Result: Cramlington CC 10m TT

Adam Wild (18.59) breaks the course record to win the Cramlington CC 10 mile Time Trial, Kerry Gowland was fastest woman

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Result: Cramlington CC 10m TT

Perfect Weather and Course Records

The conditions couldn’t have been better going into Cramlington CC’s Northumberland & Durham Cycling Association 10-mile Championship. The M101 course is known to be fast and every rider knew they were in for a day of impressive times. The top spot was taken in style by Adam Wild of GS Metro as he pipped the 19 minute mark with a time of 18:59, setting a new course record and making it two in a row after winning the Tyneside Vagabonds 40 mile last week.

Harry Walker of Revolver Racing finished with an impressive 19:31 to put him on the second step of the podium and, still pushing to find his first win of the season. With third spot being a joint affair between Ross Walton and Dan Meggison, both of GS Metro and both on 19:34. It made for a befitting podium as GS Metro dominated the top slots of the competition o the day.

The Ladies competition was won by Kerry Gowland of Houghton CC with a time of 22:40 with second and third places going to Blaydon CC with Gemma Hutchins on a time of 23:58 and Angela McGurk with 24:30. The Junior prize went to Team Bottrill/Vanguard rider, Adam Jarps. The 18 year old stopped the clock at an impressive 19:49, continuing his already strong season.


Harry Walker of Revolver Wheels

Adam Jarps


Kerry Gowland

1 Adam Wild GS Metro Male Espoir 18:59
2 Harry Walker Team Swift Male Veteran 19:31
3 Dan Meggison GS Metro Male Senior 19:34
3 Ross Walton GS Metro Male Senior 19:34
5 Liam Beaty Hawick Cycling Club Male Senior 19:45
6 Adam Jarps Team Bottrill / Vanguard Male Junior 19:49
7 Thomas Hutchinson Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Senior 20:02
8 Thomas Gilbert Team Newcastle Triathlon Male Senior 20:10
9 Justin Ramel Blaydon CC Male Veteran 20:12
10 Nick Badcock Allen Valley Velo Male Senior 20:16
11 Nev Martin GS Metro Male Veteran 20:18
12 David Beattie Hawick Cycling Club Male Senior 20:20
13 Steven Craggs Blaydon CC Male Senior 20:25
14 Julian MacBride Blaydon CC Male Senior 20:27
15 Darren Williamson Muckle Cycle Club Male Veteran 20:28
16 Craig Haslam Muckle Cycle Club Male Veteran 20:29
17 Stewart Burke Team Andrew Allan Architecture Male Senior 20:30
18 Neil Pendrich SVTTA Male Veteran 20:34
18 Ben Lane GS Metro Male Veteran 20:34
20 Russell McLean Beacon Wheelers Male Senior 20:35
21 David Burgher Kelso Wheelers Cycling Club Male Veteran 20:41
22 Craig Fenwick Team Swift Male Veteran 20:48
23 Shaun Tyson Adept Cycling Male Veteran 20:49
24 Mark Robertson Army Cycling Union Male Senior 20:53
24 Harry Armstrong Berwick Wheelers Cycling Club Male Veteran 20:53
26 Ian Norris Male Veteran 20:55
27 chris mather Derwentside CC Male Veteran 21:09
28 Ross Gray Allen Valley Velo Male Senior 21:10
28 Colin Atkinson Muckle Cycle Club Male Veteran 21:10
30 Colin Humphrey Houghton CC Male Veteran 21:16
31 Ali Bailey GS Metro Male Senior 21:18
32 russ richardson Teesdale CRC Male Veteran 21:23
33 Steven Fullerton Darlington Cycling Club Male Veteran 21:24
33 John Routledge Barnesbury CC Male Senior 21:24
35 Adam Wilson Cramlington CC Male Senior 21:26
35 greg charlton Muckle Cycle Club Male Veteran 21:26
37 Kevin Hall Sunderland Clarion Male Veteran 21:31
38 Gregor Sharp Hawick Cycling Club Male Veteran 21:37
39 Philip KENNELL Gosforth RC Male Veteran 21:39
40 Peter Herdman Blaydon CC Male Veteran 21:42
40 Steven Walker Hawick Cycling Club Male Senior 21:42
42 Mark Tully Sunderland Clarion Male Senior 21:49
43 Mark Herbert Derwentside CC Male Veteran 21:50
44 Brian Ward Team Profound SB Male Senior 21:51
45 phil Watson Hadrian R.T Male Veteran 21:54
45 Shaun Wilkinson Muckle Cycle Club Male Senior 21:54
47 Roger Clarke Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Veteran 22:05
48 Mark Breeze Breeze Bikes RT Male Veteran 22:07
48 James Meadows Cleveland Wheelers CC Male Senior 22:07
50 Neil Wilkinson Cestria C.C. Male Veteran 22:12
51 Lee Statham Houghton CC Male Veteran 22:14
51 Sean Kennedy North Tyneside Riders CC Male Senior 22:14
53 Simon Emsley Derwentside CC Male Veteran 22:20
54 ian elliot Hawick Cycling Club Male Veteran 22:25
55 Paul Rider Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Veteran 22:27
56 Tom Guy Sunderland Clarion Male Veteran 22:28
56 Mark Whaley Blaydon CC Male Veteran 22:28
58 David Symes Blaydon CC Male Veteran 22:31
58 Shaun Brannan Muckle Cycle Club Male Senior 22:31
60 keith davison Hadrian R.T Male Veteran 22:36
61 Paul Wright Blaydon CC Male Senior 22:38
62 Jock Bolam Breeze Bikes RT Male Veteran 22:39
63 Kerry Gowland Houghton CC Female Veteran 22:40
64 Jamie Ruddell Houghton CC Male Senior 22:46
64 Kyle Spenc Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Senior 22:46
66 Martin Rasmussen Tyneside Vagabonds CC Male Veteran 22:48
67 Stephen Locker VO2MAX Race Team Male Veteran 22:50
68 Rick Mitford Cestria C.C. Male Veteran 22:51
69 Adam Harrison Barnesbury CC Male Senior 22:53
70 Bill Maxwell Border City Whs CC Male Veteran 22:58
71 Neil Parkin Derwentside CC Male Veteran 23:00
71 Sebastian Stockbridge Blaydon CC Male Senior 23:00
73 Stefan Hurst Charlotteville Cycling Club Male Senior 23:10
74 Richard Tyson Rock to Roll CC Male Veteran 23:15
75 David Swainson Derwentside CC Male Veteran 23:16
76 Phil Cook Cestria C.C. Male Veteran 23:19
77 Mark Ambury Cramlington CC Male Veteran 23:20
78 Christopher Beaty Allen Valley Velo Male Senior 23:21
79 martin heardman Gosforth RC Male Veteran 23:26
80 Peter Smith Hawick Cycling Club Male Veteran 23:27
81 Craig Foley Tricademy Male Veteran 23:28
82 David Ballantyne EMC Cycling Male Veteran 23:30
83 Colin Gardener Flyte Racing Male Veteran 23:35
84 iain katz Tri Northumberland (Tri North) Male Senior 23:39
85 Keith Sibbald Cramlington CC Male Veteran 23:43
86 Michael Todd Derwentside CC Male Senior 23:45
87 Alan Lang Hartlepool CC Male Veteran 23:50
88 Paul Robson Houghton CC Male Veteran 23:51
89 Gemma Hutchins Blaydon CC Female Senior 23:58
90 Angela McGurk Blaydon CC Female Senior 24:30
91 Raymond Bell Derwentside CC Male Veteran 24:37
92 Teri Wishart GS Metro Female Veteran 24:38
93 Sam Dodd Barnesbury CC Male Senior 24:39
94 Mick Bradshaw GS Metro Male Veteran 24:45
95 Carrie Brookes North Tyneside Riders CC Female Veteran 24:52
96 Richard Cleathero North Racing Male Veteran 25:05
97 Sara Cummings Blaydon CC Female Veteran 25:14
98 Paul Mitchell Blaydon CC Male Veteran 25:31
99 Hannah Baker North Tyneside Riders CC Female Senior 25:44
100 Jo Short Darlington Cycling Club Female Veteran 26:07
101 dennis fuller GS Metro Male Veteran 26:38
102 Jonathan Watson Cramlington CC Male Veteran 27:26
104 Charles Edward (Ted) scurr Hartlepool CC Male Veteran 27:39
103 Stephen Kerr Sunderland Clarion Male Veteran 27:39
105 Matthew Sherman Cramlington CC Male Senior 29:26
106 gareth davies Barnesbury CC Male Veteran 31:27





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