Feature: Bristol GP July 8

Talking to the organiser of the newest National Series Men’s Road Race (Prem), Phil Adkins about the 100km kermesse around Bristol on July 8

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Feature: Bristol GP July 8

Event Website: bristolgrandprix.com

Talking to the organiser of the newest National Series Men’s Road Race (Prem), Phil Adkins about the 100km kermesse around Bristol on July 8

Since 2015, there has been a major cycle race in Bristol but in 2018, that event steps up a few levels and goes from a circuit race to a kermesse on a course that will take in one of Britain’s foremost cities.

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In short, the day will consist of a 3-4 Mens’ curtain raiser, a Women’s event with the same prize money as the men (national A level prize list) with both races on a shorter version of the full course which will be used for the men’s Elite race over a distance of a 100km. The final event of the day will be a ‘Lets Ride’ one for the general public, also on the full length course.

The 2016 and 2017 events helped establish the Bristol Grand Prix as a fixture in the national race calendar, with racing enjoyed by over 20,000 spectators. The Bristol Grand Prix becoming part of the GP Series reflects the success of the event says the organiser Phil Adkins and is in recognition of the incredible support they have received from the local cycling community, local riders and the volunteers who have worked to make the Bristol GP what it is today.

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Phil explained to VeloUK that his aim is to make the event bigger than it has ever been before. Phil heads up a strong team of people including the well known cycling photographer from the city, John Pierce, organising the only southern based prem.

It has certainly attracted a strong entry and a few days after entry closed, and before the final selection had been made (below), Phil acknowledged that there had been 170 entries for 140 places. But whilst the Men’s National Series event had a strong entry, the Women’s entry is still well short of what they have room for on the circuit and riders are urged to enter the event.

“Even though we have some quality entries for the women’s race, entry is still open as we only have a third of what we should be allowed to have for the event” explained Phil, adding they want the Women’s event to be National Series one in 2019.

Phil went on to say that the local clubs who turn out for these events, are quite excited about the National Series coming to Bristol before adding that with the Lets Ride event in the afternoon, the cycling promotion is also appealing to a large cross section of the general public.

Asked about the course, Phil explained “In previous years we have run the event on a 1.3km figure of eight loop and we had super exciting racing. This year, being national series, we have had to change the course for the final race but still have the short course for the other races”.

“The pro men will then have the best part of a 6km course for their 100km event which takes over the city of Bristol and then after the pro race, the Lets Ride event enables the public to ride that same 6km course.”

Saying that the longest straight is probably only 500 metres, Phil went on to explain that it will be a racer’s circuit. “It’s pretty tough even though it only has a few rises, one of which is quite sharp, but because it is quite twisty and has some cobbles as well, I think it will be demanding in terms of bike handling. It’s relentless and will reward the riders and teams who keep pushing. I don’t think it’s the type of course you can settle in on.”

The event says Phil, could not really start more in the heart of Bristol being based in College Green right in front of city hall (centre of the city), before the race then goes out near the Cathedral, War Memorial, Queens Square (Edwardian and cobbled) and Mud Dock.

“Bristol are really pleased with the event and the Mayor has really got behind it as have the clubs here too. Support from local business has helped finance the event whilst the council have been incredible in facilitating the course for us as has the organisation behind the Lets Ride event.”

Bath Ales Mens Category 3/4 Race: Some of the South West’s best up and coming and established club riders will kick the day off with a fast and furious race around our new criterium circuit (short course). Starts at 8:00am

The Hayes Parsons Insurance Brokers Women’s Bristol Grand Prix: The South West has a rapidly expanding women’s cycling calendar, and we are proud to have premier women’s racing in Bristol. It’s rewarding too, with a significant prize list and the prestige of being the winner of the Bristol GP. A spectacular, exciting event held on our new criterium circuit (short course).
Podium places will receive bonus cash, making prizes the same as the National Series men’s race. Starts at 9:00am

– Men E/1/2 – Lobster Pictures Bristol Grand Prix: Round two of the HSBC UK | Grand Prix Series, bringing some of the UK and Europe’s best domestic professional teams. This race will be held on a new extended circuit, covering a large part of Bristol City centre, giving spectators lots opportunities to enjoy the race from iconic Bristol locations.

– ‘Let’s Ride Bristol’ public bike ride: On the 8 July Bristol Grand Prix race fans won’t just be able to watch some of the UK and Europe’s best cyclists, they will be able to join in as the 6km, traffic-free course will become the venue for the HSBC Let’s Ride mass participation event. The HSBC UK Let’s Ride, formerly known as Sky Ride, will be open to anyone, with multi entry points along the new 6km city-centre route, with adapted bikes available to book for disabled people and many community organisations represented during the day. Starts at 1:30pm

Sunday 8 July Schedule
4.00 Road Closures
8.00 Men 3/4 Race Start (40 minutes + 5 laps)
9.00 Women E/1/2/3 Race Start (40 minutes + 5 laps)
10.30 Men E/1/2 Race Start (100km)
13.25 Men E/1/2 Podium
13.30 HSBC Let’s Ride

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Provisional Start List for Men’s Pro Race
1 Rory Townsend Canyon Eisberg
2 Ryan Christensen Canyon Eisberg
3 James Lowsley-Williams Canyon Eisberg
4 Matthew Nowell Canyon Eisberg
5 Charles Page Canyon Eisberg
6 Alex Paton Canyon Eisberg
7 Harry Tanfield Canyon Eisberg
8 Andrew Tennant Canyon Eisberg
9 Ian Bibby JLT Condor
10 Graham Briggs JLT Condor
11 Matthew Gibson JLT Condor
12 Robert McCarthy JLT Condor
13 Thomas Moses JLT Condor
14 Jonathan Mould JLT Condor
15 Thomas Stewart JLT Condor
16 Oliver Wood JLT Condor
17 George Atkins Madison Genesis
18 Richard Handley Madison Genesis
19 Matthew Holmes Madison Genesis
20 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis
21 Jonathan McEvoy Madison Genesis
22 George Pym Madison Genesis
23 Erick Rowsell Madison Genesis
24 Connor Swift Madison Genesis
25 Thomas Baylis One Pro Cycling
26 Karol Domagalski One Pro Cycling
27 Jake Kelly One Pro Cycling
28 Christopher Latham One Pro Cycling
29 Hayden McCormick One Pro Cycling
30 James Oram One Pro Cycling
31 Jacob Scott One Pro Cycling
32 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling
33 Gabriel Cullaigh Team Wiggins
34 Mark Donovan Team Wiggins
35 Nathan Draper Team Wiggins
36 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Team Wiggins
37 Oliver Robinson Team Wiggins
38 Jacques Sauvagnargues Team Wiggins
39 Robert Scott Team Wiggins
40 Joey Walker Team Wiggins
41 Julio Alberto Amores Palacios Vitus Pro Cycling
42 Liam Davies Vitus Pro Cycling
43 Joshua Hunt Vitus Pro Cycling
44 Harrison Jones Vitus Pro Cycling
45 Adam Kenway Vitus Pro Cycling
46 Grant Martin Vitus Pro Cycling
47 Bertie Newey Vitus Pro Cycling
48 Timothy Torrie Vitus Pro Cycling
49 Matthew Bostock 100% ME
50 Rhys Britton 100% ME
51 Joe Holt 100% ME
52 Joseph Nally 100% ME
53 Jake Stewart 100% ME
54 Daniel Tulett 100% ME
55 Matthew Walls 100% ME
56 Fred Wright 100% ME
57 Ashley Fletcher BPF Cycling
58 Adam Robertson BPF Cycling
59 Jack Salvidge BPF Cycling
60 Dave Tilling BPF Cycling
61 Adam Toole BPF Cycling
62 Shaun Cook Bristol RC
63 Andy Edwards Bristol RC
64 Tom Sharp Bristol RC
65 Robert Borek Forever Pedalling
66 Alex Faux Forever Pedalling
67 Rob Hardyman Forever Pedalling
68 Samuel Holder Forever Pedalling
69 Damien Clayton
70 Neil Phillips Kibosh
71 Calum Croft Latchem Sunwise Race Team
72 Michael Ford Latchem Sunwise Race Team
73 Nathan Hallett Latchem Sunwise Race Team
74 Tom Lane Latchem Sunwise Race Team
75 Luke Nolan Latchem Sunwise Race Team
76 Stephen Bradbury Morvelo Basso RT
77 James Ireson Morvelo Basso RT
78 Ben Manfield Morvelo Basso RT
79 Benjamin Marks Morvelo Basso RT
80 Scott Probert Morvelo Basso RT
81 Rhys Howells Rapha Cycling Club
82 Peter Cocker Richardsons-Trek RT
83 James Jenkins Richardsons-Trek RT
84 Oliver Maxwell Richardsons-Trek RT
85 Luke Ryan Richardsons-Trek RT
86 George Wood Richardsons-Trek RT
87 Jake Alderman Saint Piran
88 Joe Evans Saint Piran
89 Alex Fanshawe Saint Piran
90 William Harper Saint Piran
91 Cameron Jeffers Saint Piran
92 Steve Lampier Saint Piran
93 Matt Langworthy Saint Piran
94 Marcus Burnett Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
95 Thomas Bustard Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
96 Frazier Carr Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
97 Douglas Coleman Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
98 Jake Hales Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
99 Anthony Moye Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
100 Jordan Peacock Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
101 Michael Smith Spirit Tifosi Racing Team
102 Oliver Cliff TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
103 Josh Copley TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
104 Michael Hall TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
105 Fabian Horrocks TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
106 Tom Knight TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
107 David Reece TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT
108 Peter Barusevicus Team KTM UK
109 Callum Ferguson Team KTM UK
110 Will Fox Team KTM UK
111 Joe Hill Team KTM UK
112 Oliver Peckover Team KTM UK
113 Andrew Turner Team KTM UK
114 Julian Varley Team KTM UK
115 William Bjergfelt Team Tor 2000 KALAS
116 Graham Collins Team Tor 2000 KALAS
117 Joshua Croxton Team Tor 2000 KALAS
118 Peter Haworth Team Tor 2000 KALAS
119 Charlie Revell Team Tor 2000 KALAS
120 Frederik Scheske Team Tor 2000 KALAS
121 Ashley Towey Team Tor 2000 KALAS
122 Oscar Hutchings VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
123 Aled Jones VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
124 Sebastian Lewis VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
125 Adam Toole VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
126 Daniel Coombe Wales Racing Academy
127 Peter Kibble Wales Racing Academy
128 Owen Line Wales Racing Academy
129 William Roberts Wales Racing Academy
130 James Tillett Wales Racing Academy
131 Samuel Tillett Wales Racing Academy
132 Matthew Clarke Wheelbase Castelli MGD
133 Angus Claxton Wheelbase Castelli MGD
134 Finn Crockett Wheelbase Castelli MGD
135 Jordan Doig Wheelbase Castelli MGD
136 David Lines Wheelbase Castelli MGD
137 Alex Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Castelli MGD
138 Stuart Reid Wheelbase Castelli MGD
139 Joe Swinnerton Wheelbase Castelli MGD
140 Alexandar Richardson =”

141 Marcus Culey St George Cycling
142 Lee Frost Tri UK
143 Daniel McQuillan Tri UK
144 Glyndwr Griffiths 73Degrees CC
145 Oliver W Bates Team Bottrill – Vangaurd
146 Tom Elwood Cycle Team OnForm
147 Red Walters Sotonia CC
148 Kinsey McIlquham KTM UK Factory MTB Team
149 Ross Fawcett Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
150 Elliot Harrison Leisure Lakes Bikes.com
151 Oliver Beresford Velo Club Venta
152 William Bourne WyndyMilla
153 Hefin Evans Bynea CC
154 Andrew Kirby VC St Raphael
155 Christopher Parker VC St Raphael
156 Dante Carpenter Morvelo Basso RT
157 Sam Lindsay =”
158 Brian Glynn University of Bath Cycling Club
159 Thomas Hogan BPF Cycling


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