Result: Suffolk Cycle Race Series 6

Ross Fawcett, Rebecca Johnson, and Douglas Allen winners at week 6 of the Suffolk Cycle Race Series on Tuesday (July 18)

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Result: Suffolk Cycle Race Series 6

1 Ross Fawcett Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
2 Matthew Webster Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
3 Gareth Turner VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
4 Charlie Wright Strada-Sport
5 Laurence Kirby ActiveEdge Race Team
6 Thomas Heal Strada-Sport
7 Chris Crabtree Orwell Velo
8 Kieran Jarvis Cycle Team OnForm
9 Gary Freeman Fast Test Racing Team
10 Mark Richards DAP Cycling Club
11 Andrew Taylor VC Norwich
12 Josh Aiken Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
13 Matthew Day TPH Racing
14 Jack Hardwicke Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
15 Stephen Clark Ipswich Bicycle Club
16 William Hughes Ipswich Bicycle Club
17 Michael Bell Fast Test Racing Team
18 Chris Parker Ipswich Bicycle Club
19 Tom Andrews Orwell Velo
20 Jack Parrish Team Vision Innovative Leisure
21 Samuel Asker VC Londres
22 Fred Gill Cycle Team OnForm
23 Benjamin Beynon Strada-Sport
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1 Rebecca Johnson Fusion RT Veloperformance
2 Gemma Melton Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
3 Joanne Newstead Ipswich Bicycle Club
4 Laura Lawson
5 Trudy Avis Hadleigh Cycling Club
7 Sophie Holmes Velo Schils – Interbike RT
8 Kirstin Hamilton Ipswich Bicycle Club
9 Molly Cutmore TPH Racing
10 Wendy Atkinson Ipswich Bicycle Club
11 Jackie Smith
12 Geraldine Springett

Cat 3/4
1 Douglas Allen Velo Schils – Interbike RT
2 Jack Parrish Team Vision Innovative Leisure
3 Robert Staines Southend Wheelers
4 Matthew Denny West Suffolk Wheelers
5 Joseph Kaye Videre Race Team
6 Neal Hughes Stowmarket & District CC
7 Jerome Borghgraef Ipswich Bicycle Club
8 Adrian Healey Stowmarket & District CC
9 Ryan Gooderham TPH Racing
10 Mark Powell Stowmarket & District CC
11 Spencer Laborde Iceni Velo
12 Thomas Kaye Army Cycling Union
13 Glenn Davey Stowmarket & District CC
14 Lee Kennedy Islington Cycling Club
15 Stephen Campbell Videre Race Team
16 Adam Chamberlin TPH Racing
17 Ben Howell Strada-Sport
18 Glen Cone Godric CC
19 Graham Collins TPH Racing
20 Stephen De Boltz Ipswich Bicycle Club
21 Andy Bathe Cambridge CC
22 Johnnie Bland London Dynamo
23 Daniel Baxter West Suffolk Wheelers
24 Jordan Daniels
25 Alistair Duke
26 Damien Sweeney West Suffolk Wheelers
27 Adam Palmer Ipswich Bicycle Club
28 Terry Smith Colchester Rovers CC
29 Gary Pearce Iceni Velo
30 David Husband Godric CC
31 Karle Howard
32 Harry Shingleton West Suffolk Wheelers
33 Andrew Keedle Ipswich Bicycle Club
34 Oliver Wilkens VC Norwich
35 Steven Hammond Kesgrave Panthers CSC
36 Thomas Burgess Velo Schils – Interbike RT
37 Christopher Dawson Stowmarket & District CC
38 Martin Page Ipswich Bicycle Club
39 Matt Jacobs University of Bristol CC
40 Richard Webber Velo Schils – Interbike RT
41 Tony Wilkins Wolsey RC
42 James Woodbridge Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
43 Ben Biggs Lee Valley Velo
44 Sean Marner Ipswich Bicycle Club
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1 Arthur Hitchen Ipswich Bicycle Club A
2 Charlie Johnson Ipswich CSC A
3 Callum Biggs Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club A
4 Josh Bowyer Ipswich Bicycle Club A
5 Ben Clarke Ipswich CSC A
6 Daniel Hall Colchester Rovers CC A
7 William Carlyon Ipswich Bicycle Club A
8 Joshua Sykes Strada-Sport A

Boys – B
1 Noah Hobbs Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
2 Callum Laborde Iceni Velo B
3 Joseph Smith Iceni Velo B
4 Max Avery Colchester Rovers CC B
5 Jack Emerson Colchester Rovers CC B
6 Alex Cooper West Suffolk Wheelers B
7 Alex Cutmore TPH Racing B

Girls – A
1 Martha Lebentz Hadleigh Cycling Club A
2 Ellie-Mae Pledger Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club A
3 Isabella Johnson CC Sudbury A

Boys – C
1 Harley Gregory West Suffolk Wheelers C
2 Kerry Hobbs Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club C
3 Oskar Everett Stowmarket & District CC C

Girls – B
1 Jodie Taylor Team Terminator B

Girls – C
1 Abigail Biggs Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club C


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