Result: Vic Sutton Memorial Road Races

Rob Watkinson, Karl Smith and Philip Axe winners at the Vic Sutton Memorial Road Races organised by Hull Thursday RC on Sunday

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Result: Vic Sutton Memorial Road Races

Race 1
1 Rob Watkinson 1st A
2 Craig Battersby 1st B
3 Stephen Feeney 2nd B
4 Nigel Modlinsky 3rd B
5 Tom McCormack 2nd A
6 Tony Workman 4th B
7 Andrew Turner 5th B
8 Daniel Keena 3rd A
9 Phil Giles 4th A
10 Paul Allen 5th A
11 Steve Lee B
12 Ian Russell B
13 Stuart Harrison A
14 Nigel Dilks A
15 Pete Smith B

Race 2
1 Karl Smith 1st C
2 Chris Green 2nd C
3 Richard Moore 3rd C
4 Craig Moody 4th C
5 Tony Lowe 5th C
6 Sean Smith C
7 John Hind C
8 Robert Blackburn 1st D
9 Martin Webster C
10 Keith Middleton 2nd D
11 Steve Gore-Browne C
12 Mark Hammersley 3rd D

Nicola Moore D 1st Lady

Race 3
1 Philip Axe 1st F
2 Mark Robinson 1st E
3 Dave Scargill 2nd E
4 Andrew Donaldson 3rd E
5 Richard McKellar 4th E
6 Patrick Schils E
7 Alistair Cameron 2nd F
8 Stephen Moorcroft 3rd F
9 Tony Carter E
10 David Capes F
11 Bob Tyrrell E
12 David Robinson E
13 Rob Stones 1st G
14 Andrew Coates E
15 Sally Maitland E 1st Lady
16 David Deakins F
17 Ralph Keeler F
18 Richard Booth 2nd G
19 Brian Sunter 1st H
20 Bill Cotton 3rd G





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