Result: Supermarine CX Round 1

Dan Guest, David Beskeen and Harriet Guest winners at week 1 of the Supermarine Cyclo-Cross Round 1 at Swindon

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Result: Supermarine CX Round 1

Sponsored by Cycling Holiday Spain | Hargroves Cycles and Bioracer/Onimpex UK

Race 1 : All Categories : 20 min
1 Lewis EVANS Cotswold Veldridjen
3 Cian WARE Cotswold Veldrijden

Race 2 : All Categories : 40 min
1 Dan GUEST Cotswold Veldrijden M
3 Paul LLOYD Worx Bikes M 4 Dave ROPER Ride 24/7 M
5 William MCDONALD Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized M
6 Morgan JONES Banjo Cycles / Raceware / Specialized M
6 Paul JONES Cotswold Veldrijden M
8 Dan ATKINS Didcot Phoenix M
9 David BARNAVILLE Bristol CX M
10 Chris HUTCHINGS Velo Club Venta M
11 Peter KIMBER Cotswold veldrigden M
12 David ARTHUR performance cycles M
13 Anthony TURNER Cotswold Veldrijden M
14 Will JONES Cowley Road Condors M
15 Gary HOBBS Stroud Valley Velo M
16 Rory GILLING Vcm M 17 Liam SEWELL Cotswold Veldrijden M
18 Mitch EVANS Ride 24/7 M
19 Mark LETTERS Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized M
20 Malcolm TOOP-ROSE Cotswold Veldrijden M
21 Dan SMITH Gravel grinders M
22 Thomas PRICE M
23 Phil CALVERT Performance Cycles M 24 Andy SYKES Team Quest – The Bike Shop M
25 Pete HUTCHINSON cotswold veldrijden M
27 James COLLINS VC Venta M
27 Rowan HORNER VC St Raphael M
29 Chris BINT Cotswold Veldrijden M
30 Kurt WALLIN Cotswold Veldrijden M
31 Stephen LONGMAN Andover Wheelers M
32 Gethin MUSK Performance Cycles M
33 Oisin KELLY Cotswold Veldrijden M
34 Harriet GUEST Cotswold Veldrijden F
35 Peter JAMES Cotswold Veldridjen M
36 Melanie SMITH Cotswold Veldrijden F
37 Carlo MASCIA Cotswold Veldrijden M
40 Ed GOSS Bristol CX M 41 David PRICE M
42 Richard KENNY Performance Cycles M
43 Les SHEPPARD Swindon Wheelers M
44 Devlyne KIDD Swindon wheelers M
45 Martin NEILL Veloton M
46 Phill WHITMAN Cirencester M 47 John SIMMONS Performance Cycles M
48 Jamie STEVENS M
49 Jonathan WICKHAM Gravel grinders M 50 Charlotte BERRY Velovittesse F
51 John BONAS Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized M 52 Paul LOOSEMORE Team Striking Bikes M 53 Edward MORRIS M
54 Kim LASSITER Cotswold Veldrijden M 55 Gary SMITH Steele Davis Via Roma RT M
56 Donna SHORT CV F
57 Chris LOWE Swindon Road Club M 58 Chris DEACON M
60 Kyle WALLACE Cotswold M
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By category

1 David Beskeen
2 Dave Roper Ride 24/7
3 Morgan Jones Banjo Cycles / Raceware / Specialized
4 Dan Atkins Didcot Phoenix
5 David Arthur performance cycles
6 Rory Gilling Vcm
7 Liam Sewell Cotswold Veldrijden
8 Mitch Evans Ride 24/7
9 Thomas Price
10 Gethin Musk Performance Cycles
11 Devlyne Kidd Swindon wheelers
12 Gary Smith Steele Davis Via Roma RT
13 Chris Deacon
14 Joe Deacon
15 Kyle Wallace Cotswold

1 Harriet Guest Cotswold Veldrijden
2 Melanie Smith Cotswold Veldrijden
3 Charlotte Berry Velovittesse
4 Donna Short CV

1  Dan Guest Cotswold Veldrijden M
2  Paul Lloyd Worx Bikes M
3  William McDonald Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized M
4  Paul Jones Cotswold Veldrijden M
5  David Barnaville Bristol CX M
6  Chris Hutchings Velo Club Venta M
7  Peter Kimber Cotswold veldrigden M
8  Anthony Turner Cotswold Veldrijden M
9  Will Jones Cowley Road Condors M
10 Gary Hobbs Stroud Valley Velo M
11  Mark Letters Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized M
12  Malcolm Toop-Rose Cotswold Veldrijden M
13  Dan Smith Gravel grinders M
14  Phil Calvert Performance Cycles M
15  Andy Sykes Team Quest – The Bike Shop M
16  Pete Hutchinson cotswold veldrijden M
17  Jim Charlesworth M
18  James Collins VC Venta M
18  Rowan Horner VC St Raphael M
20 Chris Bint Cotswold Veldrijden M
21  Kurt Wallin Cotswold Veldrijden M
22  Stephen Longman Andover Wheelers M
23  Oisin Kelly Cotswold Veldrijden M
24  Peter James Cotswold Veldridjen M
25  Carlo Mascia Cotswold Veldrijden M
26  Izaak Hudson BCDS M
27  John Russell M
28  Ed Goss Bristol CX M
29  David Price M
30  Richard Kenny Performance Cycles M
31  Les Sheppard Swindon Wheelers M
32  Martin Neill Veloton M
33  Phill Whitman Cirencester M
34  John Simmons Performance Cycles M
35  Jamie Stevens M
36  Jonathan Wickham Gravel grinders M
37  John Bonas Banjo Cycles/Raceware/Specialized M
38  Paul Loosemore Team Striking Bikes M
39  Edward Morris M
40  Kim Lassiter Cotswold Veldrijden M
41  Chris Lowe Swindon Road Club M

1 Lewis Evans Cotswold Veldridjen
2 Jakob Hudson BCDS
3 Cian Ware Cotswold Veldrijden



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