycle Team OnForm st
53 Savannah Morgan YRDP st
54 Nicole Oh Les Filles Racing Team st
55 Delia Beddis Les Filles Racing Team +2:23
56 Jo Tindley NJC – Biemme – Echelon +2:25
57 Anna Docherty Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles st
58 Louise Heywood-Mahé Les Filles Racing Team +2:27
59 Francesca Cutts CC London +2:28
60 Kate Baker Avid Sport st
61 Monica Dew Storey Racing +2:30
62 Olha Kulynych YRDP st
63 Lauren Humphreys Boompods EDCO NRG +2:33
64 Lydia Brookes Les Filles Racing Team +2:34
65 Emma Bentley CC London st
66 Sian Botteley 0 +2:40
67 Grace Garner Wiggle High5 +2:41
68 Lorna Bowler Team Backstedt/Hotchillee +2:44
69 Rachel Jary Boompods EDCO NRG +2:54
70 Dame Sarah Storey Storey Racing +3:18
71 Bethan Stubbs Bianchi Dama +6:12
72 Isabel Darvill Velo Schils – Interbike RT +6:20
73 Alderney Baker Team Empella Cyclo-Cross.Com +8:08

The Ian Emmerson Michaelgate Trophy
1 Nicola Juniper NJC – Biemme – Echelon 22
2 Rebecca Durrell Storey Racing 13
3 Anna Henderson Cycle Team OnForm 11
4 Eleanor Dickinson Team Breeze 1
5 Jennifer George Torelli-Brother 1

Under 23
1 Anna Henderson Cycle Team OnForm

1 Pfeiffer Georgi Liv Cycling Club – Halo Cycles




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