Report: Hounslow & District Wheelers Open 25

In the Hounslow & District Wheelers Open 25 Liam Maybank (Twickenham CC) took every prize available to him with a stunning 49 minute 3 second ride; Lenka Vackova was fastest woman

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Report: Hounslow & District Wheelers Open 25

From Chris Lovibond

Liam Maybank (Twickenham CC) took every prize available to him with a stunning 49 minute 3 second ride.

In addition to the outright victory he was best Vet on standard by a margin of nearly three and a half minutes, he led the Twickenham to take the team prize and his time was also a new event record. This was his fourth time trial victory of the season.

His nearest rival, Howard Shaw (Eastbourne Rovers) was exactly three minutes slower, while the scratchman, Stuart Travis (Team Bottrill/Vanguard) abandoned with about twenty miles completed. Maybank said that he was under the impression that Travis was up on him, but in the opinion of unofficial observers at the roadside this was not the case.

Given these facts you might think that Liam Maybank was at the top of his game, but this was not how it seemed to Liam himself: “If only I’d felt as good today as I did last Thursday” he said, complaining that his form this year is inconsistent.

His power level in this event was significantly down, and he believes he has a problem with an allergic reaction to air pollution. He is actively seeking a method which will overcome this; if his quest is successful the other leading time triallists are going to have to find something extra themselves.

The Ladies winner, Lenka Vackova (Rapha CC), had a smaller margin (22 seconds) over second placed Emma Angrove (73degrees CC) who has a 56 minute p.b. to her credit. Lenka recorded 1.0.56, which may not seem especially fast by today’s standards, but it did represent a dramatic improvement on her qualifying time of 1.5.00. She is in her first season of time trialling having spent the previous two seasons road racing.

Although she has lived in the UK for some time, Lenka has been selected to ride for her country, the Czech Republic, in the UCI Gran Fondo Championship at Varese (Italy) in September where she will ride both the time trial and the road race, so a good result there is her immediate ambition.

Her surname is pronounced with a hard ‘c’ and this is worth mentioning since it seems likely her name will be on many peoples’ lips in the near future! The Hounslow has traditionally been keen to win team prizes, especially in our own events. This time despite two very creditable rides, one from a past winner of the event, Nic Stagg (53.35) and the other from James Cadman (55.20) the club had to concede to the Twickenham, Maybank’s ride being supported by Grant Woodthorpe (54.21) and Atish Nazir (1.0.36).

The event was run on the Farnham – Alton course and attracted 73 entrants. It was promoted by Nic Stagg with some assistance from the club’s new race secretary, Bruce McMichael, who bravely took part riding 81” fixed.
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1 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC 49:03:00 Male Vet
2 Howard Shaw Eastbourne Rovers CC 52:03:00 Male Senior
3 Tim Lynch Aspire Velo Racing Team 52:35:00 Male Senior
4 Gavin Ash Worthing Excelsior CC 52:45:00 Male Senior
5 Mark Bashford East Grinstead CC 53:04:00 Male Senior
6 Dale Lush Kingston Phoenix RC 53:30:00 Male Senior
7 Nicolas Stagg Hounslow & District Whs 53:35:00 Male Vet
8 Benjamin Allen Westerley Cycling Club 53:51:00 Male Vet
9 Adrian Blacker Norwood Paragon CC 54:14:00 Male Vet
10 Paul Haywood Epsom CC 54:17:00 Male Vet
11 Grant Woodthorpe Twickenham CC 54:21:00 Male Vet
11 Adam Stone North Road CC 54:21:00 Male Senior
13 Alex Ioannides Dulwich Paragon CC 54:38:00 Male Senior
14 Darren Heath Charlotteville Cycling Club 54:49:00 Male Vet
15 Pasquale Chionchio Hillingdon Triathletes 55:03:00 Male Vet
16 Keir Odonnell VTTA (Surrey & Sussex) 55:10:00 Male Vet
17 James Cadman Hounslow & District Whs 55:20:00 Male Senior
18 Philip Watts North Hampshire RC 55:26:00 Male Vet
19 Nick Andrews Portsmouth North End CC 55:35:00 Male Vet
20 Evan Jardine-Skinner Sotonia CC 55:51:00 Male Vet
21 Daniel Homer London Phoenix CC 55:56:00 Male Vet
22 Graham Giggs Bath Road Club 56:57:00 Male Senior
23 Paul Cloudsdale Bigfoot CC 57:05:00 Male Vet
24 Nolan Heather Worthing Excelsior CC 57:10:00 Male Vet
25 Ian White Farnham RC 57:13:00 Male Vet
26 Wolfgang Emmerich London Phoenix CC 57:14:00 Male Vet
27 Peter Caro Watford Velo Sport 57:49:00 Male Vet
28 Lee Turner Sigma Sports 57:54:00 Male Vet
29 Toby Maloy Team Milton Keynes 58:07:00 Male Senior
30 Richard Boley Hemel Hempstead CC 58:17:00 Male Vet
31 Gavin Hughes Kingston Phoenix RC 58:21:00 Male Vet
32 Peter Gray Old Portlians CC 58:28:00 Male Vet
33 Jon Fry Horsham Cycling 58:30:00 Male Vet
34 Jamie Richardson Paige Chippenham & District Wheelers 59:01:00 Male Senior
35 Derrick Thirlwell Kingston Wheelers CC 59:02:00 Male Vet
36 Barry Eeles North Hampshire RC 59:34:00 Male Vet
37 Jerry Bromyard …a3crg 59:38:00 Male Vet
38 Liam Smith Kingston Wheelers CC 59:44:00 Male Senior
39 David French Weybridge Wheelers 59:51:00 Male Vet
40 Ryan Sheppard G.S. Henley 59:58:00 Male Senior
41 Mark Thomas Bigfoot CC 01:00:22 Male Vet
42 Matthew Butler Charlotteville Cycling Club 01:00:24 Male Senior
43 Atish Nazir Twickenham CC 01:00:36 Male Senior
44 Lenka Vackova Rapha Cycling Club 01:00:56 Female Senior
45 David Earl trainSharp 01:01:00 Male Vet
46 Emma Angove 73Degrees CC, WestSide Coaching 01:01:18 Female Senior
47 Darren Clarke Festival Road Club 01:01:25 Male Vet
48 David Millis Southborough & Dist. Whs 01:02:11 Male Vet
49 Simon Trehearn Kingston Phoenix RC 01:02:20 Male Vet
50 Simon Kidd Charlotteville Cycling Club 01:02:56 Male Vet
51 Matthew Wicks Woking Cycle Club 01:03:47 Male Senior
52 Gemma Hayes Norwood Paragon CC 01:05:03 Female Senior
53 John Froud Festival Road Club 01:06:17 Male Vet
54 Jackie Dodd Kingston Phoenix RC 01:06:26 Female Vet
55 Vernon Schutte Farnborough & Camberley CC 01:10:01 Male Vet
56 Mark Corliss Horsham Cycling 01:10:14 Male Vet
57 David Steel Hereford & Dist Whs CC 01:11:24 Male Vet
58 Bruce Mcmichael Hounslow & District Whs 01:11:45 Male Vet
59 Jill Bartlett Hounslow & District Whs 01:14:01 Female Vet
60 Rosslyn Young Serpentine Running Club 01:26:28 Female Vet

1 Peter Butler Male Espoir Charlotteville Cycling Club 58:36 25.597 Mph
1 David Butler Male Vet Charlotteville Cycling Club 58:36 25.597 Mph

1. Lenka Vackova (Rapha CC) 1.00.56
2. Emma Angrove (73 degrees CC) 1.01.18
3. Gemma Hayes (Norwood Paragon) 1.05.03

Vets Standard
1. Liam Maybank (Twickenham CC) +18.12
2. Adrian Blacker (Norwood Paragon) +14.38
3. Philip Watts (Northants RC) +14.23

Twickenham (Maybank, Woodthorpe, Nazir) total time 2.44.00.




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