Feature: Boardman Performance Centre

On a visit to the now fully open Boardman Performance Centre, not only does it have state of the art performance experts and facilities but also the latest range of Boardman Bikes

Feature: Boardman Performance Centre
(Boardman Performance Centre, The Valley, Evesham, WR11 4DS)

On a visit to the now fully open Boardman Performance Centre, not only does it have state of the art performance experts and facilities but also the latest range of Boardman Bikes

Note: To celebrate stage 4 of the OVO Women’s Tour coming to Evesham this Saturday, Boardman Bikes is hosting an open day at the Performance Centre only 2 miles from the stage start and on route to the stage finish in Worcester.

• The Boardman Performance Centre is a world first, at its heart sits a state of the art wind tunnel
• The world class centre brings together performance enhancing services in a first of its kind facility
• Cutting edge services now available to the enthusiast as well as sporting elite
• The centre is expected to attract cyclists from all over the world

The much anticipated ‘Boardman Performance Centre’ launched at the end of April in Evesham, Worcestershire. The multi-million pound facility, conceived by Olympic champion Chris Boardman MBE, in partnership with cycling retailer Halfords, is set to be a game changer for UK cycling, bringing together all of the services needed to enhance performance and making them accessible to everyone from elite athletes to cycling enthusiasts.

Lots of new 2018 Boardman bikes all on show at the Performance Centre which is located in a country setting with other shops in the complex – it is quite simply one you can ride or drive to and leave yourself a bit of time because there’s a lot to look at!

At the heart of the centre is the custom built wind tunnel. Up until now, the few tunnels around the world that allow access to cyclists have been built for motor sport and other high speed vehicles. They are hard to access and very expensive. The Boardman wind tunnel is designed to meet the specific needs of cyclists and triathletes and has a host of features not found anywhere else in the world. Wind speed and direction can be quickly tuned by an aerodynamicist to mimic the conditions of any chosen event.

The data capture system is also a world first, feeding video imagery and data back to the rider in real-time (in a format of their choosing) whilst also being available remotely, via a dedicated secure portal at any time in the future.

Complementing the wind tunnel, the centre also offers physiology testing, bike fitting and an unprecedented level of performance and positional data to help cyclists get the most out of their sport. Whether a rider is preparing to embark on their very first sportive, or aiming for the Tour de France, the friendly, in-house experts will tailor the services to their needs.

WIND TUNNEL (the party piece!): One of cycling’s biggest talking points is aerodynamics and with their purpose-built Wind Tunnel, the Boardman Performance centre offers unique testing against the elements. The key goal of wind tunnel testing is to reduce the resistance to speed. This is particularly relevant to the rider competing against the clock, but also in allowing the rider to reduce the power cost of any type of riding, flat, up or downhill, alone or in a group.


Chris Boardman says of the new ground breaking facility “The Boardman Performance Centre will be game-changing for cycling in the UK and beyond. We’ve worked with some of the brightest minds in sport and engineering to create the first holistic approach to performance. No other consumer focused facility in the world has brought all of these capabilities together under one roof. But what we’re most proud of, is these services, previously only available to a fraction of the world’s elite, will now be available to the sporting enthusiast too, even those just setting out. We can help them achieve their goals in a way no one else can.”

Sessions in the Boardman Performance Centre wind tunnel start from £195, and bookings can be made now. Best-in-class bike fitting and physiology services start from £275. For more information visit www.boardmanbikes.com

PHYSIOLOGY: The physiology lab at the Performance centre is built on the cornerstones of Fitness and of Health. It’s goal is to get under the bonnet of your performance, to understand how your body creates your physical capacity and capabilities, but also to ensure your body is ready to work effectively and safely.

BIOMECHANICS: The key goals of their biomechanics lab is to improve comfort and mechanical effectiveness, and ultimately to increase sustainable muscle power delivered to the pedals. They look at how the body and bike interact, and how they can change position and technique to achieve these goals, using an evidence-based approach.

Great showroom with experts on hand as well …

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