Result: Crits at the Park 8

Richmond Rogers, Holly MacMahon, Harry Wood and Ian Reid winners at round 8 of the Crits at the Park in Kent on Saturday, August 1st

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Result: Crits at the Park 8

Cat 2/3/4
1 Richmond Rogers Arctic Tacx RT
2 Timothy Lynch
3 Keith Henderson Southborough & District Whls
4 Luke Alexandre Abellio – SFA Racing Team
5 Joe Parker Blazing Saddles Cycles
6 Stuart Baldwin Adalta Race Team
7 Andy Whale Verulam –
8 Harry Horsman Cadence Cycling Performance
9 Dexter Fox Army Cycling Union
10 Alan Newman PRTZ
11 Luke Houghton Verulam –
12 Thomas Lowther Thanet RC
13 Alex Witchell San Fairy Ann CC
14 Tyler Lemmon TBW23 Stuart Hall Gett Taxi
15 Michael Bell Fast Test Racing Team
16 Valentino Fontana Gemini BC
17 Ashley Harvey CC London
18 James Bonham Southdowns Bikes – Casco PET
19 Mark Oldfield 4T+ Cyclopark
20 Sean Meager Verulam CC
21 Chris Martin RMNC
22 Ollie Bishop VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propu…
23 James Street CC London
24 Ian Franklin Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
25 Robin Parker East Grinstead CC
26 Tom Masul
27 Leighton Dalley 4T+ Cyclopark
28 Gianluca Cappello Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven …
29 Karl Strugnell
30 Ed Lochee-Bayne Brixton Cycles Club
31 Andrew Hill Adalta Cycling Club
32 Aaron Stone Cycle Team OnForm
33 Ken Prince Meudon Sovereign Pedal Heaven …

2/3/4 Women
1 Holly MacMahon 4T+ Cyclopark
2 Polly Burge Kent Velo Race Team
3 Kelsey Fuss VC Londres
4 Lara Kazakos Rapha Cycling Club
5 Annie Mcbain Spokes BPC Racing
6 Savannah Hewson LIV AWOL
7 Hannah Nicklin Les Filles Racing Team
8 Amelia Roberts The Cycle Room
9 Jennifer Andrews Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
10 Rosi Muensterer
11 Abigail Langley Thanet RC Race Team
12 Sarah Easton 4T+ Cyclopark
13 Joanna Hovenden 4T+ Cyclopark
14 Isabella Torrie LIV AWOL
15 Lillian Choy London Dynamo
16 Sarah Henderson VC Londres
17 Kathryn Gohl Nice Brew Cycling Club
18 Charlotte Jackson Nice Brew Cycling Club
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3rd Cat only
1 Harry Wood Maldon & District CC
2 Richard Bettaney
3 Mark Harris Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
4 Thomas Fairley CC London
5 Ben Mears North Sails KX
6 Nicholas Flexman Colchester Rovers CC
7 Craig Barton 4T+ Cyclopark
8 Cliff Steele Brixton Cycles Club
9 Ivan Jordan Elitecycling
10 Cillian Murphy London Dynamo
11 David Tate In Gear Quickvit CC
12 Thomas Jones Southborough & District Whls
13 Tim Bishop Maison Du Velo-Storck Bikes UK
14 Tobias Sicheneder
15 Malcolm Davies 4T+ Cyclopark
16 Andrew Greaves Brixton Cycles Club
17 Ashley Harvey CC London
18 Timothy Holmes OCTAVE
19 Dominic Affron CC London
20 James Webb Elitecycling
21 Lee Messenger Abellio – SFA Racing Team
22 Aaron Stone Cycle Team OnForm
23 Tijmen Schel Crawley Wheelers
24 Martin Lawless Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
25 Jordan Calcutt Islington Cycling Club
26 Nate Oldfield 4T+ Cyclopark
27 Richard McShee Islington Cycling Club
28 Simon Carter Quick Release Cycling Club
29 Nick Harpur Islington Cycling Club
30 Owen Geeson Fast Test Racing Team
31 Emmeric Hurault 4T+ Cyclopark
32 Myles Brown 4T+ Cyclopark
33 Rob Milnes Thanet RC Race Team
34 Daniel Inniss East London Velo
35 Douglas Leask CC London
36 Jacob Clapp Army Cycling Union
37 David Wells Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
38 Jake Towler Strada-Sport
39 Steve Ogley Velo Schils – Interbike RT
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4th Cat only
1 Ian Reid 4T+ Cyclopark
2 Simon Miller Southborough & District Whls
3 Johnnie Bland London Dynamo
4 Ross Prielipp PRTZ
5 James Pilley Cambridge CC
6 Paul Ruffy Essex Roads CC
7 Rich Wilson GS Avanti
8 Daniel McKenny Basildon CC
9 Alex Scordellis CC London
10 Jonny Cheatle VC Londres
11 Andre Bernardino Rapha Cycling Club
12 Nick Saunders Adalta Cycling Club
13 Ben Tufnell
14 William Bennett London Dynamo
15 Paul Lister Herts Rouleur Racing Club
16 Tony Cuddy
17 Simon Lang Crawley Wheelers
18 Nathan Peppercorn Crawley Wheelers
19 Robert Benson


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