Result: Didcot Phoenix 10m Time Trial

Aimee Jones and Tim Cartwright winners at the Didcot Phoenix CC 10 mile time trial on the H10/17r Southmoor course on a breezy but dry day

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Result: Didcot Phoenix 10m Time Trial
(thanks Richard Gildea) | Photo album here from Nick Druce

Didcot Phoenix CC hosted a field of 107 riders at their Open 10 on the H10/17r Southmoor course on a breezy but dry day.

Photos (all): Nick Druce

The hotly contested mens’ competition saw Tim Cartwright (Newbury RC) take the win in 18m52s, with Chris Boddy (Didcot Phoenix CC) and Alex Bradley (Oxford University CC) making up the top three with 19m07s and 19m50s, respectively. Tim’s time was just 4 seconds off the course record, and makes him only the second rider to go under 19 minutes on the course.

In the road bike competition Frazier Carr (SPIRIT TIFOSI RT) scorched round the course in 20m52s, with Greg Fitzek (Cowley Road Condors CC) a mere one second ahead of Tim Allen (SPIRIT TIFOSI RT) with 21m08s.

In the womens’ individual standings Aimee Jones (Cowley Road Condors CC) won in 23m35s ahead of Helen Roby (Spirit Bikes CC) and Kirsten Lovelock (Cowley Road Condors CC) while Kate Bradley (Bridgetown Cycles) won the road bike competition in 26m17s.

With the bumper crop of entries from local teams nearly fifty riders were involved in the team competitions. Didcot Phoenix (Chris Boddy, Richard Gildea, Harri James) took the mens’ team win ahead of Bicester Millenium CC and Cowley Road Condors CC.

Oxonian CC and Cowley Road Condors CC went head to head in the womens’ team comp (two riders) with CRCCC (Aimee Jones and Kristen Lovelock) taking the win in a combined time of 47m40s.

Special mention goes to Ron Hallam (South Pennine RC) who was 8m25s up on standard taking the vets competition win with a stunning time of 26m31s at an age north of 80, ahead of Gregory Woodford (Reading CC) and Ian Greenstreet (AeroCoach).

1 Tim Cartwright Newbury RC 18:52 Male Senior
2 Chris Boddy Didcot Phoenix CC 19:07 Male Senior
3 Alex Bradley Oxford University CC 19:50 Male Senior
4 Richard Gildea Didcot Phoenix CC 20:06 Male Senior
5 Gregory Woodford Reading CC 20:09 Male Vet
5 Harri James Didcot Phoenix CC 20:09 Male Senior
7 Jon Simpkins DRAG2ZERO 20:17 Male Vet
8 Tim Beaven Bicester Millennium CC 20:33 Male Vet
9 Malcolm Rose Oxonian CC 20:40 Male Vet
10 Ian Greenstreet AeroCoach 20:44 Male Vet
11 Frazier Carr SPIRIT TIFOSI RT 20:52 Male Senior
12 Frank Kilsby Velo Club St Raphael 20:57 Male Senior
13 Rad Hart-George Bicester Millennium CC 20:59 Male Senior
14 James Barlow Bicester Millennium CC 21:03 Male Senior
15 Greg Fitzek Cowley Road Condors CC 21:08 Male Espoir
16 Timothy Allen SPIRIT TIFOSI RT 21:09 Male Espoir
17 Alexander Donger Cowley Road Condors CC 21:15 Male Senior
18 Henry Latimer Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT 21:22 Male Senior
19 Nick Parris G.S. Henley 21:32 Male Vet
20 Martin Stanley Didcot Phoenix CC 21:34 Male Vet
21 David Holland Cowley Road Condors CC 21:41 Male Senior
22 Ollie Taylor Flamme Rouge Cycling Team 21:44 Male Senior
23 Carlo Toledo Gloucester City Cycling Club 21:45 Male Vet
23 Howard Waller Python RT 21:45 Male Vet
25 Andrew Morgan TRi20 Triathlon Club 21:47 Male Vet
26 Anthony Atkin Didcot Phoenix CC 21:49 Male Senior
27 Tom Burnley Thames Velo 21:50 Male Senior
28 Michael Bennett Bicester Millennium CC 21:53 Male Vet
29 Andrew Pollard Cowley Road Condors CC 21:56 Male Senior
30 Rob Vessey Didcot Phoenix CC 21:57 Male Vet
31 Tony Ball Team Swift 21:59 Male Vet
32 Darren Milligan Abingdon Race Team 22:00 Male Senior
33 Matthew Rowley Oxonian CC 22:04 Male Vet
34 Peter Oliver Fairly United Cycling Team 22:06 Male Vet
34 Graham Winstone Oxonian CC 22:06 Male Vet
36 Simon Mcgowan Didcot Phoenix CC 22:07 Male Vet
37 Dan Charleston High Wycombe CC 22:08 Male Vet
38 Adam Charleston Hillingdon Slipstreamers 22:15 Male Juvenile
39 Alan Allcock Didcot Phoenix CC 22:27 Male Vet
40 Peter Fry Cowley Road Condors CC 22:39 Male Senior
41 Martin Attwood Cowley Road Condors CC 22:40 Male Senior
42 Jef Outhwaite Stourbridge CC 22:42 Male Vet
43 Adam Quilter Aylesbury CC 22:45 Male Vet
44 Rory Finch G.S. Henley 22:47 Male Espoir
45 Carl Bond Kenton RC 22:52 Male Vet
46 Paul Welsby DRAG2ZERO 22:57 Male Vet
47 Andrew Payne Maidenhead & District CC 23:00 Male Vet
48 Adam Whitfield Abingdon Race Team 23:01 Male Senior
49 Richard Howes Coventry Road Club 23:20 Male Vet
50 Mark Boyles Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 23:32 Male Vet
51 Aimee Jones Cowley Road Condors CC 23:35 Female Senior
52 Nick Mccormick Epsom CC 23:37 Male Vet
53 Adrian Feek Bath Road Club 23:38 Male Vet
54 James Moss North Road CC 23:39 Male Vet
54 Stephen Haynes Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 23:39 Male Vet
56 Christopher Edginton Fairly United Cycling Team 23:46 Male Vet
57 Richard Moule Bossard Whs 23:48 Male Vet
58 Gavin Mitchell Twickenham CC 23:53 Male Senior
59 Keith Barcock Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 23:54 Male Vet
60 Helen Roby Spirit Bikes CC 23:59 Female Vet
61 Jamie Noel Abingdon Race Team 24:00:00 Male Senior
62 Kristen Lovelock Cowley Road Condors CC 24:05:00 Female Vet
62 Ian Potts Chippenham & District Wheelers 24:05:00 Male Vet
64 James Hunt Oxonian CC 24:06:00 Male Vet
64 Jo Wilkie Ride 24/7 24:06:00 Female Vet
66 Ian Radburn Oxonian CC 24:13:00 Male Vet
67 Kevin Hurley Newbury RC 24:21:00 Male Vet
68 Reza Gorjestani Hillingdon Triathletes 24:36:00 Male Vet
69 Simon Evans Didcot Phoenix CC 24:53:00 Male Vet
70 Paul Demicoli Didcot Phoenix CC 24:55:00 Male Vet
71 Jorj James Maidenhead & District CC 24:58:00 Male Vet
71 Tim Maundrell Didcot Phoenix CC 24:58:00 Male Senior
73 Rose Mcgovern Cowley Road Condors CC 25:01:00 Female Senior
74 Nicholas Cosgreave Farnborough & Camberley CC 25:18:00 Male Vet
75 Sam Wootton Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 25:20:00 Male Senior
76 Anna Woodcock Oxonian CC 25:21:00 Female Senior
77 Arja Scarsbrook Bush Healthcare CRT 25:31:00 Female Vet
78 Alison Vessey Didcot Phoenix CC 26:01:00 Female Vet
79 Kate Bradley Born to Bike – Bridgtown Cycles 26:17:00 Female Vet
80 Stephen Messenger Bicester Millennium CC 26:18:00 Male Vet
81 Samantha Messenger Bicester Millennium CC 26:23:00 Female Vet
82 Ron Hallam South Pennine RC 26:31:00 Male Vet
83 Joanna Spragg Bossard Whs 26:47:00 Female Vet
84 Michael1 Murkin Swindon Road Club 27:15:00 Male Vet
85 John Pinfold Cheltenham & County Cycling Club 27:42:00 Male Vet
86 Chris Summers Sotonia CC 28:20:00 Male Vet
87 Philip Burgin Newbury RC 28:56:00 Male Vet
88 Zoe Preston Oxonian CC 30:32:00 Female Vet
89 Brian James Brighton Mitre CC 32:14:00 Male Vet

Women’s Road Bike Competition
1 Kate Bradley (Born to Bike – Bridgtown Cycles) 26m17s
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Men’s Top 10
1 Tim Cartwright (Newbury RC) 18m52s
2 Chris Boddy (Didcot Phoenix CC) 19m07s
3 Alex Bradley (Oxford University CC) 19m50s
4 Richard Gildea (Didcot Phoenix CC) 20m06s
5 Harri James (Didcot Phoenix CC) 20m09s
5 Gregory Woodford (Reading CC) 20m09s
7 Jon Simpkins (DRAG2ZERO) 20m17s
8 Tim Beaven (Bicester Millennium CC) 20m33s
9 Malcolm Rose (Oxonian CC) 20m40s
10 Ian Greenstreet (Aerocoach) 20m44s

Women’s Top 12
1 Aimee Jones (Cowley Road Condors CC) 0:23:35
2 Helen Roby (Spirit Bikes CC) 0:23:59
3 Kristen Lovelock (Cowley Road Condors CC) 0:24:05
4 Jo Wilkie Ride (24/7) 0:24:06
5 Rose Mcgovern (Cowley Road Condors CC) 0:25:01
6 Anna Woodcock (Oxonian CC) 0:25:21
7 Arja Scarsbrook (Bush Healthcare CRT) 0:25:31
8 Alison Vessey (Didcot Phoenix CC) 0:26:01
9 Kate Bradley (Born to Bike – Bridgtown Cycles) 0:26:17
10 Samantha Messenger (Bicester Millennium CC) 0:26:23
11 Joanna Spragg (Bossard Whs) 0:26:47
12 Zoe Preston (Oxonian CC) 0:30:32

Men’s Road Bike Competition
1 Frazier Carr (SPIRIT TIFOSI) RT 20m52s
2 Greg Fitzek (Cowley Road Condors) CC 21m08s
3 Tim Allen (SPIRIT TIFOSI RT) 21m09s
4 Oliver Taylor (Flamme Rouge Cycling Team) 21m44s
5 Darren Milligan (Abingdon Race Team) 22m00s
6 Adam Whitfield (Abingdon Race Team) 23m01s
7 Jamie Noel (Abingdon Race Team) 24m00s
8 Simon Evans (Didcot Phoenix CC) 24m53s
9 Paul Demicoli (Didcot Phoenix CC) 24m55s
10 Tim Maundrell (Didcot Phoenix CC) 24m58s
11 Stephen Messenger (Bicester Millennium) CC 26m18s
12 Michael Murkin (Swindon Road Club) 27m15s
13 John Pinfold (Cheltenham & County Cycling Club) 27m42s
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Men’s Team Comp (teams of three)
1 Didcot Phoenix CC (A) 00:59:22
2 Bicester Millennium CC (A) 01:02:35
3 Cowley Road Condors CC (A) 01:04:04
4 Oxonian CC (A) 01:04:50
5 Didcot Phoenix CC (B) 01:05:20
6 Cowley Road Condors CC (B) 01:07:15
7 Abingdon Race Team 01:09:01
8 Didcot Phoenix CC (C) 01:09:27
9 Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club 01:11:05
10 Newbury RC 01:12:09

Women’s Team Comp (team of two):
1 Cowley Road Condors CC 00:47:40
2 Oxonian CC 00:55:53

Veterans on Standard:

1 Ron Hallam South Pennine RC +08:25
2 Gregory Woodford Reading CC +07:11
3 Ian Greenstreet AeroCoach +06:20
4 Jon Simpkins DRAG2ZERO +06:15
5 Arja Scarsbrook Bush Healthcare CRT +05:53
6 Tim Beaven Bicester Millennium CC +05:45
7 Malcolm Rose Oxonian CC +05:43
8 Alan Allcock Didcot Phoenix CC +05:32
9 Howard Waller Python RT +05:19
10 Rob Vessey Didcot Phoenix CC +05:12


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