Result: Odd Down Summer Series 3

Kieran Blay and Will Crudgington winner at week 3 of the Odd Down Summer Series on Tuesday, May 15

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Result: Odd Down Summer Series 3

1 Kieran Blay TAAP Cervelo
2 Nathan Hallett Latchem Sunwise Race Team
3 James Phillips Bristol RC
4 Sean Townsend VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propu…
5 Tom Sharp Bristol RC
6 Jake Hollins
7 Rob Hardyman Forever Pedalling
8 Dave Tilling BPF Cycling
9 Robert Borek Forever Pedalling
10 Luke Barfoot Tri UK
11 Andrew Edwards
12 Conor Chandler Primera-TeamJobs
13 Jamie Atkins University of Bristol CC
14 Liam Cahill Somer Valley CC
15 Glyndwr Griffiths 73Degrees CC
16 Christopher Hill Bristol RC
18 Jonny Allen Rapha Cycling Club
19 Jack Phillips Salt & Sham Cycle Club
20 Daniel Carr Salt & Sham Cycle Club
21 Charlie Kelly Primera-TeamJobs
22 Alex Collins Primera-TeamJobs
23 Sebastien Bernaert Bristol RC
25 Thomas Bass Latchem Sunwise Race Team
26 Steven Whitehurst Somer Valley CC
27 Duncan Lancashire Bath Cycling Club
28 Nicholas Anderson Salt & Sham Cycle Club
29 Robert Abraham BIKESTRONG-KTM
30 Russell Peace BPF Cycling
31 Steven Cottington Bath Cycling Club
32 Darren Gardner Bath Cycling Club
33 Adam Maslen Bristol RC
34 Chris Downham Bristol RC
35 Andrew Henderson Latchem Sunwise Race Team
36 Ryan Edge
37 Colin Parry Bristol RC
38 Thomas Price Avid Sport
39 Andrew Kirby VC St Raphael
40 Peter Phillips Bath Cycling Club
41 David Stoyle Bath Cycling Club
42 Edward Jackson Islington Cycling Club
43 Richard Smith Bruton Cycling Club
44 Thomas Hogan BPF Cycling
45 Francis Eddolls BPF Cycling
46 David West Portishead Cycling Club
47 Mark Pettitt Portishead Cycling Club
48 Gary Sheppard Bath Cycling Club
49 John Carter Radeon-Cycology RT
50 Alex Faux Forever Pedalling
51 Andrew Banks Westbury Wheelers
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4th Cat only
1 Will Crudgington
2 Frederick Webb
3 Martin MacDonald Bath Cycling Club
4 Joel Thomas University of Bath Cycling Clu…
5 Simon Hunt
6 Chris Bowie-Hill Bristol RC
7 Nick Cox Bristol South CC
8 Mark Hardyman Velo Club Walcot
9 Roger Chamberlain VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propu…
10 Max Hazell
11 Tilemachos Makropoulos
12 Anthony Smith Portishead Cycling Club
14 James Morris Hereford & District Wheelers
15 Frederick White
16 Jamie Ford Somer Valley CC
17 Shrirunga Bristowe Bath Cycling Club
18 Peter Wyatt Portishead Cycling Club
19 Marcus Pont
20 Paul Fearon
21 Steven Marsh Portishead Cycling Club
22 Luke Justin Somer Valley CC
23 Paul Enderson
24 Aron Jarvis
25 Ricky Goldswain
26 Christopher Featherstone Bristol RC
27 Mark Kemp
28 Joe Cierpik
29 Matthew Ralph BPF Cycling
30 Nic Meadows Somer Valley CC
31 Richard Pattemore
32 Sasha Smith Portishead Cycling Club
33 Farilee Williams Portishead Cycling Club
34 Alexander Atkins University of Bristol CC




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