This Wednesday: Sheffield Grand Prix

Crit racing returns to the centre of Sheffield with two events on Wednesday night where new Men’s Crit Champion Matt Gibson heads the Elite line up whilst last years winner Tom Pidcock wears number 1

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This Wednesday: Sheffield Grand Prix

The stripes will return to Sheffield on Wednesday – this is Russell Downing wearing them – this year it will be Matt Gibson

The WNT Classic Support Race at 19:00: Approximately 50 minutes for 3rd & 4th category riders.

The WNT Sheffield Grand Prix at 20:15: Approximately 60 minutes duration.


1 Thomas Pidcock Team Wiggins Elite
2 Gabriel Cullaigh Team Wiggins Elite
3 Mark Donovan Team Wiggins Elite
4 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson Team Wiggins 2nd
5 Oliver Robinson Team Wiggins 1st
6 Robert Scott Team Wiggins Elite
7 Joey Walker Team Wiggins 1st
8 Reece Wood Team Wiggins 1st
9 Matthew Nowell Canyon Eisberg 1st
10 Charles Page Canyon Eisberg 1st
11 Alex Paton Canyon Eisberg 1st
12 Jack Pullar Canyon Eisberg 1st
13 Harry Tanfield Canyon Eisberg Elite
14 Andrew Tennant Canyon Eisberg Elite
15 Rory Townsend Canyon Eisberg Elite
16 Jake Womersley Holdsworth Pro Racing 2nd
17 Graham Briggs JLT Condor Elite
18 Germain Burton JLT Condor 1st
19 Edward Clancy OBE JLT Condor Elite
20 Matthew Gibson JLT Condor Elite
21 Thomas Moses JLT Condor Elite
22 Jonathan Mould JLT Condor Elite
23 Thomas Stewart JLT Condor Elite
24 Oliver Wood JLT Condor Elite
25 George Atkins Madison Genesis 2nd
26 Richard Handley Madison Genesis 1st
27 Tobyn Horton Madison Genesis Elite
28 Jonathan McEvoy Madison Genesis Elite
29 Isaac Mundy Madison Genesis Elite
30 George Pym Madison Genesis Elite
31 Erick Rowsell Madison Genesis 1st
32 Connor Swift Madison Genesis Elite
33 Thomas Baylis One Pro Cycling 1st
34 Christopher Latham One Pro Cycling Elite
35 Jacob Scott One Pro Cycling 2nd
36 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling 1st
37 Julio Alberto Amores Palacios Vitus Pro Cycling 1st
38 Liam Davies Vitus Pro Cycling 1st
39 Joshua Hunt Vitus Pro Cycling 1st
40 Harrison Jones Vitus Pro Cycling 1st
41 Adam Kenway Vitus Pro Cycling 1st
42 Grant Martin Vitus Pro Cycling 2nd
43 Bertie Newey Vitus Pro Cycling 1st
44 Joe Reilly Vitus Pro Cycling 1st
45 Matthew Bostock 100% ME Elite
46 Rhys Britton 100% ME Elite
47 Ethan Hayter 100% ME Elite
48 Joe Holt 100% ME Elite
49 Joseph Nally 100% ME 1st
50 Jake Stewart 100% ME Elite
51 Matthew Walls 100% ME Elite
52 Fred Wright 100% ME Elite
53 Andy Bishop Andy Moore Autocentres Racing 2nd
54 Aaron Chambers-Smith Andy Moore Autocentres Racing 2nd
55 Dean Watson Andy Moore Autocentres Racing 1st
56 Oliver Huszar Crimson Performance Race Team 1st
57 Jamie Ridehalgh Crimson Performance Race Team 2nd
58 Alistair Thomas Crimson Performance Race Team 1st
59 Benjamin Trippier Crimson Performance Race Team 1st
60 Joseph Clark Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield Elite
61 Daniel Pullen Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 1st
62 Charlie Renshaw Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 1st
63 Kieran Savage Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 2nd
64 Harry Yates Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 2nd
65 Joe Evans Saint Piran 2nd
66 William Harper Saint Piran 1st
67 Cameron Jeffers Saint Piran 1st
68 Steve Lampier Saint Piran Elite
69 Matt Langworthy Saint Piran 1st
70 Peter Barusevicus Team KTM UK 1st
71 Alex Harvey Team KTM UK 2nd
72 Oliver Peckover Team KTM UK 1st
73 Jordan Reed Team KTM UK 2nd
74 Fraser Rounds Team KTM UK 1st
75 Matthew Clarke Wheelbase Castelli MGD 1st
76 Angus Claxton Wheelbase Castelli MGD 2nd
77 Finn Crockett Wheelbase Castelli MGD 1st
78 Jordan Doig Wheelbase Castelli MGD 1st
79 David Lines Wheelbase Castelli MGD 2nd
80 Alex Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Castelli MGD 2nd
81 Stuart Reid Wheelbase Castelli MGD 2nd
82 Joe Swinnerton Wheelbase Castelli MGD 1st
83 Daniel McDermott FTR Milltag 2nd
84 Elliot Harrison Leisure Lakes 1st
85 Christopher Durham Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club) 1st
86 Oliver Rees PH-MAS/Paul Milnes Cycles 2nd
87 Samuel Watson PH-MAS/Paul Milnes Cycles 1st
88 Will King Prologue Racing Team 2nd
89 William Brown Ribble Cycling Elite
90 Chris Sherriffs Ribble Cycling 1st
91 Marcus Burnett Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 1st
92 Christopher Dredge Spirit Tifosi Racing Team 2nd
93 Josh Housley TBW23 Stuart Hall Gett Taxi 2nd
94 Andrew Nichols Team B38 / Underpin Racing 1st
95 Bradley Symonds Team PB Performance 1st
96 Frederik Scheske Team Tor 2000 KALAS Elite
97 William Perrett University of Derby Cycling Club 1st
98 Robert Telford University of Sheffield CC 2nd
99 William Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Cabtech Junior RT 2nd
100 Mark Walker Wold Top Actif RT 2nd

101 Louis Szymanski Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield 1st
102 James Hill Team PB Performance 2nd
103 Luke Hind Bryan Steel academy 2nd
104 Stephen Paterson Andy Moore Autocentres Racing 2nd
105 Russell Downing Holdsworth Pro Cycling Elite
106 Will King Team KTM Elite
107 George Wood Richardsons-Trek RT Elite

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1 Ben Manning 3RT 3rd
2 David Micklethwaite 3RT 3rd
3 Darren Speight 3RT 4th
4 Richard Stoodley 3RT 4th
5 Paul Sweet 3RT 4th
6 Nick Sweeting 3RT 3rd
7 Thomas Feather Albarosa Cycling Club 4th
8 Fredrick Bingham Andy Moore Autocentres Racing 3rd
9 Harry Buxton Andy Moore Autocentres Racing 3rd J
10 Jonathan Dexter Andy Moore Autocentres Racing 3rd
11 Gregory Carr Beeston Cycling Club 3rd
12 Bev Sorsby Beeston Cycling Club 3rd
13 Joe Woodhouse Birdwell Wheelers 4th
14 Adam Cadle Cliff Pratt Racing 3rd
15 Nick Boden Common Lane Occasionals 4th
16 Pete Laud Common Lane Occasionals 4th
17 George Edwards Cowley Road Condors 3rd
18 William Foster Cyclesense 3rd J
19 Nathan Miller Derby Mercury RC 3rd
20 Isaac Russell Derby Mercury RC 3rd J
21 Jonathan Carnall Eat Plants Not Pigs CC 3rd
22 Michael Brown Geared Up & CN Cycles RT 3rd
23 Adam Quixall Geared Up & CN Cycles RT 3rd
24 James Quixall Geared Up & CN Cycles RT 3rd
25 James Ward Geared Up & CN Cycles RT 3rd
26 James Little Holmfirth Cycling Club 3rd
27 Harry Midgley Holmfirth Cycling Club 3rd
28 William Weatherill Hope Factory Racing 4th
29 Thomas Davison Js Cycle Shack 2nd
30 Ross Limbert Js Cycle Shack 3rd
31 Bruce Johnston Leicestershire Road Club 3rd
32 Chris Thomas Lune RCC 3rd
33 Jack Johnson Manchester Wheelers Club 4th
34 Oliver Humphreys National Clarion Cycling Club 3rd
35 George Wood North Midlands Youth Squad A
36 Mark Barnard Out Of The Saddle 4th
37 Bradley Hatfield Out Of The Saddle 4th
38 Joseph Pidcock PH-MAS/Paul Milnes Cycles A
39 Gordon Kemp Rockingham CC 3rd
40 Robert Copeland Sheffrec CC 4th
41 Steven Jackson Sheffrec CC 3rd
42 Josh Mee Sherwood Pines Cycles Forme 3rd
43 Tom George Sitwell Cycling Club 3rd
44 Max Burt Sowerby Brothers CRT 3rd J
45 Daniels Kucerjavijs Team JRC A
46 Jonathan Farmer THRE Datawolves RT 3rd
47 Reece Allen Unattached 3rd
48 Mark Boyer Unattached 3rd
49 Zing Lee Unattached 4th
50 Yining Liu Unattached 4th
51 Adam Rose Unattached 4th
52 Oliver Cockerill Velo Club Beverley 3rd J
53 Andrew Douglas VeloViewer 4th
54 David Norris Wold Top Actif RT 3rd
55 Joshua Van Den Bos Wold Top Actif RT 3rd
56 Andrew Sedgewick Rutland CC 3rd
57 Mark Jagger Harrogate Nova CC 3rd



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