Result: Seamons Evening Road Race

Chris Siepen, Chris Spencer of Onimpex Bioracer, Andy Bennett of Onimpex Bioracer, Roy Holmes and Stephen Wilkinson among the winners at the Seamons Evening Road Race on June 26

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Result: Seamons Evening Road Race

1   Chris Siepen    Seamons Cycling Club
2   Kristian Zentek    Team Chronomaster
3   Paul Gibson    Surface Design Racing
4   Thomas McCormack    Element Cycling Team
5   David Bratt    Pro Vision Race Team
6   Ashley Cooper    3C Payment Sports
7   Mark Hassall    Surface Design Racing
8   Steve Simpson    Element Cycling Team

1   Chris Spencer    Onimpex Bioracer Racing Team
2   Simon Bridge    Manchester Bicycle Club
3   Andrew Turner    Element Cycling Team
4   Nigel Modlinsky    Seamons Cycling Club
5   Rory Crone    Warrington Road Club
6   Steve Knowles    Port Sunlight Wheelers
7   Tony Williams    Team Wheelguru
8   Stephen Talbot    Pro Vision Race Team
9   Paul Coulter    Element Cycling Team
10   Nicholas Whitley    Chester Road Club
11   Martin Wiggan    Seamons Cycling Club
12   Mark Wood    3C Payment Sports
13   Neil Jones    Port Sunlight Wheelers
11   Ian Noons    Stone Wheelers Cycling Club
12   John Cosgrove    Onimpex Bioracer Racing Team
13   Rob Pye    Green Jersey Racing Team

1   Andy Bennett    Onimpex Bioracer Racing Team
2   Mark Fenton    Stone Wheelers Cycling Club
3   Carl Finney    St Helens Cycle Racing Club
4   Ron Plumbley    Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC
5   Steven Cartwright    Graham Weigh Racing
6   Simon Bills    Pro Vision Race Team
7   Bill Young    Tunstall Wheelers CC
8   John Nottingham    Seamons Cycling Club
9   David Roberts    St Helens Cycle Racing Club
10   John Keen    Weaver Valley Cycling Club
11   John Crook    Liverpool Mercury (Dolan) CC
12   Michael Karl Jones    Warrington Road Club

1   Roy Holmes    Bott Cycle Team
2   Martin Harney    Manchester Bicycle Club
3   Steve Davies    Onimpex Bioracer Racing Team
4   Kevan Underhill    Weaver Valley Cycling Club
5   Stephen Jones    Audlem Cycling Club
6   Paul Brownbill    Port Sunlight Wheelers
7   Stephen Baillie    Manchester Bicycle Club
8   Keith Jones (gwrt)    Graham Weigh Racing
9   Ruth Taylor    Element Cycling Team
10   Neil Simpkin    Stafford Road Club
11   Ian Noons    Stone Wheelers Cycling Club
12   John Cosgrove    Onimpex Bioracer Racing Team
13   Rob Pye    Green Jersey Racing Team

1   Stephen Wilkinson    Team Wheelguru
2   Geoff Rawlinson    St Helens Cycle Racing Club
3   Gordon Wallace    Graham Weigh Racing
4   David Cuming    Graham Weigh Racing
5   Carl Telford    Manchester Bicycle Club
6   Paul Mason    Audlem Cycling Club
7   Ken Jones  Onimpex Bioracer Racing Team
8   James Giblin    Manchester Bicycle Club

1   Barry Beswick    Team Wheelguru
2   Nigel Harrop    Seamons Cycling Club
3   Gordon Smith    Graham Weigh Racing
4   Barry Armstrong    Seamons Cycling Club

1   Steven Fidler    3C Payment Sports
2   Jonathan Carnall    Macclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club
3   Brian Turrall    Team Wheelguru
4   Jamie Smith    3C Payment Sports
5   Matthew Buckley    Weaver Valley Cycling Club

1   Andrew Smith    Seamons Cycling Club
2   Mark Wilkinson    Team Wheelguru
3   Thomas Green    Macclesfield Wheelers Cycling Club
4   Liam Abbotts    Audlem Cycling Club

1   Jamie O’Connor    Chester Road Club




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