Result: Cyclopark Summer Race Series 12

Javier Romartinez and Simon Alexander winners at week 12 of the Cyclopark Summer Race Series on July 5th in Kent

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Result: Cyclopark Summer Race Series 12

Cat 3/4
1 Javier Romartinez Rapha Cycling Club
2 Mason Kent Gemini BC
3 Lewis Taylor Ashford Road Cycling Club
4 Joseph West RST
5 Neil Pearson Gemini BC
6 Marco Coppola WyndyMilla
7 Valentino Fontana Gemini BC
8 Ian Dawson Gemini BC
9 Darren Yorston
10 Alex Witchell San Fairy Ann CC
11 Jake Roe
12 James Bark Mickey Cranks CC
13 Trevor Jarrett PRTZ
14 Nate Oldfield 4T+ Cyclopark
15 Stewart McMahon Gemini BC
16 Simon Bell 4T+ Cyclopark
17 Cliff Steele Brixton Cycles Club
18 Colin Smith Gemini BC

1 Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek RT
2 Marcus Culey
3 Tom Hargreaves Nuun-Sigma Sports-London
4 Gareth Turner VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propu…
5 Robbie White Woolwich CC
6 Matthew Clements Richardsons-Trek RT
7 Joseph Sutton Goma Dakwerken vdb Steenhouwer…
8 Will Auty 4T+ Cyclopark
9 Adam Cotterell Project 51
10 Thomas Lowther Thanet RC
11 Fabian Horrocks TBW23 Stuart Hall Gett Taxi
12 Mark Oldfield 4T+ Cyclopark
13 Gavin Ryan CHAINGANG Racing Team




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