Result: Crits at the Park 4

Richmond Rogers, Stephen Gibson, Tim George and Holly MacMahon winners at week 4 of the Crits in the Park at Kent Cyclopark on Saturday, June 2nd

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Result: Crits at the Park 4

1 Richmond Rogers Project 51
2 Thomas Rowing Abellio – SFA Racing Team
3 Rory Barrett Southborough & District Whls
4 Keith Henderson Southborough & District Whls
5 Benedict Thompson CC London
6 Robbie White Woolwich CC
7 Callum Clark Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET
8 Adam Cotterell Project 51
9 Will Auty 4T+ Cyclopark
10 Isaac Wright Project 51
11 Craig Cole Lky7 SD Racing Team
12 Luke Alexandre Abellio – SFA Racing Team
13 Ian Hope Richmond Cycling Club
14 Kevin Argent Sigma
15 Karl Strugnell
16 Jonas Rooze CC London
17 Harvey Gunningham
18 Michael Krukov HJL
19 Jamie Olsson Giro Prestige
20 Mark Emsley Project 51
21 Finn Fitzgerald Dulwich Paragon CC
22 James Drain Gemini BC
23 Trevor Jarrett PRTZ
24 Marlin Barea Wheal Velocity
25 Matthew Shepherd TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
26 Craig Barton 4T+ Cyclopark
27 Andy Whale Verulam –
28 Benjamin Beynon Strada-Sport
29 James Hawkins Bigfoot CC
30 Robin Hawes Chelmer CC
31 Stewart McMahon Gemini BC
32 Alan Newman PRTZ
33 Bailey Wilmot Cycle Team OnForm
34 Neil Pearson Gemini BC
35 Przemek Jersz Southborough & District Whls
36 Craig Barton 4T+ Cyclopark
37 Joshua Davies CC London
38 Christopher Richmond Rapha Cycling Club
39 Ethan Wilmot Derby Mercury RC
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3rd Cat only
1 Stephen Gibson 4T+ Cyclopark
2 Jamie Olsson Giro Prestige
3 Mark Oldfield 4T+ Cyclopark
4 George Sloan VC Londres
5 Robert Purcell Neon-Velo Cycling Team
6 Thomas Fairley CC London
7 Chris Ware Rapha Cycling Club
8 Antonius Wubben
9 Andrew Greaves Brixton Cycles Club
10 Stewart McMahon Gemini BC
11 Jess Harding
12 Stuart Taplin Dulwich Paragon CC
13 Valentino Fontana Gemini BC
14 Tim Bishop Maison Du Velo-Storck Bikes UK
15 Lee Messenger Abellio – SFA Racing Team
16 Ewan Muir 4T+ Cyclopark
17 Daniel Pugh Southend Wheelers
18 David Veitch Lea Valley CC
19 Colin Smith Gemini BC
20 Alex Woolley Sheppey Velo
21 Jonathan Rennick Brixton Cycles Club
22 Paolo Avagliano London Dynamo
23 Dominic Wilson Kingston Wheelers CC
24 Neil Pearson Gemini BC
25 Ashley Harvey CC London
26 Ian Dawson Gemini BC
27 Alex Elferink East London Velo
28 James Knighton London Dynamo
29 Anthony Attwood Abellio – SFA Racing Team
30 John Correa Crawley Wheelers
31 Atticus Wright Farnborough & Camberley CC
32 Nicholas Palmer CC London
33 Jack Kellam Brixton Cycles Club
34 Clifford Cunningham Sheppey Velo
35 Emmeric Hurault 4T+ Cyclopark
36 Mark Harris Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
37 Marek Glowinski VC Londres
38 Richard Brierley London Phoenix CC
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4th Cat only
1 Tim George
2 Mark Baker Abellio – SFA Racing Team
3 Richard Windsor
4 Martin Kober Abellio – SFA Racing Team
5 Charles Williams East London Velo
6 Jack Morrish CC London
7 Owen Jowett Sunday Echappée
8 Cillian Murphy London Dynamo
9 Myles Brown 4T+ Cyclopark
10 Philip Harrison London Dynamo
11 Alexander Rutterford Army Cycling Union
12 Hayden Tucker Southborough & District Whls
13 Alan Perrin
14 Jonathan Dobson WyndyMilla
15 Rishi Athwal Cycling Club Hackney
16 Jonny Cheatle VC Londres
17 Douglas Leask CC London
18 Andy Keene London Phoenix CC
19 Robert Bridgens San Fairy Ann CC
20 Robert Coniglio Spokes BPC Racing
21 Tom Goodhew 4T+ Cyclopark
22 Mark Noblet London Dynamo
23 David Bishop Wigmore CC
24 Matt Nunn Medway Velo
25 Andrew Morrell Thanet RC
26 David Fowler Deal Tri Ltd
27 Kevin Hughes
28 Aaron Gibbons-Plowright Dulwich Paragon CC
29 James Griffin trainSharp Club
30 Peter Link VC Deal
31 Matthew Robertson Woolwich CC

3/4 Women
1 Holly MacMahon 4T+ Cyclopark
2 Anna Marie Hughes Norwood Paragon CC
3 Anna Harborow Brixton Cycles Club
4 Lillian Choy London Dynamo
5 Philippa Jenkins Southborough & District Whls
6 Alison Rothnie Spokes BPC Racing
7 Cindy Berry Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
8 Sarah Easton 4T+ Cyclopark
9 Grace Dent Project 51
10 Annie Mcbain Spokes BPC Racing
11 Beccy Wilebore CC London
12 Jane Wilson Hitchin Nomads CC
13 Amy Johnson West Suffolk Wheelers
14 Joanna Hovenden 4T+ Cyclopark
15 Stephanie Wreathy



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